The Illusion of Government Freebies

When They Pay All Your Bills, They Own You

It might be a good thing that our government schools and colleges are teaching students so much about oppressors and oppressed, because there is a strong possibility they will all end up one of the oppressed. And it won’t matter what color they are.

How can that be? After all, the new regime and Congress have promised to take care of these youngsters and make sure they never face any financial adversity. They will pay all their bills, provide them with health care, pay off loans, give them guaranteed income without work, pay them for each child they have, and on and on.

It must sound so good to them. After all, they can escape all that nasty hard work one must do when supporting themselves. They can play video games, get on social media and follow all their favorite celebrities, party, and do whatever they want. And each month, a nice deposit will float into their bank accounts from Good Old Uncle Sam. ( Can we still use the term “uncle?”) Occassionally, they can find a social justice issue to virtue signal about and leave their cozy one room apartment provided for them to go protest and then post online about how much they hate this country. Who could ask for more? Life will be good as they sit and eat their fake meat and tofu provided by Bill Gates as they browse the very safe and gentle internet.

They won’t need to own anything. Phones will be provided. Cars will be unnecessary as they learn to bike, walk or ride public transit to go wherever they want. They won’t need vacations because life will be one big vacation. The air will be clean, their will be no crime because all life will be monitored by cameras everywhere.

Ahhhh….it sounds so wonderful. Why don’t those greedy asshole Conservatives want this? They must hate people.

Screeeeech. I think that the huddled masses of ignorant college educated fools are forgetting one thing. HE WHO PAYS YOUR BILLS OWNS YOU AND TELLS YOU WHAT YOU CAN AND CAN’T DO.

It’s like when you live in Mom and Dad’s home ( I can still say ” Mom and Dad,” right?) I can’t tell you how many times my parents told me and how many times I told my children, “As long as you are under my roof and I am providing for you, you live under my rules.” The difference will be that for most of us, Mom and Dad loved us and wanted us to be able to leave home someday and make a life for ourselves.

The government ( or whoever is running things by then) won’t be like that.

What these useful idiots don’t realize is that the group that controls the money will still be billionaires many times over. They will own what they want, live where they want, do what they want. And they will not want the same for the unwashed freeloaders living on the government teat.

So, while that guaranteed monthly income may start out as “money for nothin,” it won’t stay that way. After all, the elites will have to have things done. There will be roads to build, cities to maintain, ditches to be dug, sewage to be disposed of. Sooner or later they are going to call on Fred and Frannie Freebie to “do their part. ” And, it won’t be that Freddie and Frannie get to CHOOSE how they want to do their part, they’ll be told how. Freddie, you don’t like manual labor? Too bad. Frannie, you hate working in a factory? Also too bad. You will do as your told or you will lose something. Maybe they will take away cable at first, or internet, or maybe electricity. Maybe the food allowance per month will be cut.

Hey, Freddie and Frannie want to have children. Oh, gee, the Government says, we are beyond our population limit, so, no. How about a nice pet lizard? Don’t like that? Too bad. There is no choice.

If they want something for their apartment, Freedie and Frannie will need to wait in line and “earn” their way up in the pecking order. If they do what they are told, don’t make trouble, then they might get a new television or a couple of additional cable channels.

The useful idiots, once they figure out what is going on, may not like it. They may attempt a protest. But, since they have no guns, they will be squashed like bugs. And, again, when those who hold the purse strings get mad, you might find yourself out on the street. After all, the government will say, “We have done everything for you. Remember how we paid for your schooling, provided medical care, food, water, a home, etc? You have everything you could ever need. How ungrateful of you to want more. “

See, freebies always come with strings attached. Usually, the string is that you lose a little bit of your freedom for every handout you are given. The elites will be fine. They will get to pick and choose who joins them in the “party” and who stays in the anonymous nobodies.

I hate to say it, because it means our country would be ruined, but I almost wish these Ivy League and other college idiots have to go through this. If there was some way I could snap my fingers and make them wake up in this situation, I would. Some of them might finally figure it out. Others will probably just think it’s just fine ( i.e. mask wearing morons), and there will be some who will find a way to blame it on Conservatives, the ones who tried to stop it.

Billy Preston had a song with this lyric: ” Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.” It’s a great line. Think about it.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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