It’s a Trap and You Are About to Get Caught in It

I attended my second school board meeting the other night. I had a big write up on that meeting and then halfway through, I realized the message you needed to hear was not the one I was sending. Yes, there were some great public comments and some great conversations with other attendees. But, this morning something resonated with me that I had to share.

Bear with me while I take you down a path that may seem unrelated. Having spent many years coaching travel softball and participating in the recruiting process both as a coach and a parent, I saw a lot of coaches promise many things to young athletes and their parents. You see, travel and college coaches are sales people. They have to sell the top athletes to choose their team. So, they promise. They promise that the athlete will get so much playing time, that they will help the athlete grow and succeed, that the athlete’s goals are the coach’s top priority. Most of the time, it’s a trap.

You see coaches need players, and good ones, particularly at the collegiate level. And some of them will say anything to get kids to commit to them because coaches have to compete with other coaches for the best. Unfortunately, many of the promises are empty. The athlete doesn’t get a ton of playing time, she doesn’t grow and succeed, and the coach doesn’t really give a crap about the athlete’s goals. There are strings attached. It was a trap. And, even though the current collegiate scene allows athletes to transfer at the end of a season and travel ball players can leave when they want, the player spends a year of their time languishing. Some quit entirely.

So, what does this have to do with a school board meeting?

The public schools are setting a ton of traps for parents.

Public schools are scared right now. Why? Because parents are waking up to the fact that the education of their child is no longer a priority in the schools. Schools are focused on social programs, indoctrination, and racial division. And parents want out and they are leaving in record numbers to private schools and homeschooling.

So, like any salesman, the schools and the Federal government have figured out that they need to do something about that. So, here comes the trap, the promises, the freebies. Some of them are not as obvious as others and some of the traps are actually set for the schools themselves.

So let’s talk about the traps set for the schools. Why, we call those Federal “grants.” Grants are huge amounts of money given to school districts to do certain things. The Feds set up rules about how the grants must be implemented and the districts must account for all expenditures. So, for example, if a district gets a grant for additional counselors to be hired to handle the “trauma” of the Covid Plandemic, then the district probably has to spend money on hiring counselors in each school and paying the counselors a certain salary. There will be rules about which children must be served. They may include staff in the counseling.

But the grant writers at the Federal Government aren’t stupid. They see grants as a way to coerce schools to do certain things. You saw that Congress banned CRT, right? And you think it is gone for good and we no longer have to worry about it. Not so fast. I guarantee that each grant from the Federal Government, no matter what it is for, will contain the implementation of CRT, under a different name of course. It might be something about counseling for equity, eliminating systemic racism, or social justice. But it is there.

Grants also may include parameters that require that the services provided will be given to students without parental knowledge or approval. Your child may be given counseling without you ever knowing. God forbid you should ever question that. Remember that those that provide services can also levy repurcussions. Ever had CPS knock on your door?

Grants are also traps because they lure the school system in with the promise of large amounts of money. The school system accepts the grants, which may last for a year or two, and then the grants go away. In the meantime the schools have grown to accept as needed the services the grants provided. Now they must include those services in their yearly budget at the taxpayer’s expense or at the expense of other county services, say, law enforcement.

The other night there was easily ten different government grants and I would venture that they were worth MILLIONS to the local school system. People will jump through many hoops for that kind of money. And, remember, that money isn’t generated by unicorn farts, it’s YOUR hard earned money as a taxpayer.

Another trap being set was more obvious. In response to Covid, the school system is now implementing opening procedures and rules. They projected a huge chart stating how different groups of people would be dealt with in the schools if there was a Covid positve person traced to them. Vaccinated? A ten day quarantine. Unvaccinated? A fourteen day quarantine, which, as the masked school board President reminded everyone, means staying in your home. Thank you Ms. Imperious One. ( Will she send guards to stand outside your door?) For sure, it was clear the unvaxxed, unclean, uncouth, uncaring, selfish, murderers, would face more severe consequences.

But here is the trap. How will they know who is unvaccinated? Well, they have this handy dandy county data base called “ImuNet” that will list all the citizens of the county who HAVE been vaccinated. It’s like a VIP guest list at an Obama party on the Hamptoms. They will get all the rights, all the respect, all the love. And, by the fact that someone is NOT on the list, they will be left out in the rain. As Obama once said to Republicans, “Get in the back.”

So, if you run out and get your kid vaccinated, he/she will be on the VIP list. Whew, thank goodness, right? Now he/she can play sports, go on trips, be safe, be accepted. Well, maybe not. Aside from possible side effects of the vaccine, you have given over control of your kid’s medical treatment over to the schools and the health department. It’s a state database now, soon it will be national. Next time it may be a different procedure. And what if you decide your child doesn’t need that HPV vaccine but the CDC decides all kids need it? Or your child wants to go on birth control and you say no. Will the county health department cite you for being an unfit parent? Trust me, that database will be used for many different purposes. It’s too big an investment not to be.

The biggest honey trap of all was one most people probably didn’t even notice. In part of the presentation of the plans for the 2021-22 school year, the Superintendent projected a new freebie for all kids.

Free meals. Yes, that’s right. Those meals that used to cost most average families four to five dollars will now be free to all, regardless of income level. So, that millionaire whose kid is in the local elementary? Free meals. Just like the poor kid in a different section of town. How awesome is that? Just send your kid to school, no lunch money needed, no worrying about keeping that lunch account funded, he/she gets fed for nothing.

Well, there is one caveat. You have to apply for the meals online. You fill out a form that contains information about you, your kid, etc. No big deal. Except it is. We all know that anytime you fill out a form for anything online, your information is collected by that company. But this is the FEDERAL Government. Yes, I know they have most of our info anyway. But now, you are CONSENTING to a free service from them. Remember, he who provides the freebies controls the recipient.

Let’s not even mention what THIS is costing the taxpayers of this country.

So, there you have it. The schools are really trying hard to keep you from leaving. They are giving away food, services, and a place on the Vaccine VIP list.

And all you need to give up is one little thing. Your freedom and the indoctrination of your child. And let’s not forget parental rights.

It’s a trap.

SIDENOTE: Please don’t misunderstand me or think I find the local systems inherently evil. Most of these people think they are doing the right thing. Some don’t. Administrators are constantly in a dance between the government and what is best for the students. Which Superintendent is going to turn away from these things or even CAN forgo them? That’s why you need to do what is best for your child.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Trap and You Are About to Get Caught in It”

  1. Those who hate the republic and want it gone have over many decades engineered a fifth column composed of media, teachers, college professors, and now the internet. They have infiltrated and taken over religious governing bodies, think tanks, text book publishers and the larger charities. They control the curriculum of colleges and universities with special attention on the teaching colleges. The teaching colleges because they turn out the teachers for the public schools where the indoctrination begins. There is not any coordination between these elements even though their efforts all support the agenda. That agenda is the end of freedom and liberty with the citizens reduced to serfdom devoid of any rights.
    The first step toward correcting the lefts depredations, eliminate in its entirety the federal department of education. Handcuff the state departments of education and empower the local school boards to take back control of their schools. It will take sixteen years before we see educated graduates and thirty to fifty years more to finally remove the previously indoctrinated from positions of influence.

    High school graduates with an aptitude for teaching did a far better job of teaching a hundred years ago than todays so called teaching college graduates. The literacy rate in 1915 was 97%. Todays literacy rate with lowered standards is 63%.
    Use the ASVAB, test every 11th and 12th grader and identify those with an aptitude for teaching and ask them if they would like a job. Start them as assistants and if they do good at that then hire them as teachers. Veterans would also be a good source for teachers.
    Never hire a teachers college grad again!

    1. I agree about the Dept of Education. They coerce districts with money. I also agree with teacher’s colleges. After 30 years of being a teacher and mentoring many, I could tell immediately if a teacher would be a good one or not with 99% accuracy. My college’s teacher education program was a joke. I learned how to be a good teacher by teaching. And yes, vets were awesome teachers!

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