Who Will They Abandon Next?

Have you ever had a friend who swore they were in your corner, that they had your back, that they would lay down their life for you, and then, when the time came, they ran away like a scared rabbit? And, while they ran they shouted, ” I’m sure you can find your way out of this. Good luck. You’re my top priority!”

That would be Joe Biden to the American citizens and Afghans who supported us in Afghanistan and are now there trapped and waiting for death at the hand of the Taliban. It’s nothing new for Joe, he did the same as the only person in Congress to vote against getting South Vietnamese out of Saigon in 1969. Yeah, that’s him.

And it’s not just Joe, but the buffoon of a Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin who told Americans to just stroll through the streets of Kabul and show their American passports for easy access to the airport. And Anthony Blinken, State Department head who really feels horrible about the scenes of people being beaten and killed by the Taliban as they try to escape. As my Mom used to say, ” I feel for you but I can’t quite reach you. ” She used to say that when she was going to let me figure things out on my own, especially if I had screwed something up.

You can go down the line. Pelosi was so distraught she had a $30,000 a plate fundraiser in Napa. Schumer was dancing at a concert in New York. And of course, Biden had to return to Delaware so he could resume his umpteenth day of vacation. Not taking action to save Americans is tiring.

The situation in Afghanistan, while awful on its own, is even worse as an example of how these government installees, I can’t even call them “leaders,” will support the American people in our own country.

They have already shown that they place illegals above us, criminals above the law abiding, big Pharma above anyone who wants to manage their own health. And, to top things off, they will excuse any crimes of Black Lives Matter and Antifa while arresting protesting American patriots who have been incited by FBI infiltrators. And of course, if you are a white, male, Christian American, everyone ranks above you.

But, guess what? Like that friend who desserts you in the middle of a fight, Biden and his regime will abandon subsuquent populations when the need arises. So, while being Black, gay, transsexual, or any other favored group of the month, might save you now, it won’t later. At some point, when you need them, they will turn tail on you like they have the rest of us.

The problem is that they are only loyal to one thing, themselves and the power they can have. I daresay they would leave their mothers in a dangerous situation if it meant one more step up the ladder of influence and money. They have no religion except the state. Look at Mark Zuckerburg who somehow thinks that starting his own Facebook religion is a GREAT idea. Does anyone else wonder who that religion will pray to? The great and almighty Marky? Our Marky, who art in California?

Back to the friend. If you had seen this friend do similar things to other people, you might get the idea that he/she is a two faced back stabber. You would probably guard yourself with this friend and not let them know anything about you other than the very bare minimums. You would never believe anything he said. And you would prepare yourself to battle danger by yourself. And you would NEVER EVER count on him to save you.

So, let me give you one suggestion. While you defend Biden and his regime for Afghanistan and tell us how he “cares about Americans,” it would be a good idea to protect yourself. To change the Reagan quote, ” Don’t trust and Definitely Verify. ” And make sure you can protect you and yours without the help of any government entity.

Otherwise, you might find yourself trying to escape a “war zone” like Kabul with just a passport held over your head. That’s not much protection.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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