Arrogance on Display

A Talbot County Board of Education Member responds to an email from a constituent providing a link to an article in the newspaper about a respected pathologist who teaches future doctors at George Washington University.

While this BOE member is a health worker and that is to be lauded and appreciated , it does not excuse the dismissiveness of her response. Does she know so much that no one knows better than she, even a experienced pathologist? Or is this a response encouraged by the Board’s legal consultants.

But, as this constituent and I have found out, they really don’t care about other viewpoints. And they don’t respect them. And apparently, this is not only a personal thing with officials, it is a tactic across the spectrum of government. It’s about denying any data, facts and opinions that go against the “party line.” Apparently that must be done with an air of superiority.

Side note: We publish this with names included since all emails from public officials are a part of the public record. We feel it is important to see their reactions to different opinions and facts.

The link was sent to the Board Member by Bruce Corley. I will post in order of send dates. Judge for yourselves.

n Tue, Sep 14, 2021 at 6:41 AM Bruce Corley <> wrote: ( the email was to the entire Board of Education and various others)

Pease read, some very good advice for those recommending mRNA gene therapy treatments…

Bruce Corley

On Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 07:05:46 AM EDT, Motovidlak, April <> wrote:

Mr. Corley,
Thankyou for sharing. This is the main point I got out of this when I read this article. “Although he doesn’t support mandates, Wargotz advised everyone eligible to receive the vaccine strongly consider getting it to help avoid the risk of severe COVID infection.” Also I would like to say Dr. Wargotz is a pathologist in the lab not a clinical physician, the research article he quoted was a small population. As a front line health care provider in this pandemic, I am in full support of vaccinating. Just as Dr. Wargotz advised; if your eligible to receive then it is strongly encouraged. I have seen young and old die alone in this pandemic with and without comorbidities. Some are willing to roll the dice and choose not too, however it will be my job to call their family members when they are on a ventilator fighting to live, and they cannot visit them in the hospital or say goodbye to them. It is currently causing havoc on the medical center on transfers for non COVID patients such as trauma, stroke, MI, Surgical emergencies and elective procedures. Vaccines have been around for along time and have eradicated a lot of diseases. Boosters have been around for along time and just like the influenza vaccine we get it every year. Yes, you can still get infected, however less likely to have severe illness or death. Also I would like to say, I never rely on information to use on my patients from sources such as the Star Democrat. I discontinued my subscription to them a long time ago, due to false information they provide. American Academy of Pediatrics, CDC, World Health Organization, are some of the sources I would recommend for you to review. Thankyou for sharing. I wish you the best of luck.

April Motovidlak,ACNPBoard Member for Bay Hundred Area.

From Bruce in response.

Ms. Motovidlak,

Thank you for your response and thank you for the risks you have endured to help our community.  I personally know several front-line health care providers, some of whom you probably know, who risked everything to help those who survived and those who succumbed to the covid virus.

Likewise, I personally know people who have had covid and survived without being hospitalized, some who were hospitalized and survived, and some that did not survive.  I do not know anyone who discounts this deadly virus, but I do know there are a lot of differing perspectives about the virus, even amongst medical professionals.  In my opinion, to be dismissive and discount differing perspectives adds to the problem rather than helping to solve the problem.

You are correct in stating that Dr. Warghotz advised that although he doesn’t support mandates, everyone eligible to receive the vaccine should strongly consider getting it to help avoid the risk of severe covid infection.  But you failed to acknowledge that Dr. Warghotz further stated, “The discussion should be had with your health care provider, as only your health care provider can help you assess your risk.”  Additionally, he said, “Our president, presidential advisors, governors, television and cable personalities, and celebrities should not and cannot be in charge of your health care decisions.  Get the facts from your physician or other qualified health care professionals, and make a decision on vaccination with your health care provider.”

Cherry picking quotes to fit one side of the argument is simply being disingenuous.

Rest assured, my wife, kids, and myself have all discussed covid and associated preventative measures with each other and our health care providers and we have made our decisions based on their informed advice.  You simply are not one of our health care providers and your opinion as a Board of Education representative for the Bay Hundred Area of Talbot County has no bearing on ours or anyone else’s health care decisions.  Maybe you should talk with the Board of Education Attorney to find out if you have exceeded your scope of authority as a Board of Education representative by offering unsolicited medical advice, but of course that is merely a suggestion not legal advice, as I am not a lawyer.

If you feel so passionately about Dr. Warghotz simply being a pathologist and not a clinical physician, please call him into your office located at George Washington University School of Medicine the next time you are there and explain to him the error in his ways of providing his qualified professional observations to a discredited news outlet such as the Star Democrat.

Bruce Corley

* my note: the mention of ventilators from the Board Member is enlightening as well since many are citing the fact that Remdesivir and ventilators may indeed be more instrumental in killing the patients than Covid.

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