The Marxists Think We are Weak… They May Be Right

I hate saying that. It hurts me.

It hurts me because I know what is at stake in my country right now and I know if we don’t fight back, we won’t recognize America in six months.

Don’t believe me?

Well, in the past nine months while you were watching Netflix, worrying about your favorite pro sports team, and turning a blind eye to the news, the current regime has almost destroyed our economy, ripped up our Constitution, has let almost a million unvetted, diseased illegals and Afghan “refugees” in this country, has decimated our law enforcement, military, and medical systems, undermined our standing in the world, hijacked our educational system with hate filled indoctrination and attemped to steal our freedoms, including medical freedoms.

But it’s okay because you can still order from Amazon and get on social media. It doesn’t matter if that small business right around the corner goes bankrupt or can’t find employees because people are being paid to stay home.

And everytime one of the institutions in our country is destroyed, you just shake your head and thank God it’s not one you work for or depend on.

Take where I live. It’s a small semi-rural town where the median age is probably around 50 and most of the homes are in the half million to million dollar range. Walk down the street any day and you will see people who had a lot to say when they were promoting Joe Biden for President with their signs. Now that he has turned into the disaster we knew he would be, they are out of sight and silent. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are spending the winter out of the area they turned blue and moved to a more free red state.

They got theirs. They won the election! Hooray for their team! Now, when is the next yacht club event?

And guess who is left to pick up the pieces? The rest of us who KNEW Biden was an idiot, who KNOW the election is a fraud, and who KNOW that the Covid pandemic was a politically created way to install totalitarian control of the country.

But, even among us, the ones who have pledged to fight back, many have faded away in the effort.

For example, the local Health for Profit business, Shore Health Systems and the University of Maryland Medical System, just laid off 200 employees who wouldn’t get the vaccine. Nevermind that this will basically destroy health care in our community, the government is paying them to get those shots in the arms of anyone and everyone working there.

When the announcement was originally made, hundreds were outraged. How dare they do this? We won’t stand for it. That lasted about a week. Then people started getting their religious exemptions granted by the ruling monarchy of the hospital, and many left. As the weeks went by, the group was decreased by half, and then more.

But, even that group agreed to fight back. They would protest at the county council meeting and at the hospital the last day before the deadline. We would show them.

The county council meeting wasn’t a bad turnout, although it seems that we can get tons of people to show up to protest about a statue on the courthouse lawn, but only about 30 for the firing of 200 actual human beings, people the community needs to keep citizens alive and healthy. Only four people spoke for the 200, and only two of them were actual medical personnel.

On the last day before the deadline, the protest consisted of 10 citizens. Those ten had great intentions and energy, but most of them weren’t even health workers.

I understand that people have to work. I get it that the medical workers are probably afraid of even worse repurcussions. But, as my friend Brandy says, ” I hope you remember when you are in the re-education camp.” That might be a BIT extreme, but have you seen Australia lately?

And, even if you don’t believe that will happen, understand that these tyrants won’t stop here. The idiot in charge has said he wants 96% of the country vaccinated with this shot that killed or harmed over 700,000 in nine months. One by one, airlines, big companies, school systems, state governments, etc. are demanding employees and even children are vaccinated. Some health insurance companies are either denying people health coverage if they don’t get the vaccine OR they are charging them more. As are life insurance companies.

Even in our local community, a historic theater that is only alive because of public support, THE AVALON, is demanding vaccine passports for entry. I guess they have forgotten they wouldn’t even exist without the support of the citizens of this area. Or maybe they are just a bunch of elitists who would rather not have the great unwashed, unvaccinated in their midst. Medical bigots.

But it’s okay. They know that a bunch of the population will fold as freedoms are removed. They know that there are no longer people around who really give a damn about freedom enough to pay the price and fight for it. And every day people are proving them right.

To be fair, some people are waking up, slowly and surely. What usually happens is that the government takes a step that directly impacts them. LIke I say, people will act when the wolf is at their door. Unfortunately, by then he is eating them for dinner.

More people are coming on board. At first, they just want to state their support. Then, slowly but surely they join in planning activities, writing emails and such. Problem is, it is going to take SO much more than that to get us out of this mess. Elections won’t solve it, protesting won’t solve it, speaking to government boards won’t solve it, and sitting around venting won’t solve it. Even writing a blog won’t solve it. Those actions are certainly valuable and necessary and if all work together toward the same goal they will make an impact.

But, until we all unite as a mass of people from all sectors of life, they will just wait us out. I’m not advocating for violence, because that should be the very last thing anyone should consider. But, if you have massive numbers of people working together, that will wake the ruling class up.

A good example is that the National Association of School Boards just sent a letter to the Biden regime asking them to invoke the PATRIOT ACT to keep parents from going to BOE meetings and speaking about CRT, mask and vaccine mandates. Across the country, parents have seen what their children are being taught and they don’t like it. And, they don’t want their children in masks all day and forced to be vaccinated. The NASB talks about people making threats against the BOE members, which I don’t agree with, but trust me, most of them just don’t want angry parents to speak at all. They are seeing how much parents want the right to control what is taught and done to their children. And they would rather you leave that to them. No chance!

But, nothing will happen unless people get off their asses and get activated.If you aren’t motivated yet, let me share some additional information. First, here is an example of the people we are fighting against. This is a comment on a newspaper article posted on Facebook about the protest against firing 200 health workers at our local “hospital.”

This poor guy who commented is mad at unvaccinated medical workers ( and all of us I guess) because we are keeping him from doing things he wants. Oh, and even though the vaccinated shed more virus than unvaccinated, we are the ones killing people:

What a guy, huh? If he had a profile on a dating site it might be something like this: Old guy. Loves sailing. Hates unvaccinated people because they kill. He would have loved sailing his cute little boat in the lakes of Germany in the 30’s.

And, if that doesn’t motivate you, look at this “Call to Action.”

MD “PROOF OF V@X” PROGRAM DEVELOPING – contact your reps! 
Maryland State Officials are developing a program that “allows” people to show a QR code to verify their v@cc!~@tion status that businesses, schools, and other organizations can utilize to deny or allow entry based on your health records. Read more here:

While Gov. Hogan refuses to own that this is a “passport”, THIS IS A PASSPORT. This system is laying the groundwork to make it even more convenient for individual organizations to discriminate against those who have chosen not to take this product. 

TAKE ACTION to WRITE AND CALL the following people:
👉Governor Hogan 
• (410) 974-3901
👉Health Secretary Dennis Schrader
• (410) 767-4639
👉Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich, who is calling for passports and thinks those who have to not taken the product do not have a right to society
• (240) 777-2500
👉Anne Arundel County Exec. Stuart Pittman, who wants a “voluntary” opt-in system for local businesses to verify status. 
• (410) 222-1821
• Find them here:
• Visit and input youraddress to find their contact into 

After each talking point is a link to our collected library of SHAREABLE articles. Pick one or two, read them, pull out the relevant talking points in the article that support your argument, and remember to include a link to the articles in your communication.
• Allowing businesses and organizations to VERIFY status for entry is DISCRIMINATION, both medical and religious. 
• The  ACTUAL risk of COVID varies greatly for different sectors of the population. We cannot make blanket policies for everyone based on one risk segment! (
• The SCIENCE of Natural immunity is being denied (
• The product’s EFFICACY is under question (those who have taken the product are still carrying and can spread it!)(
• The product’s SAFETY is under question (
• There are REAL SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES for requiring the product! (
• Requirements, especially the use of QR Codes, are DISCRIMINATORY against those that are socioeconomically disadvantaged, as these often do not have access to smart phones due to their status. ( and (


In the end, this is war. Here is an old tale that teaches us something about war.

Once, Hercules was walking along the beach with a young warrior. The warrior was complaining to Hercules that no matter how hard he trained and worked, he would never win in hand to hand combat and therefore was not allowed to fight for his country.

So, Hercules agreed to train him. He told him that if the young warrior could beat him, he would be allowed to fight for his country.

The first fight took less than 30 seconds with Hercules defeating the young warrior with just a few moves. It made the young warrior very angry, so he told Hercules he would fight him again and defeat him.

This time the fight was longer because the warrior was angry, but the end result was the same.

“Hercules,” the young warrior said,” Why can’t I defeat you no matter how hard I fight?”

” I will show you what you need to defeat me or anyone else in battle,” Hercules said. And with that he walked the young man into the ocean until the water was just up to their waists. With a quick move, Hercules grabbed the warrior and shoved him completely under the water. Fifteen seconds went by and the warrior weakly tried to fight back. A minute went by and again, the young warrior fought back, weakly.

As time went on, the young warrior began to wonder if Hercules was going to drown him. As his lungs began to ache, he started to fight harder. And still, Hercules didn’t let him up.

The young warrior realized if he didn’t break free, he was going to die. He gathered all his might and desire to live and fought like he had never fought before. Within a short time, he had broken free from Hercules’ grip and came out of the water sputtering and gasping for air.

“Hercules, you almost killed me! Why did you do that?”

Hercules smiled and said to the young man, “The first two times we fought, you didn’t use all your strength and will. But, the last time you put everything into the struggle because you thought you might die. The lesson is that when you are fighting, you must fight each time as if you will die if you don’t win. Then, you are ready for war.”

It’s a lesson we all need to learn. If we don’t fight as if our country and our lives are at stake, we won’t win.

And we have to win.

Are you ready?

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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