While You Were Working and Providing for Your Family

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You thought your children and grandchildren were being educated. Instead, they were being indoctrinated. They were being brainwashed. They were being told to question their gender/sexual preference.


Not possible, right? Except it has happened. It IS happening.

Let me take you to a county that is less than ninety minutes from where I live. It’s Loudon County, Virginia and it’s a county that used to be the place to live in the D.C. area. I have friends in Loudon County who have kids in the schools there. They have always prided themselves on how great the schools were there.

Not any more.

All you have to do is go online and search for Loudon County schools and you might be shocked by a video of a Board of Education meeting where a father is being dragged away by police. In this video, the mainstream media portray a crazy parent who was violent because he disagreed with the school board’s policies. He was the left’s new poster child for those crazy, violent, insurrectionist Trump supporters who are dangerous.

But that isn’t the whole story. The man’s name is Scott Smith and his 15 year old daughter was raped and sodomized in a Stone Bridge High School girls’ bathroom by a boy who gained entry by wearing a skirt and identifying as “gender fluid.” Scott reported the crime to the school where the administration of the county and the school covered it up and transferred the rapist to another school, where he assaulted another student. This was right before the Board of Education voted to approve a policy that would allow biological males to use girls’ bathrooms.

At the June 22 board meeting, the superintendent of schools, Scott Ziegler did the ubiguitous “nothing to see here” comment and denied that a rape occurred. Luckily, Smith had taken his daughter to the police who had done a rape kit and charges were filed. But, imagine his anger when he sat at the board meeting and heard Ziegler lie. Add to that the fact that a left wing activist had yelled at Smith that “there was no rape. Your daughter lied.”

Quite frankly, I think that both the Superintendent and the activist are lucky it wasn’t many of us. Personally, if it was me, the world would have one less activist walking around. But, the police arrested Smith. I guess they had extra time since they weren’t arresting rapists.

The Superintedent doubled down on his lie, stating that the he and the school board were not notified of the rape and, oh, by the way, Smith had not registered to speak at the meeting. Really?

Reminds me of how our local school board now only accepts ten attendees at meetings because of “CDC Guidelines.” And, then if you mention to them that they could move the meetings, they get pissy. How dare we question their motives?

It was Smith’s situation which the National Association of School Boards used to ask the DOJ to handle the terrorist parents attending school board meetings and speaking out against racist and stupid school board policies.

While we have no cases of rape occuring here in our area ( that we know of), there are plenty of examples of how our schools are hurting our children.

Do you see what is going on here? While you, the average working tax paying parent are trying to provide for your family, your schools are making sure your kids are fully brainwashed so that they hate you, hate themselves, spending their time questioning their gender, and being quarantined and terrorized over mask mandates and contact tracing. Don’t believe me? Here are just a few of the incidents shared by parents:

  • Over 300 children out of approximately 4500 in the district are sent home to quarantine for ten days due to incidental contact with Covid positive individuals. They are given worksheets to complete and Youtube videos to watch. Virtual learning has apparently disappeared.
  • Players on sports teams are dividing themselves and bullying unvaccinated members because they are not vaccinated.
  • Teachers are polling classes to see who is vaccinated and who is not, thus creating division and violating a student’s right to medical privacy.
  • Wealthy donors are sponsoring $50 gift cards to entice students to get vaccinated.
  • Children are being suspended from school busses because their masks have fallen down.
  • Children are being harassed for being “straight” and not gay or bisexual.
  • A principal tells a child in front of the parent that she will help that child decide her sexuality regardless of the parent’s wishes.
  • A principal tells a parent that she cannot stop student violence in her school.
  • A child tells a parent that all they study in history is slavery.
  • A local high school denies students the right to attend after school social events because of vaccine status.
  • The Bayside Athletic Conference punishes unvaccinated athletes with bi-weekly Covid testing and harsh regulations.
  • A teacher screams at third graders, ” I am tired of telling you to keep the masks on. I guess it will take a child dying for you to get the idea.”

There are many more but I think you get the idea. And, if you decide you want to stop the school from doing what they are doing, you are now considered a domestic terrorist.

If you think private schools are safe, the parents at a very exclusive private school on the Eastern Shore just found out that there is a vaccine mandate for students who attend that school. I find it amusing but also very sad, that a school charging parents tens of thousands of dollars will now have to force their children to be vaccinated to go there, whether the vaccine is safe or not. Bottom line is that these schools are just as susceptible to the whims of government as the public schools. From CRT to vaccine mandates, it’s all there.

And, while Homeschoolers control what they teach, they have to be aware that the federal government can take away your right to homeschool at any point. Ask the French and the Germans.

Meanwhile the local school boards want to suppress your speech, your opinons, by limiting the number of people in meetings while hiding behind fake Covid guidelines.

Are you tired of this yet? You should be.

We all need to stand up together now, public school, private school, homeschool parents and let them know they can’t keep us from protecting our children. If you are ready to stand up, here’s an opportunity:

Your Children Are at Risk… 

Government officials want to parent your child 

This means… 

  • Critical Race Theory in the classroom 
  • Students Pre-K and up taught to question gender/sexuality 
  • Students subject to physical/sexual assault  
  • Students forced to wear masks without any science to support the practice 
  • Contact tracing and long quarantines without instructional support 
  • Children forced/bribed to take a vaccine that is neither safe nor effective 

Parents, grandparents, friends MUST organize to have a voice with the local school boards/administration, there is strength in NUMBERS! 

Whether your child is in PUBLIC, PRIVATE or HOME SCHOOLING, they will be affected by Government overreach unless we stop it NOW! 

Join US and Special Guest, Candidate for Lt. Governor, Giordana Schifanelli 

Tuesday, October 26, 2021 7 –9 p.m. 

We are currently confirming our  EASTON/TALBOT COUNTY location. Please RSVP with your email so we can notify you of the site.  

This will be a chance to hear what is going on, what we can do to influence the schools, and to voice YOUR stories and ideas about protecting your children.  

To attend, please RSVP to jan417@aol.com 

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