Your Children Will Be Collateral Damage

Today’s post is not the norm for me. I usually try to put some satire and/or humor in my posts. But, there’s nothing to joke about here.

I’m posting several links here because I want parents to understand what is going to happen. There are a couple of upsetting pictures, so be prepared.

On Tuesday, October 26, the FDA will meet to discuss mandating vaccines for kids ages 5-11.

Read that entire sentence. Read it TWICE or THREE times if you need to. The Federal Government is meeting to decide whether or not YOUR children need to get the Covid vaccine.

Let’s review a few facts about the vaccine. On the government’s own site, the VAERS database, there have been 818,042 adverse events. 17,128 of those events led to death. And, just so you know, this data has been compiled while the federal government is suppressing reports regarding the vaccines. This vaccine, in less than a year, has exceeded the number of adverse effects reported on ANY vaccine, even those who have been in use for over 40 years. Of course, this is data mainly with adults, because the vaccine has not been previously approved for children.

But now they want to give it to your CHILDREN. No, wait, that’s not strong enough, they are obsessed with giving it to your children.All of your children, ages 5-17. And they want to do it whether you want it or not, regardless of possible harm. Let’s remember, this is for a virus that has a fatality rate of 0.0007% for those in that age group.

Are you wondering what testing they did on children?

The trials of the Pfizer vaccine on children ages 5-11 began in March 2021. Wonder what those trials showed? Good luck. Do a search and you’ll get a glossed over answer about efficacy and very little else except the vaccine is as safe for 5-11 year olds as it is for 12-17 year olds. Hmmmm…. I wonder what they are hiding? Could it be events like this story about 12 year old Maddie de Garay?

When I read this article, I was not only shocked by what happened to this young girl, but the details that showed that the sample size for trials for this age group was 1,131 children. Couple that with what we know about the VAERS data for adults and teenagers, and it is clear that the drug companies are in such a hurry to get this vaccine out there that they view are children as COLLATERAL DAMAGE in their quest for more money and power. Make sure you read the letters included with this article and the phone call with the Pfizer trial Principal Investigator, Dr. Frenck MD. If what you hear on that call doesn’t convince you that these people care little or nothing for our children, I seriously question if you are human and even more, a parent.

I’m sure these parents had no idea when they allowed their daughter to volunteer for the study that she would end up physically and mentally incapacitated.

The callous attitude displayed in the phone call is nothing new, and it isn’t limited to the drug companies. It exists in every level of medicine and government, even the local level.

There has been a change in this country. It hasn’t been a sudden change, but one that has taken years. We have installed, through our ignorance or our laziness, government officials whose ultimate goals are not what is best for this country and it’s citizens, but those things that will allow them to hold complete control of every decision for our lives and the lives of our children. Oh, and by the way, they will accumulate wealth through that control. We have allowed the medical community to become mere puppets of a larger national medical monopoly.

But, you think surely the people at the local level couldn’t be that malevolent, right? Well, not all of them. I know some very good local government officials who care about what is good for fellow citizens and what their fellow citizens want.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they are the majority. We have community support organizations violating state and local laws to have clandestine meetings establishing racially biased practices, we have school district administrators and boards implementing policies in order to garner state and federal funds while limiting parental and community input, and we have members of local councils playing politics in order to favor their own pocketbooks.

I haven’t even mentioned the local health department heads who use one sided, CDC scripted talking points to promote health policies which are not effective and are often dangerous. All the while pretending ignorance of the VAERS database and the topic of natural immunity.

In the case of schools, the end result is that children are hurt. Imagine if your young child got off the bus one day after wearing this for at least an hour:

Imagine being on the bus for an hour with this on your face.
Didn’t anyone see this?

All because the school system mandated masks to get 8 million dollars from the state. Imagine how much they will get for vaccinating your child with an untested vaccine? All you have to do to know they will get paid is read this from the White House:

In particular, read these sections:

Standing Up Vaccination Sites in Settings That Kids and Their Parents Know and Trust: The Administration will make vaccination accessible and conveniently located to families across the country, including vaccination clinics at doctors’ offices, hospitals, pharmacies, community health centers, and school- and community-based sites. Nationwide, more than 25,000 pediatric and primary care provider sites will provide vaccinations for children, in addition to tens of thousands of other provider locations that serve children, including pharmacies, children’s hospitals, and community health centers.

Hundreds of School and Community-Based Clinics: The Administration will work with states and local partners to make vaccination sites available at schools and other trusted community-based sites across the country. The Administration, through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), is providing full funding to states to support vaccination operations and outreach – including setting up sites, procuring equipment and supplies to store and administer the vaccine, providing transportation to and from vaccination sites, and communicating with the public, such as through in-person community engagement, call center support, public service announcements, and translation services. And, for those schools who need extra help, the Administration will launch a new effort to match school districts with vaccine providers who will provide on-site vaccination clinics for their students and local communities.

Not only will the locals, hospitals and physicians get paid, but they will be MANDATED to force these shots on children. Notice that the second paragraph I posted mentioned schools who will need “extra help.” Insert the phrase “extra arm twisting” here. And that means they will be forced to get this done by any means necessary. In our county, our schools are now bribing students with gift cards purchased with funds from “philanthropists.”

There is a bigger agenda here. It’s an agenda that does not consider the human devastation that will occur and certainly not the freedom of parents to make desicions for themselves and their children. Remember, if they are willing to fire medical professionals, police and first responders and military personnel, taking care of the populace is not a high priority. All for a virus that has a 99.8 % survivability rate.

And, that bigger agenda is about more than a vaccine. It’s about the government taking over aspect of your life and even worse, taking over how your children are raised. The government’s values will be their values. Government will become their parents.

It’s time. If you were afraid to stand up before when it was just about you taking the vaccine or giving up your freedoms, it’s time to do it now. It’s for your children and grandchildren. And it doesn’t matter if you are black, white, rich, poor, vaccinated, unvaccinated, middle class, religious, non-religious, it’s time for us to all join together against this totalitarian juggernaut.

We need to find each other, put aside our differences and resist what is going on.

They have shown us that they want to intimidate us. They get their Marxist organizations and their government agencies to threaten us. For example, it was revealed recently that the National Association of School Boards colluded with the Department of Justice and the White House to portray parents complaining at Board of Education meetings about CRT and sexually explicit lessons as dangerous terrorists. It was part of a plan to scare parents so they would not speak out. This was all because they knew that vaccine mandates were going to be implemented and they wanted nothing in their way. They knew that if they could quiet parents about the racial division and harmful sexual content being taught in classrooms, they could keep us divided.

They have a plan. We can’t let it work. We won’t let it work.

Neither will their attempts to keep us out of their meetings and from being heard in public. If they won’t let us in their meetings, won’t hear us, we’ll make change without them.

We are organizing ourselves. We will write emails and letters, not by the tens but by the hundreds and thousands. We’ll have people at every school board, private school administration meeting, county government meeting, etc. whether we all get in to speak or not. We will be there. They will get tired of seeing us.

We’ll recruit local candidates, and not political, weak, and indecisive ones, but tough, outspoken, and dedicated ones. And then we will volunteer to monitor elections as judges, etc.

There are so many ways to get involved. We can find our talent and use it.

And, we will bring in other parents who want the freedom to decide for their children and themselves.

We will not let our children be the collateral damage of their stupid, failed, Marxist policies and ideas.

We won’t give up. Ever.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. We are placed at this time in God’s Providence just like our forefathers were in 1776. Many in tge late 1700s caved and didn’t have the spine to take a stand . They felt safer under King George, so right or wrong wasn’t a priority for them. Short sighted selfish thinking ruled the day for them. But they are forgotten in history and rightly so because of the cowards they were.
    I want my grandkids to be proud of the stand their grandparents took for them.
    We are at that point….

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