Stirring Things Up

A friend of mine recently sent this out to an email list of hers:

The letter is self explanatory.

She captioned the email with a suggestion to parents that they needed to be aware of this and that this was something many of us predicted.

Immediately, she received an email from someone in the email group that admonished her because she was “trying to stir things up” when clearly this was a mistake by the school system and not the school willfully vaccinating this child without parental permission. The person was upset that my friend would do that. Again, she didn’t like that this could stir people up.

Ummmm, wait a minute. Is it wrong to stir people up about something that happened in one place and could happen in many places? In light of the experimental, not fully tested nature of this vaccine, I say “no.”

Mind you, my friend did not share an untrue story or statement. After researching the incident myself, it was exactly as she portrayed it. The school apparently was giving the vaccines when a student told them her parents didn’t want her getting it. Unfortunately, this student had the same name as another student whose parents HAD given permission for the vaccine. The school did try to verify by calling the child’s parents, but they called the wrong parents who said they had given permission. And so then, the child got the vaccine.

Does this excuse anything? Not at all.

First, if you are a school and you KNOW there are two children with the same name in line for the vaccine, wouldn’t you take EXTRA care to make sure you had the one whose parents had given permission, especially when the child said her parents didn’t want her to get it? Especially when you KNOW how volatile the current climate is?

Oh, but they called the parent, right? Again, did they call BOTH sets of parents? Common sense might tell you that if there are two children with the same name that you might have called the wrong set of parents and you might want to call the other set of parents. Certainly, you wouldn’t stop with just the first phone call. But, nope, they got one approval and they were off to the races.

So, we’re left with several explanations. One, the school is staffed by the dumbest most careless people on the planet. Two, the people doing the vaccinations had no knowledge of the students they are vaccinating and no one is there to do any verification/identification. I guess that falls under “careless.” Maybe it was lunch time and they wanted to get this done so they could go chow down on Big Mac.

Or three. Maybe they actually DID do this on purpose. Why? Remember, the people doing the vaccinations are more than likely vaccine devotees. They probably wish that this was mandated so they could put this crap into the bodies of every human on earth. Maybe they ascribe to the Terry McCauliffe cult of school management, the one that says parents have no rights to say what happens in schools. You know, what happens at school stays at school.

None of those explanations should make parents feel comfortable with what is going on in school based vaccination centers.

If it was a “mistake” and played out the way it did, it’s just as bad as if it was done on purpose. It shows us that the mere fact that this is being done to children in a wholesale fashion makes it a guarantee that children will be vaccinated without parental permission and, even more terrifying, without the knowledge of a child’s medical history. His allergies, conditions, etc. Schools are not doctor’s offices and they don’t have these things on file. It’s a recipe for horrifying disaster.

As I used to tell my children, whether it’s an accident or planned, if a person dies they are just as dead. Ask the families of victims of drunk drivers. Or a person killed when shot by a famous actor on set.

And, if the person doesn’t die but lives a lifetime of disability, it’s not better.

It’s entirely possible that the person giving the shots at the school is so brainwashed about the needs for the vaccine OR makes so much money for each shot given that they gave a less than honest attempt to actually verify that the child’s parents consented. The child tried to tell them.

You get to pick the explanation and then you tell me why parents shouldn’t be “stirred up” about this.

If you are for the vaccine, fine. Then this should be confirmation that you should consult with your child’s pediatrician about getting the vaccine and get it in the doctor’s office, under the supervision of a true medical professional and not some newly hired temporary “vaccinator” paid by the school system/local health department under a federal grant. A temp who isn’t even sure who your child is and whether you want them to have the vaccine or not.

So, yeah, parents need to be stirred up. Not sorry if that offends someone.

My friend, being a much better person than I am, issued an apology to all on the list that she may have inadvertently misled them. I know why she apologized. However, I am retracting that apology for her right now. She didn’t mislead them at all. She told the truth.

And we should never apologize for that. Especially when our children are at risk. PARENTS NEED TO KNOW IT CAN HAPPEN.

Here’s a link to an article about the incident:

An Elementary School In Southern Maryland Mistakenly Vaccinated The Wrong 6-Yea

Also, here is a letter another friend of mine wrote to his child’s school ( names and details redacted but you will get the gist of the letter).

Dear ( Administrator’s name),

A very unfortunate accident occurred in Calvert County this week whereby a student was given a “vaccine” by mistake and without parental consent at a school vaccine site.  I have attached a copy of the official correspondence documenting this mistake.
On (date), (school, system name) sent out a memo to all parents and guardians stating, among other things, that the ( name) school(s)and other institutions have scheduled vaccination clinics to make the vaccination process more convenient.
My spouse and I are against the covid 19 mRNA gene therapy treatments, which are being called vaccines, and we will not allow our kids to be given these experimental drugs.  *We do not give permission, implied or otherwise for our child to get this treatment/vaccine.

In the abundance of caution, we ask that we be notified well in advance of any vaccine sites being established at (school or system name) so we can make sure that our kids are not in school those days.

*Please call if you have questions.

*I added these sentences.

This is not a suggestion that you use any of these statements or this document, you have to do what is right for your family. We are NOT lawyers and are NOT giving legal advice on this matter. You should consult with your attorney for his/her advice before drafting and sending a letter like this to your child’s school or district.

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