Detention For the School Board, Cancellation of the Governor

I have to admit that sometimes public officials just make it too easy. It’s as though they sit around and think of ways to inspire a good old verbal spankin’.

Today is one of those times. It was a writer’s Christmas this morning with two gifts tied up in big bows. Now all we need is some snow and a Lexus commercial.

The first gift I got last night was these pictures:

If you are questioning why these pictures are a gift, it’s because these are screen captures from last night’s Talbot County Board of Education meeting at the luxurious but very small ( limit of 10 public members) meeting room at the Talbot Education Center.

Notice anything weird?

I did and so did a bunch of parents who have children in the school system.

While their kids are forced to wear masks every hour or every single school day, some of these board members apparently don’t have to follow that rule, even though they were the ones who have written very authoritarian and rude responses to parents who questioned it.

A closer look at each picture yields so much information. In the top picture, we have two board members, including the student board member, dutifully wearing their masks. One board member, who is obviously speaking, has his mask all the way down below his chin.

The second picture includes the Vice President and the President of the school board. The VP is obviously grabbing his mask to keep it over his face. The President, the one who once told us that she was vaccinated but she wears the mask to protect US, has her mask down as she is turning and speaking in the direction of the VP. I guess he’s lucky that he has his mask fully engaged because she obviously decided she didn’t need to protect him. Maybe that’s why he is checking to make sure his mask is all the way up.

In the third picture, we have the Board Lawyer with her mask covering her neck while she talks. Obviously, she doesn’t understand the proper wearing of a mask. Germs don’t enter through the neck.

Why did they do this? I don’t know for sure but it could be that they discovered the following; first, no one can hear you clearly through a mask, second, masks are really uncomfortable and restrict your oxygen intake making it hard to focus on your task at hand, or third, masks are disgusting to wear for any amount of time. Germs, you know.

Or maybe they think masks are a total waste of time. We tried to tell them, but the money from the Feds and State trumped common sense.

Since they have the luxury of deciding when they will and won’t keep their masks on properly, they do what they want, even when in a meeting that is being broadcast. (Could we get a ranting letter about that to an online publication? Or would that cause friction at home for the writer?)

Our kids, teachers and other staff at schools don’t have that luxury. Every week I get tons of messages of how children, even very young ones, are being screamed at every time their masks aren’t perfectly placed. We have children being diagnosed with foot and mouth disease daily. ( If you don’t know what that is, it is highly contagious. Victims get a rash and painful red, blister like lesions on the tongue, gums and insides of the cheeks.) This can be traced to mask wearing along with a lot of other health issues such as dental problems, and there is a possible connection to various respiratory infections which are not Covid related.

To make matters worse, if kids are caught with masks down or worn improperly, they will face disciplinary consequences like detentions or suspensions. Some teachers, either out of frustration or just general fatigue of the whole thing, will yell at them and accuse them of not caring if “kids die.” I know parents who tell me their children are “terrified” that their mask will get them in trouble, despite the fact that the Superintendent said they are “getting use to it.” No, Dr. Griffith, they are not. Some of these kids are so anxious about going to school that they have nightmares every night.

Which, I guess is a good thing considering all that state money sent to schools for “mental health counseling.” Government creates the problem and then soaks the taxpayers for the solution. A captive population is the best way to justify wasting money.

Regardless, I think that the Board members who didn’t wear their masks properly should have consequences, don’t you? Since I am a kind person ( yes, I used that word on purpose) I recommend that they be put in detention and made to write this sentence a thousand times, ” I will not support mask policies that are useless for health and harmful to children.”

( Side note: The BOE will probably blame the mask issue upstream to the State Board of Education, saying that the State Board mandated masks so they have to comply. That’s a lie and a cop out. The State Board has NO regulatory authority over the local school boards. And, members of our Board were some of the pro-mask speakers at the State Board meeting on this issue. So, own it. And, as Larry Hogan says, ” WEAR THE DAMN MASK” and I add, “SUFFER YOUR OWN MEDICINE.”)

Speaking of good old Lockdown Larry, he gave me the second gift, another one of his self serving tweets:

There is so much material here in this tweet. I wonder why Larry, who is Governor of a state whose largest city topped 300 murders for the seventh straight year this year, is still so worried about Trump. Shouldn’t he focus on the safety of the citizens of Maryland who live in a city where the Mayor and Council don’t see law enforcement as critical in the prevention of crime? And where the City Prosecutor doesn’t want to prosecute criminals?

But, even if he doesn’t want to do that, can’t he see the irony in him talking about Trump cancelling culture? I think Larry might be the king of cancelling culture. Here are his accomplishments. He shut down an entire state economy without so much as an acknowledgment of the hardship and ruin to small businesses and millions of workers across the state. Meanwhile, he and his merry band of state advisors and state employees still got paid. And let’s not forget big businesses which were deemed “essential” to the detriment of other, smaller companies. He forced the shut down of schools creating a situation where parents could not get child care and had to stay home and students lost years of academic progress.

He even blocked people who spoke out against this on his PUBLIC Facebook page. That actually IS cancel culture. He ridiculed people who questioned his purchase of millions of dollars of FAULTY Korean PCR tests while there were American companies with plenty of tests available. He made a commercial yelling “Wear the damn mask” at all of us like some kind of Marshmallow Man Nanny.

But now, he is upset because some of his buddies and clones aren’t getting an endorsement from a man he has told us he hates! ( BTW Larry, that’s not cancel culture by definition, it’s making a political choice not to support RINOs like you who are excited by taxing our country into oblivion!) And, just in case you were wondering, Lar, there are over 75 million of us “fringe whackos” you talk about. We like to call ourselves CONSERVATIVES. Ever heard that word? Hope you weren’t planning on running for higher office. I don’t think China will be creating votes for YOU. )

( I looked up the people he named in this Tweet. One is running in Nebraska, one in Pa, and one in New York. Mr. Fitzpatrick (PA) touts his strength as “bi-partisanship” and then says he will fight “tooth and nail for our families, for our one Community.” Sounds contradictory.

Katko, NY, is all aquiver about this “bipartisan” infrustructure bill and what it will bring to NY. He voted for it. He likes passing tax burdens on to others in a “bipartisan” way.

Finally, Mr. Bacon is really bringing it home to Nebraskans so they can have rural broadband and millions for roads and bridges there. All on our dime.

More RINOS who are as much of the problem as the Marxists.)

So, time for Larry to be cancelled so he can give his lap dances to Biden and the Dems in private. No one needs to see that.

Speaking of clones, don’t forget the ultimate Hogan clone, Kelly Schultz. Pull the string and Kelly spouts “Larry-isms” like, you guessed it, “wear the damn mask.”

Final Note: The public received notice that Dr. Kelly Griffith will retire as of July 1, 2022. I believe she still had years left on her contract.

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    1. I actually think that the RINOS are actually Marxists light. I think they figure if they drift to the “ middle ground” and appease the Marxists while pretending to be Conservatives,
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