Why Hasn’t Larry Hogan Made the Big Change Yet?

Before you get confused, I’m not talking about THAT change. Although, Larry would make an interesting woman, sort of a Hillary Clinton type. And I am sure he would look great in a horse blanket or shower curtain mu mu.

I’m wondering why Larry hasn’t made the switch to the Democrat party yet.

Why would I ask that?

Well, aside from his first and second campaigns and a two minute acceptance speech in 2014, Larry hasn’t been a Republican and certainly not a Conservative for, well, ever. So, since he clearly wants to move higher on the government pig trough, it’s weird that he hasn’t switched parties. After all, he doesn’t want to be associated with all us “whack jobs.” You know, the ones who got him elected. ( By the way, that’s what he called us. Look it up.)

Yup, most of us voted for him, not once, but twice. We thought he was a good, decent man who cared about the people in this state. We thought he would change things. He changed things alright, driving this state into a full socialist, authoritarian hell, one of the states losing more people than any other.

But, it was to protect us. And it was under the banner of “bipartisanship,” a word he uses so much he might as well make an official name change, Larry Bipartisan Hogan.

Unfortunately, while he crosses the aisle to help the Democrat/Marxists implement their schemes, he can’t seem to find his way back to our side of the building.

If you live in Maryland, you know what I am talking about.

First, Larry is a liar. He has always been a liar. Not surprising for a politician, but for someone who was a businessman who ran on that identity, it’s a fact that makes what he has done worse that anything a self identified politician could do. Except Biden of course.

When he was first elected, Larry promised us so much. Lower taxes, better law enforcement, improvement of our cities, etc. He didn’t do any of that. The only thing he ever did was lower bridge tolls. Congratulations. Nice but not that big a deal.

We gave him a break. After all, he was fighting a legislature that opposed everything he did. We knew that. We just didn’t know that he would be such a coward in the fight. Some say that’s not fair because he was diagnosed with stage three cancer at the beginning of his term. Certainly, a daunting roadblock in his way.

But even after he was through his treatment, Larry didn’t do anything. Really, he did nothing to fight back. And, when others tried to support him by fighting back FOR him, he stabbed them in the back.

Then two things happened that jacked him up and got him moving. Donald Trump and then Covid.

I have never seen a so called Republican turn on another Republican so fast as Larry turned on Trump. One day he was thanking him for his help, the next day he was doing everything he could to fight him. I think the only thing he could have done that would be worse was to publish a picture of himself holding Trump’s severed head.

One would think that Hogan would have identified with Trump. After all, they were two “outsiders,” two businessmen who broke into public office. Something must have happened. Did Trump hurt Hogan’s feelings somehow? Didn’t he kiss Larry’s ass or tell him he was the prettiest governor at the fancy ball?

Did he hinder Larry’s skimming from federal funds for his own land development plot or put a stop to Hogan’s real estate business making money off decisions made by various government entities that he influenced? Or profiting from the 1.97 million dollars for highway construction, which, strangely, seemed to go through Hogan owned properties. Did Trump see through Larry? Or maybe Larry just had an inferiority complex. He is kind of a diva.

To this day, Larry is still fixated on Trump and insults anyone who supported him.

Then there was Covid. Larry saw his chance. After a planned two week shut down of every business and job he deemed “non-essential,” Larry sensed that this was his opportunity to come out of the shadows and make a name for himself. So, with little disregard for the small businesses, he took on his role as “dictator” with great pomp, circumstance, and glee.

They went broke. He and his staff got paid.

He raced to every news show patting himself on the back, praising himself, and basking in the glow of unearned praise. He wrote a book, right after he told us all to “wear the damn mask.”

Not a humble man our Lord Larry. He wants to run for President. Or maybe Senate. If all that fails maybe he could do ads for Subway or become a professional Hillary impersonator.

Recently, he is ramping up the rhetoric. As I alluded to, he is calling all of us who supported Trump, “fringe whackos.” He seems to forget how much he loved us in 2014. He calls a candidate for Governor, Dan Cox, a “Q anon whacko” because Dan got an endorsement from Trump. Something Hogan could never get. Jealous Larry?

Don’t worry Dan, being insulted by Hogan is an advantage. We know it means you are the right man for the job.

Here’s the deal Larry, Trump probably recognizes your clone candidate, Kelly Schulz, as just another RINO candidate who will campaign one thing and become what she truthfully if she is elected ( which she won’t be.)Can you say Liz Cheney? She of the turncoat Cheney clan? Same person. Different state.

Not only is his rhetoric getting more radical, but Larry is taking every opportunity to get down on his knees in front of the Biden regime to thank them for the billions of taxpayer funds they are giving him and the state. Larry claims he is happy for the citizens of the state. Surely he has forgotten how little of these funds will actually get to the working citizens, how high our taxes will get, and how it will take decades to pay this back to China.

And perhaps he doesn’t mind that the price is the freedom of our families to decide if their children should be forced into damaging masks or getting vaccines that may cost them their health and possibly their lives.

But, that’s not his problem because he and his lovely wife Yumi will be long gone to some mansion in a tax free state before that shit hits the fan. His children won’t have to deal with mandates because they will get the rich elite exemption.

So you don’t think me unfair, Larry did sort of. grow a set yesterday. He wants to audit the Baltimore City State Prosecutor’s office for “irregularities” in their budget. This is in response to the horrific murder rate in Baltimore, up over 300 AGAIN. It’s a bit late. On his way out, Larry wants to convince people that he really does care. Sure.

Here’s why I encourage to him to come out of the political closet and be his true self. If you think about it, he has learned the Democrat/Marxist playbook well. Pretend you are something you are not, blame your failures on the other party, villafy anyone who doesn’t agree with you, “kill” your past supporters before they wise up or become stronger and better than you, convince the population that you are being a tyrant to protect them, and give tax generated money to people to get them on your side.

Oh, and occassionally throw them a crumb by pretending to solve serious problems like crime in Baltimore City.

Larry is a Democrat but he is cross dressing as a Conservative.

Unfortunately for him, the “crazy fringe whackos” see him for what he is, a fraud.

Maybe he should try a blonde wig and a horse blanket. I’m sure Bill won’t notice the difference.

Deplorable, aren’t I? A “ fringe whacko deplorable” and proud of it.



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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. Larry Hogan has turned out to be one of the biggest RINO’s out there. The once great Free State of Maryland needs an actual Republican Governor. Not holding my breath due to the huge number of willfully ignorant folks that keep voting for Dems no matter what.
    I, like many, at the time voted for Hogan, because there wasn’t any better options. That time has passed. I wouldn’t vote for him again. His actions during the Covid Plandemic were against the citizens of Maryland.

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