Let Them Know You Exist…Demand They Listen!

I love the show YELLOWSTONE. If you have never watched it, it’s about a rancher in Montana, John Dutton, and how he has to fight developers, casinos, etc. to keep his land.

One of my favorite characters, his daughter Beth, is talking to a woman who is leading a protest against using animal fur for clothing. The protest is small and Beth is trying to make a point to the leader that her efforts are wasted on a protest that means little or nothing. Beth compares the people who will buy and sell the furs to a train. She calls the head of the protest a “caboose.” Beth continues, ” The engine of the problem doesn’t even know you exist. ”

That quote really hit me, because it strikes me that some of us feel like we are the caboose, that the engine of the problems we are fighting don’t know we are here.

I think that is changing.

How do I know?

What do we see? We see the FBI and the DOJ calling parents “domestic terrorists.” We see people who don’t want the experimental, dangerous jab being described as “killers.” We have Presidents, Senators, Governors, etc. calling us crazy, whackos, etc. It’s not normal behavior. It is the stench of fear.

And we see people calling out our local leaders. These leaders don’t like it.

If you read yesterday’s blog, I called out our State Senator, Addie Eckardt, for her comments in several videos regarding us, her constituents and her beliefs about the Covid 19 vaccines. That blog prompted some emails to her about this topic.

She didn’t like that. I’ll share her response to several people. I only have to share it once because it is the same response, over and over.

Before I do that, I’m going to share what I heard during my run yesterday. I like to listen to either a blog or local talk show when I run. I chose the Casey and Elliott show on WCBM. During the show, they had Congressional Representative for Maryland, Andy Harris on the air. Andy is on the show quite often, taking calls and questions from the hosts and callers.

One caller, who didn’t get into the show while Andy was on, expressed her anger that Republicans in the House and Senate, specifically in the Freedom Caucus, had done very little to help the January 6th Political Prisoners who have been in the D.C. jail for almost a year for…trespassing.

In a time when everyone on the left is beside themselves for the deplorable conditions for prisoners in the jails, these people are experiencing horrible mistreatment which include beatings, solitary confinement for 23 out of 24 hours a day, rotten food, guards calling them white supermacists, etc. Only a few government officials, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Louis Gohmert, etc. have spoken out about this. I guess the outrage on the left only applies to REAL terrorists and criminals in jail, you know, drug dealers, rioters, looters, murderers. Their compassion ends with white conservatives.

And this caller was angry, rightfully so. So, the hosts suggested that Andy might call back in. And he did. I will give him credit for that!

The call between Congressman Harris and this lady went how you might expect it at first. He complained that the Republicans don’t have control of the House and Senate. The caller mentioned that this never seemed to stop the Marxist Democrats. Harris then said that the lefties have the mainstream media. She told him that he and his colleagues should be out there every day in front of the D.C. jail and FORCE the media to cover it. As they talked, the woman got more angry and told him, “I’m tired of it and I AM PISSED.”

They ended the call with no resolution. Guess what? Congressman Harris is learning what many of our Republican leaders are learning. The people who elected them to do the job are tired of their inactivity, excuses and go along to get along attitude. And, while I will say that I believe Andy Harris does care about his constituents and does fight, there are many others who don’t seem to.

That’s not going to work anymore. The sleeping giant is awake.

Addie Eckardt is learning that. But she appears to be a slow learner. Let me share some emails.

Here are two emails from constituents:

The first one included a copy of my blog with the video of her that I cited:

Senator Eckardt,

I was forwarded the attached article this morning and frankly, I am disappointed in you to say the least. I agree in that you need to make yourself available to the Eastern Shore residents, I myself reside in Talbot County, in a press conference setting, to explain your comments and face the voting population you insulted and listen to our concerns. Don’t forget, we elected you….


Bruce Corley

Here is the second one:

( I have withheld the sender’s name on this one)

Addie,Your position on forced vaccines is wrong and immoral. We the people are against any forced vaccines. We want the freedom to choose. You were not elected to force your constituents to inject any substance into our bodies. The jab does NOT prevent one from getting or spreading (or dying from) Covid. So why do you want to force it? Penicillin is a lifesaver for some and a death sentence for others. My daughter and husband would be a great risk for myocarditis and blood clots, some of the side effects documented by hundreds of thousands easily found on the VAERS government website. If you insist on this position we will fight you tooth and nail. I could not be more disappointed. Vote NO in your committee on forced mandates. 

Now, here is her response. I will only include one copy of this because it is basically the same to both citizens. Apparently, cutting and pasting is the BEST way to address two different emails. ( I will give credit for her using the sender’s name.)

Greetings Bruce,

First I appreciate your bringing to my attention the news clip. Thank You. You are correct I am assigned as one of the two Republicans to the Senate COVID 19 Oversight Committee, where I receive regular updates from the Secretary of Health regarding the state’s data on the vaccine roll out. In addition, the office of legislative services prepare information that is also reviewed, which shows the number and percentages of vaccinations administered overall, to various subgroups in the state and then also by each county. Those meetings are open with frank discussions on the perspectives around the state.

I hear from a variety of residents and health professionals from the shore and am very much aware of the differences in beliefs and thinking on the vaccine. I have not and will not support either a mask mandate or a vaccine mandate. Do I believe that there will be a mandate in the future, however? Probably yes. The numbers alone determine that in Annapolis. The decision to vaccinate or not is a medical decision that I believe all should be able to make for themselves. Have I shared my frustration with accurate information and education about the vaccine? Yes. I am a nurse and have promoted testing, safe practices and vaccination. I am hearing more from those who are frustrated because of lack of hospital beds for very sick people and the lack of resources –nurses in long term care, hospitals, schools and mental health professionals to address all the distress related to this unprecedented pandemic that has been hard to think about.

What might be helpful to me is for you to send me the questions that you would like answered or asked during those meetings so that I can propose them to the entire COVID-19 Oversight Committee.

Thank You for presenting your concerns.


Senator Addie Eckardt
District 37: Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot & Wicomico Counties

322 James Senate Office Building

11 Bladen Street

Annapolis, MD 21401


My other friend got an almost identical response. I’m going to decode some parts.

First, let me give you a hypothetical situation and ask you a question.

You are talking to someone and they say these things: 
“People I represent have misinformation about Marxism. I wish we could get them good information so they would make the right decision because if we don’t have Marxism, someone might force it on us. I get so much push back from the rural areas about Marxism. It’s because there a political science professionals who say Marxism is bad. I would like citizens to make the decision to be Marxist on their own based on positive info on Marxism. My colleagues on the Western Shore want Marxism. I don’t agree with all of  Marxism but if we don’t have a large majority of Marxists, they are going to mandate it, so it would be helpful if people had positive info on Marxism. “ 
Is this person a believer in Marxism? 

I think you know. 
Now change “Marxism” to “ vaccines.” 

This is a politician pretending to be against something when they are really for it or not willing to fight against it. Go along to get along. Blame the citizens.

You’ll see I put her response regarding a meeting in bold. It seems that in person meetings are a problem for so many of our elected officials. Our Board of Education won’t allow more than ten people. Addie wants questions in writing so she can address them in writing.

Why not face her constituents in person? We know why. That would mean having to respond without benefit of canned answers. It’s why Biden won’t take press conferences without knowing which reporters to call on. That would require him to give a potentially honest answer, which may be damaging to him. It would show people who he is. It would expose him.

And maybe that’s the same for Addie.

But people aren’t falling for that anymore. Here’s how my friend Bruce responded:

Senator Eckardt,
Your cut and paste response is insulting, yet again.  Something you fail to understand is that the people on the Eastern Shore do communicate with each other and share information.  You appear to represent us in your communications to us but when you think we are not listening you represent yourself and other special interest groups.  Please prove me wrong!
I sent you and the entire Senate Covid 19 Oversight Committee an educational email against child vaccine mandates on Monday (12/13/2021) and I have yet to get a response from any of you, but a day later I provide you with an honest yet very unflattering video of you and I get an swift response that in my opinion is nothing more than you trying to cover you backside.
I am not trying to be disrespectful but this mandate nonsense (i.e., masks and vaccines) needs to stop!  There is ample data on the serious side effects of Covid 19 mRNA vaccines and other treatments now that were not available when this pandemic started.  It is time to stop the hysteria and fear mongering, Covid is not going away and our children need to be allowed to develop their natural immunity.
The U.S. Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) own data (i.e., VAERS Data) show that the cure is more harmful than the virus particularly with regards to children.  Additionally, do you know how many children have died due specifically to Covid in the U.S. since the beginning of the pandemic?  CDC has the data and I have a portion of it, but does the Senate Covid 19 Oversight Committee have it?

CDC Pushes 3rd Shot for Teens, as Number of Deaths Reported to VAERS Aft…VAERS data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention included a total of 946,463 reports …
Stop the MANDATES!
Sincerely,Bruce Corley

Talbot County Resident

My friend Bruce is like so many of us. We have had enough.

We have had enough of you saying one thing to us, and something else in Annapolis/D.C.

We have had enough of you taking us for granted because you have a certain party designation behind your name and you are the lesser of two evils.

We have had enough of your excuses for why you can’t represent us with strength, bold opinions and actions.

We have had enough of empty promises without action.

We are watching what you do. And we will vote you out if you don’t listen to us and take bold steps to represent us.

And we will work against you.

There are some who do stand up. Trump. Rand Paul. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Louis Gohmert. And Dan Cox.

Don’t know who Dan is? Dan is running for Governor. He is a Republican, but guess who doesn’t support him? Lockdown Larry doesn’t support Dan. We all know why. Dan called Larry out on his tyrannical, self serving actions and support of the Biden Administration over the last year and a half. Lockdown Larry wants his clone, Kelly Schultz, to be the next Governor. No thanks.

Guess who DOES support Dan? Trump. Trump endorsed Dan and his running mate Gordana. Why? Because Dan isn’t afraid to fight for us. He is a Constitutional Conservative. And goodness knows, Gordana is a fighter too. She is a woman who escaped from tyranny in Yugoslavia.

And me. I support Dan and Gordana. ( coxforfreedom.com)

Both of them stand strongly against the mandates. Both have experience with the personal consequences of that stand. Dan has family members who lost jobs. Gordana just lost a teaching job at the Naval Academy. And I know that they will stand for US.

Here’s a link to a story about a press conference about the damage to the health care system from mandates. It was held here in Easton on December 10th: ( which was at 8 a.m. on a Friday)


Please notice who was there. Delegate Mautz was also there. Also take note of who wasn’t. Yeah, Addie, I’m talking to you.

In the end, the other side will fight back. And I don’t mean just Democrat/Marxists. The RINO’s will too. They will try to convince you that they are our only alternative. Not true.

As Jason Whitlock said, “We are being convinced to believe absurdities so they can commit their atrocities.”

Think about it. They try to convince us that good is bad, right is wrong, what we see is not real and what they tell us is. And, then, once they convince us, they do whichever “atrocities” they want. Vaccine and mask mandates. CRT in our schools. Keeping people in the DC jail unconstitutionally.

NO. MORE. We are done being the CABOOSE.

PERSONAL NOTE: Aside from that horrible first meeting with Senator Eckardt, I don’t know her. I am not saying she is an evil person. I’m saying that she is not a good representative of those of us in her district. She might have been in the past, but not now.

This is the email Bruce sent to the Vaccine Oversight work group. It’s very informative!

Members of the Maryland Senate Vaccine Oversight Work Group (MSVOWG), 

Recently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the experimental Covid 19 vaccine for children ages 5 and up.  I am writing to share my strong opinions and known facts about these experimental vaccines and my strong position against them being MANDATED for our children.

First off, there is no licensed and approved version of a Covid 19 vaccine available in the United States.  The only vaccines available, and being administered, are authorized under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).   “A federal district court judge in the Northern District of Florida has rejected a claim by the U.S.  Department of Defense that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine being administered under the EUA is interchangeable with Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine, which in August was fully licensed by the FDA.”

Every adult who receives a current experimental Covid 19 vaccine must sign a liability waiver because it is not a fully FDA licensed vaccine, and they are only approved under the EUA.  Likewise, a parent or legal guardian must sign the same waiver on behalf of their child if they currently choose to have their child or children vaccinated with an experimental Covid 19 vaccine.  This waiver effectively nullifies individual rights to sue the manufacturer if/when a vaccine injury occurs.  I do question, as should each of you, why waivers are necessary if these experimental vaccines are safe and effective.

If the MSVOWG MANDATES that all children in Maryland take one of the experimental Covid 19 vaccines, are each of you willing to take on the liability of any and all vaccine injuries that arise as a result of any ill advised child vaccine MANDATE? 

Children do not readily catch Covid 19.  The incidence of severe disease or death due solely to Covid 19 in children and adolescents is statistically zero.  A study in Sweden showed that out of approximately 2 million children in Sweden aged 1 to 16 years old, zero died from Covid 19.  A study in Germany had the same result.   In fact, children exposed to Covid 19 will have, at the most, mild symptoms while at the same time developing natural immunity, an immunity that is superior to any protection created by an experimental vaccine.  Furthermore, it is a known fact that the current experimental Covid 19 vaccines do not prevent a person from catching Covid 19 or spreading it.  The stated benefits of the experimental Covid 19 vaccines are that they will lessen the severity of the symptoms of Covid 19.   

Really?  With that in mind, why would anyone even think about, let alone MANDATE, injecting an experimental substance into a child’s body in the name of protecting them from a virus that is not deadly or debilitating to them?

These vaccines can and have done great harm to some children.   These experimental Covid 19 vaccines have caused damaging effects (e.g., Myocarditis and Pericarditis) in children and adolescents.   These are conditions that are both life threatening and debilitating.  The highest rate of these injuries were among boys aged 12 to 17.  Most of these effects occur after the second dose of the experimental vaccine.  The statistics on this alone prove that this experimental vaccine is more harmful to children and adolescents than the Covid 19 virus itself.

Children have also suffered other side effects such as strokes, extreme pain, anaphylaxis, blood clots, and even death.  In August 2021, 1,018 serious reactions and 18 deaths were reported which were connected to the vaccines.  In short, children face a much higher probability of dying from the experimental vaccine than the actual virus.  In Israel, a group of doctors released this statement,” Do not rush to vaccinate children as long as the full picture is not clear.  Coronavirus does not endanger children, and the first rule in medicine is ‘first, do no harm’.  The full picture is not expected for many months and possibly years.”

I implore this committee to use common sense and not allow any Covid 19 vaccine MANDATES to be issued for our children.

Sincerely,Bruce Corley

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. Jan

    Excellent , spot on and extremely timely!
    Thank you for speaking the truth.
    Just know that many of us are with you.
    We the people have drawn the line in the sand.


  2. Thank you for your work, Jan!
    These Government Dicators have crossed the line and awakened the Sleeping Giant. It is time to vote them out and to replace these RULERS with Constitutional Servants. They have crossed the line and we are now awake and ready to reclaim our Republic!

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