Stop the Celebration!

Caution: This post may make some of you angry. If so, good, I achieved my goal! Like my Dad used to say, we need to have a “Come to Jesus” talk. His Dad was a preacher and he used that expression to let my Dad know a serious conversation about his disapproval of my Dad’s actions was coming. My Dad had a few of those with me as I was growing up.

This week, the Maryland State Board of Education voted to allow the local agencies to decide their policies on children being forced to wear masks in schools. Parents celebrated as they felt that surely their local Boards would do the right thing and rescind the mask mandate in their districts.

Congratulations everyone! The group of people who have no right to take away your rights as a parent just decided they’d give you back the rights they illegally took from you. What a victory! Sort of like being released by a kidnapper.

The process used to create State mask mandates was created to give our local school boards political cover so they could institute mask mandates to get millions in state funds. The State Board, who was given the right to create this policy by a sub-committee of the State Legislature, the Administrative Executive Legislative Review board, implemented the mandate. Now, they no longer have the right to rescind them without the AELR board’s approval. Does anyone else see the problem here? Does this make any sense? The State Board either has the power or they don’t. If you didn’t want them to have the power to change their minds, why give them any power in the first place? It’s been the good old bait and switch used by con men.

And parents just took the bait.

Of course, we all know why. The parents just want their children to go to school without being tortured by wearing a mask. They want to see their child’s entire face again. They want them to breathe fresh air, smile at each other, hear each other.

I’m assuming that the AELR will vote that the State Board of Education DOES have the right to remove the mandate. How do I know? I know because counties have been given a “heads up” that they should start making plans to take the mandate off. Some locals have already given dates for the end of the mandate in their schools. Many have chosen March 1.

The State now placed the decision back in the hands of the local Boards and Superintendents. Parents are high fiving each other and proclaiming that their fights, their speeches, their emails, they all worked. I understand.

Unfortunately, it’s short sighted, premature and incorrect.

What parents don’t understand is the mask mandates are a very small part of the battle in a long term psychological war against their children and parental rights. If parents stop pushing now, we will end up in a place where their children will be subject to all of the whims and political dictates of those who run the schools with no parental input. It would be like Eisenhower planning to win one battle in World War II and then claiming victory and bringing everyone home.

It would not have won the War.

It’s also premature right now to say that we have won. When you see those statements by the State Board and the local Boards of Education this week, read carefully. Find the exact policy statement and you might find that they give themselves an “on ramp” to reinstitute mask mandates when they want to. Unless they sign a promise that they’ll “never to this again,” they will do it again. And, honestly, even if they sign that promise, they’ll do it again. They saw that they could force compliance.

It’s premature because the Progressive/Marxists/Democrats/RINOs have bigger plans for our children. All you have to do is look at the bills being proposed in the Maryland Legislature. Some are good ones, meant to keep the authoritarians in check, others are bad ones, written to take more control.

I’ve included links to some of these bills so you can see what they are and who sponsored them. I was going to explain them in this blog, but heck, you can read for yourselves.

House Bill 758- Education-Public Schools-Lesson Plans and Instructional Materials– Positive bill!

This bill has to do with giving public access to all the lessons, instructional materials, etc. used in public schools. This is not currently the case. (the link to the bill is below)

HB 618-Maryland Parental Rights Act-another good bill

This bill is a way for parents to once again become part of what goes on in schools and to keep totalitarian, control freak boards and administrations from denying public access and impact on the schools.

This is a bill that is being debated right now. It is a huge step in the right direction.

Bill 832- Education-Maryland Homeschool Advisory Council- Establishment – not a good bill.

I addressed this bill in an earlier blog entry. It was proposed by Delegate Ruth who claims to have the best interest of the homeschool community at heart. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Bull.

Here’s a link to that blog:

And as much as we would love to claim credit for getting the State School Board to change their minds, remember this. The Federal and State funds that demanded the mandates have been fully allocated so there is no longer a need to carry on with the charade. And, with elections coming into view, Progressives hope voters will forget this tyranny and be thankful that they got their rights returned to them by the ruling class.

It will work with some. Not me. And I hope not you.

If tomorrow every local school board lifts the mask mandate, we still have to keep what happened over the past two years in the back of our minds. We have to remember what they did, how they did it, and why they did it. Keep that picture in your brain of your child pathetically muzzled with a mask. Remember the constant testing, coercion, bribery, the harassment by school personnel, the medical conditions, psychological and academic damage, and the segregation of our children in schools by vaccine status.

Remember how they ignored you when you asked them to look at the harm they were doing. How they called the police on some of you. Ridiculed and belittled you.

Please don’t forget.

They want us to forget so everything will go back to “normal.” It can’t. Unless we want it all to happen again. I don’t.

As much as I hate the term ” new normal” I want to show these authoritarians that there is a new normal. It’s a new normal where we watch everything they do, every penny they spend, every lesson they teach, every vote they take, and every overreach they attempt. Parents will no longer be hands off and “let the schools handle it.”

I want to defeat them in every single election they run in.

We need to take our place as the new bosses. Not the same as the old bosses. Better because they are OUR children. #BossesButBetter

So, go ahead, have your short celebration when your district’s mandate is removed. High five, cheer, bake a cake. Whatever.

And then let’s get back to the game plan and win the long game. Yesterday it was masks, today it’s school violence and divisive teaching, tomorrow it will be something much worse. They have it in their plans. Trust me.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. OK, folks. Celebration time is over after this weekend. Let’s get back to work and be sure that this Massive, unconstitutional Overreach NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!!!
    Parents and Families Unite. It is time to wake up and protect our Rights!!!

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