Letter to the Avalon Foundation

BACKGROUND: This is in regards to a local non-profit theater who banned the unvaccinated from their shows in 2021. The theater is “historic” and is run mainly on donations, but does receive public funds.

Dear Avalon Foundation,

I got an email yesterday that said you have discontinued your requirement for patrons to be vaccinated in order to sit in your theater and watch a show.


You see, I remember when you first required the “vaccine pass” to set foot in your theatre as a patron OR a performer. You gloriously announced the measure while quoting the county Health Department, and their unreliable data about Covid and the vaccines. You hugged each other as you proclaimed yourselves the protectors of the population against those filthy dirty unvaxxed, those people who actually less of a threat to others than the constantly viral shedding vaccinated.

But, no matter. The measure made you feel really good about yourselves as you practiced medical apartheid. Never mind the fact that you violated every precept of human decency or liberty. Never mind the damage you did to those who loved performing in your theater who were no longer able to participate. Don’t believe it? I have friends who have been deeply hurt by your actions.

But, hey, what the hell. They probably didn’t donate to your fundraisers, not significantly anyway. And let’s not even mention the fact that you have considerable support of public funds to keep you operating. It’s not important to you that the very same people who pay taxes that support you were now forbidden from coming to your venue.

Personally, I don’t care. I can’t remember going to the Avalon for anything. I don’t enjoy attending events that cater to the self-proclaimed glitterati of Easton.

Yeah, I know the Avalon is “historic.” However,this is not the first time that the theater has experienced segregation. There was a time not so long ago, when Blacks and other minorities had to sit in the balcony of the theater if they were allowed in at all. In fact, if we were true to our belief in removing reminders of racism in Talbot County a la the Talbot Boys statue, we should probably move the Avalon out of Easton. Many of us, when we see it, are reminded of a very painful time. Maybe our current state comptroller could use the materials for doors to put his polished statue doorknobs on? That’s IF he is elected governor. Maybe someone could LENd him a hand.

So, I guess, when the opportunity for segregation rolled around again, it was just second nature for the Avalon Foundation to implement it. But this time, the unvaxxed weren’t even allowed in the balcony!

Look, I know that people will say this is not the same. I’ve heard the argument before, “People can choose not to get vaccinated, minorities can’t choose their race.” (Except, in today’s world, maybe you can. It HAS been done.) But, if I am concerned about what a vaccine will do to my health, particularly one whose promoters deny the pages and pages of side effects it causes, do I have a choice? Vaccine or health? I don’t think so.

But now, with a magical turn of events, the Avalon Foundation suddenly sees the light. Maybe Dr. McGuire, without Dr. Fauci sending down directives every day, has turned her attention to more pressing matters such as therapy to prevent inappropriate giggling in public. (I hear VP Harris is signed up for that!) Or maybe the word came down from on high that an election was coming up and we’d better get the great unwashed back on the Democrat’s side.

Either way, the Avalon will now graciously allow all of the unvaxxed to sit, side by side, with the vaccinated. What a wonderful day! Is it the way peasants felt when Kings and Lords used to let them watch coronations, weddings, and then let them eat the leftovers from the celebrations? Eventually, though, the peasants had to go home to the lives where they weren’t allowed to even watch royal fun. I wonder if the same will happen to the unvaccinated? After the elections maybe?

I wonder what the exclusive vaccinated will do now if an unvaccinated person sits next to them? Will they question everyone that sits next to them regarding vaccine status? Could be awkward. Imagine a fist fight in the aisles where someone’s fancy cashmere jacket is ripped or a diamond necklace torn off a neck! Oh, the humanity!

Here’s the bad news for the Avalon. Some of us have long memories and we won’t forget the way you treated us. We won’t forget your high handed restrictions. I have some friends who are excited about the fact that “we won” and the Avalon relented. Okay. I’ll accept that.

Based on what they did, however, they will do it again. Who will be discriminated against next time? Certain races? Certain political parties? Certain religions? Who knows.

But I know this. I will never support this foundation or the theater. And I will lobby our county council NEVER to use ANY of our tax dollars for this group again.

Oh, and by the way, Tred Avon Players? Midshore Symphony? That applies to you too because you had this same policy.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

4 thoughts on “Letter to the Avalon Foundation”

  1. Jan,
    I am on the same page with you. Thank you for expressing how MANY of us feel about today’s Avalon Theater. Attended many shows and concerts in the past- but never again.
    I will also continue paying attention to their billboard and letting scheduled performers, musicians, etc… know that this time many of us won’t be able to enjoy them because of policies of the management of the theater.
    Thank you Jan!

  2. Jan,
    Thanks for the reminder! The fact that our Liberties were stolen, and people were ostracized/discriminated against by a Publicly Supported establishment says it all. Follow the Science? NO! Follow your Virtue Signaling Marching Orders from the Puppet Masters who need to control our every move. Fear is their motivator.
    The “State” has already taken our Liberties, our families and our Children!
    What will we surrender next?
    Stay Vigilant!

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