You Can’t Compromise with Marxists

But Republican candidates haven’t gotten that memo.

The other day I listened to another candidate who touted all his skills and what he wanted to do if elected. And then he made this bomb of a statement. It went something like this, ” I want to reach across the aisle and compromise to get things done.”

Boom. Just like that he lost me and my vote.

You see, I have heard this kind of nonsense since the 70’s. Republican after Republican pretending to be the bigger, more rationale, more civil person. Pretending to fight for me and the causes I hold near and dear while surrendering right from the start.

And I’ve had enough.

Look where compromise has gotten us. All of our major institutions are corrupted by Marxist programs and ideologies. Our legal system has been turned on its head, protecting criminals and persecuting law-abiding citizens. Our economy is being destroyed through a deceptive administration and complicit medical system. Socialism is taking hold in our major cities and states such as New York, California, and yes, Maryland. We once again get involved in a foreign conflict that we have no interest in. The destruction of our law enforcement, schools, energy sector, and our moral code is happening rapidly.

It is rapid but it wasn’t sudden. It was slow and incremental. It has been guided, steered and allowed by compromising, “reach across the aisle” Republicans who wanted so badly to be the mediators, the beloved of the left, that they would do and say anything to get along. The list is long. Ryan, Romney, Bush, McConnell, Cheney to name a few of the more recent nationally. Statewide Hogan comes to mind immediately. But there are many more.

As one Democrat legislator in Maryland said, “Republicans have no balls. Therefore, we can do whatever we want. ” And that legislator is correct.

Again, I’ve had enough.

If you are a candidate and your initial stance is to brag how you will work to get along and compromise with the other side to “get things done,” You won’t get my vote.

You see, there is a difference between actively working to implement policies that are good for this country and giving in to people who hate us and hate the United States.

Maybe you don’t care if you don’t get the Conservative vote. Maybe you are going after the middle, the undecided, the Independents. You think that by muffling your opinions, blurring the moral line of your beliefs and saying what the “moderates” want you will get their votes.

I’m sure that is what the GOP leadership has told you to do. They see those voters as the difference makers. They see the rest of us as “in the bag.” This is a game to them. They compete to see who can get the most money and most power while seeking the love of the mainstream media, leftists and Hollywood no matter who they have to destroy in the process.

And still, the left the media and Hollywood will hate these sellouts.

You might get the independent votes. But remember this old saying, ” Dance with the one that brung ya.” If you ditch all the Conservatives with your stand to compromise with Marxists, you may be standing alone with no date at the dance. Actually, you will be outside the dance looking in.

Think about that. And think about the fact that Marxists are destroying this country one Republican compromise at a time. Grow “a set.” Do it quickly.

*To Conservative voters: Stop voting for lukewarm candidates just because they are possibly better than the other guy. An official with no values, no balls, no conviction is just…another gutless loser. Hold candidates’ feet to the fire. Be a force!


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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Compromise with Marxists”

  1. You once again are absolutely correct! No room left . Can’t agree with you more!

    Thank YOU

  2. Absolutely!
    These “Big Tent” candidates try to appeal to everyone by saying anything that will get them elected. They are owned by the leftists and have greatly contributed to the sad state of the nation.
    Stand for something. Elect those who do and hold their feet to the fire!
    Vote to take our country, our children and our freedoms back!!!

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