Schulz Campaign Tactics: Taken from the Hillary and Biden Playbook

The establishment Republicans are not going to like this post very much. In fact, it is going to upset them right down to the soles of their lime green shoes. Better get the bar set up!

You see some of them love, no they adore, Kelly Schulz. If you don’t know who she is, she has been the Maryland Secretary of Commerce under Governor Larry Hogan. She was there when he locked down “non-essential” small businesses while leaving big corporate businesses open. He did it with lightning speed, without one speck of regret. And Kelly was right there with him. Both he and she collected their rather hefty salaries while the locked down business owners and their employees went broke.

You would think she might have spoken up. You would think she might have gotten out there and comforted the people whose lives were just ruined by her boss. Nope. At one point, she mimicked her boss telling people to “wear the damn mask.” You know, the one that doesn’t do anything to prevent disease?

It’s bad enough that Kelly let her tyrannical boss run roughshod over our Constitutional Rights, but she seems not to know what they are. At least she has no idea about people being innocent until proven guilty and their right to an effective and vigorous legal defense via legal counsel (that’s a lawyer.) It’s the Sixth Amendment Ms. Schulz. You should be well versed on it and other Constitutional rights if you want to be Governor.

One thing Ms. Schulz IS well versed on is the campaign tactics and strategies of two famous folks; Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton machine are well known for their “politics of personal destruction.” This phrase was specifically coined for the Clintons as they waged mean spirited, false attacks against opponents. Anyone reading the info on Durham’s prosecution over the Russia hoax? Guess who has her hands all over that. First guess doesn’t count.

Kelly has learned this lesson well. She, with the assistance of some guy who goes bowling with small balls, has launched an attack on Dan Cox regarding his representation of a defendant accused of having sex with an underaged girl. It’s bad enough that they use the fact that Cox was doing his job as a lawyer and protecting the Constitutional Rights of a defendant as a negative against him, but they also lie and say that the eventual sentence the man (who did an Alford plea) received was Dan’s fault. Last time I checked, judges set sentences, not lawyers. Yet, that lie is right out there in the open in the dirty commercial which I saw last night during the Tucker Carlson show on FOX.

And again, every defendant has a Constitutional right to a vigorous defense by a lawyer. Some say that he didn’t have to represent the man. Some say the nature of the crime should have chased Dan away. But, see, that’s not how it is supposed to work. Innocent until proven guilty, remember? If the accusations against the defendant determines if they get a lawyer or not, we are in trouble. But I guess Kelly, having seen her boss violate the Constitution with his lockdowns, thinks the entire document should be suspended.

The commercial is horrible, and I think it will damage Kelly more than Dan Cox. Remember, Hillary’s negative campaigning led her to a resounding defeat. Like Kelly, she was desperate to defeat the surging Donald Trump and rolled around in the mud to do it.

As Forrest Gump would say about Hillary and Kelly, “Like peas and carrots.”

(Okay, I’ll admit Kelly is way more attractive. That’s not a high bar.)

Kelly has also used another famous politician, Joe Biden, as a role model for her campaigning. While most candidates have made a point of going to almost every debate, appearing at as many public events as possible, Ms. Schulz seems to prefer the Joe Biden ” Stay in your basement” strategy. It’s so bad that many of us thought of sending out a missing person’s alert. Where has Kelly been?

The screen shot below may explain her absences:

Did you read that? The woman who worked for someone who hated Donald Trump because he was “mean” isn’t civil enough to share a stage with someone she disagrees with? Or is she afraid of actually doing a debate with Dan Cox? We already know she snuck out of a Dorchester County Republican event earlier this year because she couldn’t handle the questions asked of her by Cox’s running mate, Gordana Schifanelli.

She says she wasn’t invited to all the debates. I call BS. No one hosting a candidate’s debate would leave one of the top Republican candidates off the invitation list. Please, Kelly, try harder.

Could it be that, like Biden, she just isn’t up for the task and her handlers know this and want to keep her out of site? It’s not just debates that she won’t attend in person, she wouldn’t even speak live or virtually at a Republican Women’s event in Harford County. She sent a VIDEO statement. Wow. Does she also have a green screen and CGI like Joe?

People left the room during that video. They felt disrespected.

Maybe she doesn’t need their votes. Maybe she has something else in common with Joe, a large voter fraud organization. I’m just speculating.

I wonder where she was and why she couldn’t make it to this event. Was she watching video of her boss learning how to steal more of our Constitutional freedoms in Davos at the World Economic Forum meeting? Was she manning the phones begging for every single politician in the state to endorse her? (Seems somewhat desperate to me).

Is her team hiding her hoping that by the time she comes into public she may actually have ideas to share with the voters of the state?

Maybe they see the handwriting on the wall and decided to take her bowling instead. You know, with the little balls.

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  1. Schultz is an unmitigated disaster. She is and would be the final nail in Maryland’s Coffin. Voting for Schultz would be exactly for voting for the pandering, woke crowd of liberals.
    Save Maryland, our children, liberty and our freedom.
    Vote for DAN COX!!!

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