The Freedom and Joy of Writing a “Fringe Right Wing” Blog

The ongoing effort of Progressive Democrats to redefine words (vaccine and recession) and people (extremist, woman and fringe) is not a reason for free thinking Americans to change what we think or say. The group Moms for Liberty has the right attitude about this, it’s the JOYFUL WARRIOR attitude.

There are so many wonderful things in my life, my family, my friends, my country, etc. Today, I have a new joy to add to all of those; the joy of writing a “fringe, right wing blog.”

Those words in quotes are not my description of my blog, but a description penned in a letter by a failed Democrat candidate to a left-wing online publication. It’s been a while since this candidate’s utter election failure and, quite frankly, I had never heard of her before, but it was great to know that she might have read this blog and did me the favor of giving RFO a free shout out.

She did it in the context of claiming that local candidate for State Senate, Johnny Mautz, was moving to the “far right” in his campaign. She felt this blog was either evidence of the move or his inspiration according to the author. It’s hard to tell which.

I’ve known Johnny for a while now, and he is now as he has always been, even though the author called him “Andy Harris with personality.” Pretty funny line, I must say. And one I totally disagree with. Because of that characterization, I did some serious thinking about how she might have come up with that. Better yet, I wondered who gave her the idea.

See, in my mind, Johnny has been there standing up for parent’s rights, strong law enforcement, citizens’ rights, and the Constitutional rights of the people in this district and country.

Last year, we asked him to attend a press conference about the firing of health workers due to vaccine mandates. He came when others didn’t. In fact, he and Dan Cox were the only politicians there to hear what the nurses/medical workers had to say. They came even though they knew that Larry Hogan and his GOP machine wouldn’t approve. At that time, Mautz said that the issue of vaccination for employees should NOT be decided by politicians but left to the employer and the employees. Of course, this was in light of Governor Larry Hogan issuing an Executive Order that all medical workers be vaccinated or be fired.

In addition, Johnny co-sponsored HB 1189 which required health care providers to report adverse effects of any vaccine to the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System, HB799 which prohibited State and political subdivisions in the state from requiring proof of the Covid 19 vaccine prior to employment, and HB 1376 the “no jabs for jobs bill,” Those bills didn’t pass because of the Democrat majority.

He attended our Family Advocacy Alliance meetings to hear the ideas and concerns of parents and taxpayers about what is being taught in schools and the effects of the Bridge to Excellence structure which will take decision making for schools out of the hands of elected Boards of Education. He signed the FAA letter to the Talbot BOE asking for a new venue to allow more public participation. He voted for HB 758 for Lesson Plan and Curriculum transparency, HB 1256 The Ending Discrimination in Public Education Act of 2022 (would remove CRT from the classroom), and several other pro-educational transparency and pro-parent bills.

As for law enforcement, Johnny has always been there to help support and fund the resources that our local law enforcement needs. He is pro 2nd Amendment. Ask any local law enforcement agency head and they will tell you he is always there for them.

While I am sure that Andy Harris has been busy in D.C., I think comparing Johnny to him is rather ridiculous. If the Democrat failed Candidate is saying Harris is a right winger, I’d love to see the evidence beyond his membership in the House Freedom Caucus.

Johnny is different. He works hard, he speaks out, and HE LISTENS.

On to Radio Free Oxford and the designation as “Fringe.” Recently, I had coffee with a person running for office as a Democrat and we had so much in common with each other. Neither of us considered the other as “fringe.” And we could see that the problem in this country right now is the divide being created by people like this failed Democrat candidate. They want to label us, pit us against each other and NEVER let us work together to really make things better. I wonder if that is what the voters saw in the ” Failed Democrat Candidate;” someone who was a party devotee who wanted to label others and vote lockstep with the party instead of working for citizens. Is that why she lost?

In order to let you know what this progressive candidate says is “fringe,” here’s what we stand for in this blog:

  1. Parental rights to participate in and direct the education of their child and to demand accountability from the officers and employees of the school system.
  2. Removal of political and racial indoctrination and division from classrooms.
  3. Removal of sexual indoctrination from classrooms including transgenderism
  4. Support for teachers to do the job they are trained for, to teach children reading, math, writing, science, history and civics and not to make them mental health or sexual preference counselors.
  5. Support for freedom of speech (including for failed Democrat candidates)
  6. Support for law enforcement and true rule of law, not law enforced for political reasons.
  7. Freedom of religion
  8. Support for the 2nd Amendment.
  9. Support for ALL Constitutional Rights including the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL
  10. Support for the medical rights of individuals.

I could go on, but I wonder HOW any of this makes Radio Free Oxford a “fringe, right wing” blog.

If it does, then I embrace it and I am joyful in it. Why? Because I know that what I believe in is true and it is what this country was built on. It’s what gave people like the failed Democrat candidate all the blessings she has and the right to say what she thinks. It’s what over 75 million people in this country believe in and why people fight to come here every day. And why Reagan called our country, “The Shining City of the Hill.”

If the Failed Democrat Candidate who wrote the letter doesn’t get that, I feel very bad for her. I have never met her and she has never spoken with me. I doubt that she actually reads my blog. If she does, she never comments. Yet she is compelled to label me and my blog in public and define Johnny Mautz and me with a label that she thinks will harm or shame us.

It does neither. It just makes her look silly. I stand by my beliefs. I believe Johnny stands behind his. Funny that instead of standing by hers and stating them, she just wants to call people names. Pathetic and sadly far too common.

*The name of the online publication and the failed Democrat Candidate have been hidden so I don’t give them any publicity and to protect them from ridicule.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. Jan,
    I truly believe that you are a Constitutional Warrior.
    Benedict Arnold looks like a patriot compared to the bitter woman who mocks you and all true Americans.
    Keep up the good fight.
    Never give up.
    You are not alone!

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