The 2022 Sheepish Awards

Second Edition: Celebrating Sheeple since 2021 (or as we like to call them, the Sheepies)

by Jan Greenhawk, Editor/Writer for Radio Free Oxford

Radio Free Oxford is proud to present our second edition of the Sheepie Awards. These awards were created in 2021 to honor those in our local, state, regional and national communities who display the amazing attributes of sheep in various venues including government, education, politics and communications.

The awards have been determined by the mail in votes of our readers. If you didn’t get your ballots, we apologize. Maybe a dead person somewhere has it. Or maybe it was Covid. Or maybe your postal worker threw it away. Good news is that there are no time limits on voting and we will accept votes at any time, especially if we need them to nudge our preferred candidates for awards. In the immortal words of Joe Biden, “we have created the most extensive voter fraud network.”

Next year we hope for Mark Zuckerturd to set up many collection boxes across the country and world. Votes are counted and verified by our legal team of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.

The Sheepies are given to recognize exceptional stupidity, corruption, arrogance, fraudulence, and even some flatulence. While he had planned this year for a big red-carpet event, inflation, our budget and the fact that we aren’t Ukrainian, have prevented it.

Remember, sheep do whatever they are told and will follow their leaders off a cliff. When they are the leaders, they will lead their flock off the cliff.

There are so many awards, we split them into two different blog posts; National/State and Local. And then, like Pandora’s Box, after we release all the bad/stupid/evil, we then release a blog about those that bring us hope in 2023.

We like to start with our SUPPORT awards first since without the people in the background, there would be no images, performances, or DRAMA ( and who doesn’t like drama!) There are MANY this year.

The “Some Like it NOT Hot Award” For Extraordinary Achievement in Deceptive Costuming, it was a tough battle. Our three finalists were Rachel Levine, HHS Assistant Secretary, Sam Brinton former Assistant Secretary in charge of our nuclear waste, and Vladimir Zelensky, President of Ukraine. * For those of you who don’t understand the reference of this award, look it up.

Rachel and Sam: These two, with their unencumbered fearless attitude of letting it all hang out, good or bad, were tops in this category. Some say that perhaps they should both “try a little harder.” Maybe that’s why Sam was stealing women’s luggage at airports. Certainly, Rachel sees something different in the mirror than the rest of us.

Although Rachel did try a new “do.”

Can’t unsee that can you?

Our next nominee is Vladimir Zelensky. While Vladimir Zelensky HAS many suits, he has only been seen lately in olive drab sweatsuits. It’s almost as if he has a closet FULL of them, ready to be put on every time he is required to perpetrate the con that has gotten him billions to launder! Like Batman, but a money laundering Batman.

Reminds us of another “freedom fighter” who conned U.S. Senators before he became a tyrant in his country:

Remember this guy? His name was Castro and he was a darling of our government right up until the time he showed his true nature. He cozied up to our government while wearing his camo and they fell for it.

THE Winner? Zelensky of course. His creative costuming has earned him BILLIONS in U.S. Taxpayer dollars and has assured his place in the New World Order Hall of Fame. He even got TIME’S Person of the Year! Congrats Z! You are starting to show your true nature now by jailing journalists and those practicing certain religions in your country! And now he has an invite to the World Economic Forum!

Zelensky nationalizes TV news and restricts opposition parties (

Zelensky: Defender of Democracy or Opponent of Religious Freedom? | Opinion (

(When did Newsweek allow real opinions?)

*Our apologies to Justin Trudeau, who many have said is the actual son of Castro.

Set Design: Once again, whoever does Joe Biden’s set design is so far ahead of everyone else that his is the only nominee in this category. This year staff members have out done themselves with their hell like background for Biden’s speech at a building that once represented American freedom, Independence Hall:

The set designers at the White House have outdone themselves and exceeded last year’s set of empty containers on a dock behind Biden. This set, down to the illegal use of the military, the red devilish coloring in the background, and the Hitler like flailing of Biden’s arms make this a slam dunk. Who else could make Independence Hall look like both Hell AND Nazi Germany?

Way to go GUYS!

The Teenage Pout in Progress Award: Best performance by an adult adolescent who happens to be in public office. (The name references the expression of every bored teenager on family vacation! Come on, you know you have seen it. Identifying the “TPIP” is a great game for time at amusement parks.)

Winner: Liz Cheney

Poor Liz. Despite her father’s heartfelt shakedown video in support of her right before the primaries, she didn’t make it out of the primaries in her home state of Wyoming. Liz has found purpose and meaning lately, somewhat like the teenaged climate change “expert” Gretta Thunberg. In fact, the two of them are so much alike, one could assume they went to the same school of public facial affect or were separated at birth.

This is Greta. She was mad that Trump ignored her at a public function in 2019. Here’s video:

End Wokeness on Twitter: “The best way to engage with Greta is to do with Trump did in 2019:” / Twitter

This is Liz. She was also mad that Trump ignored her.

Although Greta’s face is a bit angrier, Liz’s is more consistent since this is the expression she maintains constantly. Here is another example:

This is Liz still mad.

Of course, one could say that this is the preferred expression of someone who is on a kangaroo court held by Congress to frame a Presidential Candidate they don’t like.

Congrats Liz. I hear you might run for President. If so, you may want to turn that “frowny” face upside down and also get some Botox. Ask your gal pal Nancy about that.

Mental delusion category: The Clueless in Seattle, and Everywhere Else Award.

“American families are doing better.” “We added ten million jobs last year.” “The U.S. deficit is falling.” “Gas prices are fine.” ” I can ride a bike.”

These are just a few of the spoken gems from this recipient, none other than

Joe Biden. He fell down and went boom!

While his trophy wife Jill will say that Joe is fine, it’s hard to ignore all of his senile moments. Along with his false memories, temper tantrums, and verbal blunders, Joe just doesn’t seem to know where he is.

Biden appears ‘lost’ in White House event as guests swarm around Barack Obama instead – Bing video

And then there’s this compilation by Tucker Carlson:

‘Tucker Carlson Originals’: A look back at Biden’s greatest gaffes – YouTube

For the record, we also want to recognize Joe for his award of the “SBD Award for Timely Farting in Public.” Although the most notable of his farts occurred in front of the Pope, this story of a vote two years ago stands the test of time:

Joe Biden Rips MASSIVE Fart Live During Interview And We Laugh At it For 15 Minutes – YouTube

Congratulations Joe! Let us know when you get the, the, oh you know, the thing, in the mail.

The John Fetterman Award for Outstanding Achievement in Saying Nothing That Makes Sense While Speaking: There are two nominees in this category; Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States and Karine Jean-Pierre, Press Secretary for the Biden Administration. (Note: Joe Biden was a strong third in this category, but we found Kamala and Karine deserving recipients. And we needed diversity.)

First up, Kamala Harris:

Thanks to the Aussies for the wonderful re-cap of two of Kamala’s “shining” moments. And another:

And then there’s this gem that would make any Pre-k teacher proud:

Let’s face it, Kamala brings a lot of “talent” to this category.

But don’t discount Karine Jean-Pierre’s ability to talk about nothing. And she does it with typewritten scripts! Now that is TALENT!

And sometimes, a girl just gets MAD, am I right?

There’s more material on KJP, again from Skynews:

We don’t do this often, but we have to call this a draw. Congratulations ladies. Can we call you “ladies?” Ask Supreme Court Justice Kentaji Brown Jackson.

The “Anthony Fauci Oops Did I Say That Award“: This award, named after the troll who controlled and botched the entire Covid situation and is responsible for the death of millions, is for those people who work so hard to prove to us that they know what they are doing while they know little, or worse, are lying or are compromised. In fact, they are caught time after time changing their tune. Here is a video of Fauci flippity flopping. I can’t stomach hearing his voice, can you? I take no responsibility for your discomfort or pure irritation at listening to this:

fauci vs. fauci – YouTube

For this award, me must go back in time to visit our nominee, Leana Wen. If you don’t know Dr. Wen, she is the one-time President of Planned Parenthood, a one-time official in the Baltimore City Health Department, and an Op-Ed columnist with THE WASHINGTON POST and a CNN Medical Analyst. Dr. Wen, was born in Shanghai, China (bear that in mind as you listen)

Here is Dr. Wen telling people who don’t get the Covid vaccine what their lives should be like:

Hmmmm….Sounds JUST like China, doesn’t it? She even has the slight accent to go with the theory.

CNN’s Leana Wen: The Unvaccinated Should Not Be Allowed To Leave Their Homes (

Leana Wen: Biden Should ‘Go further to Restrict’ Unvaxxed (

Funny how things can change:

CNN Medical Analyst Leana Wen Changes Opinion On Vaccines, Now Says Service Member Mandates Should End – [your]NEWS (

CNN medical analyst supports Democrat-led states dropping school mask mandates: ‘The science has changed’ | Fox News

I’m not sure what happened here. Maybe the Yuan stopped coming in the mail, or maybe all the Twitter revelations has Leana seeing an orange jumpsuit and bars in her future. Who knows.

This next award is called the “Trump is Living Rent Free in My Head” Award. The nominees might surprise you, because not all of them are so called “progressives.” This award is for someone who just can’t get over their Trump Derangement Syndrome. This person can often be found on Twitter proclaiming: “We’ve got him now!” followed by an expletive about former President Trump. You can find many of them online, and it’s quite amusing.

Here’s one:

I think George “likes” Trump. A lot. And, by they way, no one EVER accused Trump of human trafficking. But, when did facts ever stop Mr. Zulu?

And here’s another one:

And then there’s this guy:

McConnell on Jan. 6 criminal referral of Trump: ‘Entire nation knows who is responsible for that day’ (

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the “old crow,” the post turtle himself, Mitch McConnell.

It seems Mitch is either jealous or his wife Elaine told him to hate Trump. Either way:

Of course, Mitch received many other awards as well, The White Flag Award for those who surrender at all costs, the My Heart Belongs to China for those who are star employees for the Chinese Communist Party, and the Best Speech with Marbles in His Mouth, which is self-explanatory.

One final expanded category: “The Marvin the Martian Award for Most Alien Appearance.” This goes to Sam Bankman Fried and his girlfriend Caroline Ellison, whose appearances and actions just scream “ALIEN BEING!” Elon Musk was in the running for this award but it’s hard to defeat these two.

If they make a sequel to the show “Resident Alien” they have the roles locked up! That is if they both aren’t actually locked up.

Finally, a few quick national categories and their recipients:

Best Performance by a Part Time Employee– Tie between Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg

Best Performance by a Drunk in a Leading Role: Nancy Pelosi

Best Performance by a Puppet Master: Barack Obama

Best Performance by an Agency Suppressing Free Speech: The FBI, The CIA, CDC, DOJ and any other three letter government agency.

LOOKING AHEAD: Next up will be the State and Local Awards, so stay tuned!

Happy New Year!

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