What They Called Us…And Who We Are

At the Moms for Liberty Summit in Philadelphia, we were called vile names by protesters. They think they hurt us. They didn’t.

They called us racists, fascists, homophobes, transphobes, haters, extremists, bitches, hoes, cockroaches, Hitler, Nazis, inbred, liars, segregationists, witches, terrorists, liars, abusers, white supremacists, and so many other horrible names.

They don’t know us.

We know who we are. We are moms, dads, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, grandparents, friends, patriots, doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, principals, school board members, preachers, actors, singers, musicians, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, straight, gay, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, poor, rich, middle class, waiters, waitresses, politicians, kind, generous, God loving, and fierce.

We know they want us to stop, to sit down, to shut up. They want us to let them abuse and indoctrinate our children. They want us to feel threatened and hurt by what they say. They want power over us.

It won’t happen.

We will pray for them, talk to them, hear them. We will ask God to forgive them.

But we will not let them harm our children. No. Not in a million years. That is where we draw the line. And it’s why they call us vile names because they want to hurt our kids. They have lost their souls.

If that means we will be shouted at and called vulgar names, so be it.

We have each other. We have our families. We support each other, help each other, love each other. No one can break through that. We will stand hand in hand together protecting those who cannot protect themselves. We are not afraid.

We are JOYFUL warriors and we are fighting for our children.

PHOTO: Moms for Liberty attendees thank those who worked the conference by giving two standing ovations to the wait staff at the Marriott Hotel in Philly.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. My husband and I attended the summit in Philly and are SO thankful to be counted in the rank and file of this incredible organization, founded and run by some incredibly impressive moms!

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