Are Choudhury’s Days As State Superintendent Numbered?

By Jan Greenhawk

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On Tuesday, August 22, 2023, the Maryland State Board of Education will meet to discuss whether Maryland will keep its current State Superintendent of Schools, Mohammed Choudhury or find someone more suitable to lead the State School System.

After a series of missteps including how state test results were reported and censured, his childish responses to local media asking questions, his mistreatment of state education employees, and possible violations to the Public Information Act via his redacted and hidden emails and 98 deleted texts messages from the Superintendent’s phone, it seems that Choudhury is on his way out and possibly to court.

“If someone willfully deletes a public record, it’s a crime. And they can go to jail for up to three years,” said attorney Scott Marder, “So it’s a very serious violation of the law here in Maryland if that was done.

“As anyone who has ever worked in the corporate of professional sports field will tell you, another indicator is the statement those higher up in “management” make about a person’s possible firing. Governor Wes Moore’s statement in April when interviewed by Fox 45 was telling:

“It’s an independent structure, and while we respect that, we also want to understand that we’ve got to do better when it comes to be able to present accountable and transparent results in our public education system,” Moore said. Moore’s office said, in response to an email from FOX 45 that they are “monitoring the situation” but had “no comment.

“If Choudhury was a CEO or Football Coach, he would already have his bags packed and his resumes sent.

Remember, Choudhury wasn’t hired under Moore’s administration. He was hired during Hogan’s tenure. Moore has ever justification to make the move.

For the sake of Education in Maryland, many citizens have sent letters to the State Board, signed petitions, and demanded Choudhury go. Others have said that whoever comes behind him might be worse.

I think it’s time to take that chance.

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