“We are all Americans.” Or are We?

During the last week I have seen so many posts on Facebook and other social media sites talking about how we should all act and feel after this debacle of a corrupt election.

One of the most annoying is the, ” In the end, we are all Americans.” Because I’m not sure we all are anymore.

I’m sure there are plenty on both sides of the election fence who claim they are the “true” Americans. They state their points, ignoring the points they stated the last time we had a Presidential election. Remember the ” Not My President” crowd? I sure do. They were vehement that somehow Trump was not their President, even though there was not evidence of voter fraud in his favor. Some of them wanted him killed, wanted to storm the White House, wanted to overturn the election, and on and on.

But now, we are supposed to accept that fact that their actions define them as “Americans” that we should join hands with and sing “Cumbaya.” I’m sorry, but their definition of what it is to be American and mine don’t match at all. One of us is wrong.

Let me ask you. Are these the actions of Americans we should align ourselves with?

  1. Prosecuting anyone, much less a President, over actions that have no basis in facts and no proof. Using “proof” based on anonymous, non-confirmed sources made up by renegade agents of the government and a biased media.
  2. Immediately deciding that a President must be impeached before he sets one foot into the White House.
  3. Conducting a propaganda campaign against a President and his followers via the news and social media.
  4. Censoring the free speech of Americans because they don’t like it.
  5. Rioting, burning and looting the property of innocent people because of something they had nothing to do with.
  6. Convicting police of wrong doing without evidence and all the facts and then acting to get rid of police completely.
  7. Calling groups of people you don’t know “racist” and other awful names just because they support a candidate who has never been shown to be racist.
  8. Threatening the followers of a candidate with violence and prosecution for expressing their support of that candidate.
  9. Dividing people by race and giving some special privileges while alleging others have special privileges that do not exist.
  10. Striving to take the hard earned money of one group to support another group who chooses not to work.
  11. Turning on those who choose not to follow illegal orders that restrict their God given freedom and reporting them to the authorities.
  12. Tearing up a President’s speech during the State of the Union.
  13. Telling parents how they must educate their children, even if those methods go against their beliefs.
  14. Indoctrinating children through the classroom.
  15. Threatening a President with death.
  16. Threatening people of different political views with death, and, in some cases attacking those people physically.
  17. Committing widespread election fraud to subvert the will of the people.

I don’t think so . And I didn’t even list all of the things that some of these people want me to define as ” American” so we can all get along.

In a concrete example, there is a Democrat supporter that lives near me who is rabid in his hatred toward Trump supporters. But, since he thinks his guy won, he now wants to have “Unity.” He has gone so far as to paint his cute little Biden sign with the word “Unity.” He has called us thieves, racists, white supremacists, etc. for four years. His wife tried to hit me with her car because she didn’t like my “Puerto Ricans for Trump” t-shirt. He has called our President awful names, and tried to get a local town commissioner candidate voted down because the candidate was a Republican.

And now that he thinks his guy won, he wants “unity.”

It’s not really what he wants. What he wants is for Trump supporters to “sit down and shut up.”

As someone said on Facebook today, he can shove his unity up his ass.

Because, you see, he wants us to think he is what America is all about. So do the Democrats.

But they are wrong. And I won’t fit into their definition. And I won’t have ” unity” with them. There’s too much of their sewage filled water under that bridge.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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