Why they want to Cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas

With all the Governors of certain states placing restrictions on whether people can celebrate the holidays this year, many think they are doing this because Covid is rampant and it’s dangerous for us to get together.

Some are going to major extremes to make sure people comply. If you fly to New York State, Cuomo won’t let you get off the plane without a negative test result. Hogan, in Maryland, has once again warned everyone of prosecution resulting in fines and imprisonment. Virginia and California are doing similar things. The Mayor of Chicago, who looks like she should be pushing a shopping cart filled with trash through the streets and yelling at random people, has told everyone to stay home.

The man who thinks he is the boss of all of us, Anthony Fauci, told Americans we should do as we are told and stay home. Little man complex is a thing. I’ll bet he didn’t have friends when he was growing up.

They say they want to protect us. But that’s just bull. They, and other members of the Covid Cult ( a term Tom Woods uses) are using juiced numbers and people’s fears to promote their agenda.

It’s an agenda that has been around for a while. The biggest goal of the agenda is to cancel culture in our country and to take away all those things that we love, that make us human. The less contact with family and friends, the better, because then the government becomes your friend and family. We’ve seen it in place for a while. Think about it. It was just a few years ago that we were told not to say, “Merry Christmas” because it was too religious. Stores were told not to sell religious representations of the holidays, to omit any music mentioning religion, and to focus on the the goals of consumerism instead.

In schools, Christmas parties were replaced with ” Winter parties.” Religious symbols such as Nativity scenes were banned from public grounds. In some cases, private citizens were told to remove these scenes. Even attempts to add celebrations of the holidays of other religions were banned, well, except Islam. That was just fine. And so was Kwanza, because black holidays matter.

Thanksgiving wasn’t far behind. People were called “racist” for celebrating Thanksgiving because it involved white pilgrims eating with Native Americans and we all know they just did that to give the Indians diseases in order to kill them off. Not kidding.

So, the cultural component, which must be eradicated so that totalitarianism is fostered, is key here.

But, there are other reasons.

They want to frighten us all again and tell us that because we were not good little comrade sheep following their orders that the virus is surging. If we are shamed and scared enough, they count on use to bow to their commandments. We must be tested, contact traced and inoculated, or else. More power is their goal!

They want to keep the economy, which was coming back, suppressed. You would think that since they think Biden won, they would want it to rebound. But see, it can’t just yet. If it does, Slow Joe and hot dog fan Harris can’t take credit for it. So, it can’t rebound until they can legitimately ( in their minds)tell us they did that. They will point out how bad the Christmas season was for retail while Trump was still around.

They also might be showing some fear that maybe when this whole fraud mess is investigated, Old Slow Joe doesn’t win. If they were sure he won, they might be able to let things go and claim that just the idea that Joe might have won made things better. So, they hedge their bets on the backs of the American people and small businesses.

It also might be that they are laying the ground work for this whole “guaranteed wage” bullshit. That’s when every American can just stay home and get a monthly wage for doing nothing. You know, every month you get your government check just because. And, if you are a good little American, you can keep getting it. If not, or if you are one of those evil Trump supporters on AOC’s list, you won’t. And don’t even ask for your Medicare and Social Security checks.

And just wait until the food shortages start. Rationing, showing your Covid negative test, and getting in line will get you whatever food or toilet paper is left.

And who is making money on this? The states, by locking back down, get federal funds to fill the coffers they emptied with their fraud and theft. Companies like Amazon, Wayfair, and social media, make out like bandits as people turn to them because they don’t go out in public to shop. Tech companies are raking it in as they are selling their services to schools and businesses whose students and workers must stay home.

And, the Karens and Kens. Don’t forget them. They will be in heaven when they get their “Covid Cult Police” badges.

And all of us, the ones who loved the holidays, who miss our relatives, who need something positive right now, will be left with empty days watching terrible T.V. and eating shitty food. I think they hope we will either die or give up.

Not happening here.

I will not comply. You can send Karen and Ken after me ( I’m pretty sure I can kicks their asses). You can fine me. I guess you can arrest me, but I think you have enough to do with real criminals, even though you have let them out of jail.

And, it seems like there are police departments who won’t comply and arrest us either.

Which leads me to my last point. One thing these leftists may not realize is that they are pushing most of us to our limit. And when that happens, they might want to head for their safe spaces. Immediately.

They forget that we have something they don’t count on. Resiliency. Fight. Determination. Independent thinking. We always have and always will. At least many of us do. Those that don’t? Well, I’ll take them on any day.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas everyone! We don’t need their approval to celebrate.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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