When Bureaucrats Get Pissy

Remember when Health Department Officials were there to help people? When they cared about the needs of all and the opinions of all?

No more.

I have attached a letter from our Talbot County Health Department Head, Dr. Fredia ( I call her Fraudia) Wadley.

You will see in the letter that Dr. Wadley is fitting well into the Dr. Fauci “Do as I say or else” mode with her petulant and dismissive tone in the letter.

I posted about this on Facebook, and will share that. I will attach her letter as well.

“I am so tired of this crap. Apparently, Ms Wadley totally disregards the fact that many people do not see the need to wear a mask, which is useless, for a disease that has caused 9 deaths, 9, in our county since March. That is in NINE months. I’m not dismissing those deaths, they are sad. But how many people died of heart attacks, cancer, or other ailments during that time because they couldn’t see their doctors? How many business owners became clinically depressed during that time as they watched a lifetime of work go down the drain. How many people lost their jobs? How many children now suffer from anxiety because of the alarmist attitude of the health officials. How many elderly died alone and depressed in nursing homes because no one could come see them? But I guess we should dismiss all that as well as our concerns for the harm masks can do, physically and mentally.

Meanwhile, Ms Wadley keeps her job, gets her check, and lives her life. Shame on her for being so flip about my rights and the rights of others. It’s these rights that keep many people alive, Fredia. But, how dare we question her superiority and authority.

Also, she seems so sure that all of us can work out in a mask. Maybe she is unaware that this can be dangerous and I have studies that show it is. I’m not going to keel over because Freida is having a temper tantrum and wants us to get in line.

Guess what Fredia, I’m going to have the holidays with my family no matter how many of them are there. and I’m not quarantining when I get home. And I am not working out in a mask or wearing a mask at all. I’m not living my life in fear of a virus that has a 99.8 % survival rate. And I’m not living my life in fear of a public official who suddenly feels large and in charge.

So stop the bullshit.

Oh, and when are you going to tell us how many of those positive tests were in error? I can tell you about many friends who tested positive and found out later that was a mistake. How many of those deaths were because of underlying health issues? Stop lying Fraudia.

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