What is True Integrity? And What is Not?

It seems like forever ago when the Houston Astros cheating scandal was exposed. If you are not familiar with it, it had to do with the Astros stealing catchers’ signs electronically and then relaying them to their batters via making certain noises in the dugout so they could know what was coming and hit it. It worked well, as the Astros won the World Series that year. After the MLB investigated it and banned some scape goat managers and staff, it was considered handled. And the World Series title stayed.

It amazed me after it was exposed that there were actually people, mostly Astros fans, who would shrug their shoulders and say it was no big deal. The Astros won the World Series and that was all that mattered. They tried to say they would have won anyway, or that not all the players used the cheat, or that “everyone steals signs, so let it go.”

There were some fans who didn’t accept it. In fact, the cheating was exposed by a lifetime Astros fan who fell into the facts and went on to investigate them. I remember an interview with him on a recent podcast called ” The Edge.” He said that it hurt him deeply to expose this scandal, but that he felt he had to in the name of fairness and integrity. Needless to say, he suffered at the hands of some Astros fans who called him names and even threatened him. It was a truly brave thing to.

So, let’s talk about the election of 2020. Cheating has been exposed. Votes were changed from Trump to Biden. Trump ballots were thrown away, counted incorrectly, or just thrown away by biased and criminal election officials. The election is in doubt, regardless of what the biased media says.

Trump is suing and is taking these instances to court. As in the election of 2000, in which Gore was initially called the winner, the Supreme Court will probably decide the issue. Sadly, this decision may be influenced by money, threats, etc.

But, what gets me most is that the Democrat party, and more particularly Biden supporters, seem fine if this gets swept under the rug. They preach at us about ” unity” and moving on. They are in a huge hurry to get this over with, even though in 2000, they were willing to wait 37 days. They tell Trump supporters to “shut up about it.”

You would think that the Democrat party, the party that always tells us we are the bad ones, the dishonest ones, the fascists and that they maintain a higher moral ground than everyone else, would want this all sorted out in a fair and objective way.

But as we have seen over the past four years, they have no interest in fairness, objectivity, unity, morality, and truth. They, like the unapologetic Astros fans, are willing to turn their heads the other way because they think they got the win. They are even threatening those who are exposing this or suggesting it be investigated with censorship and even physical harm. Social media platforms want to scrub all reference to the fraud and do so by removing posts.

(By the way, as a side note, watch Zuckerberg’s responses to Sen. Hawley’s questions the other day about social media collusion. As a teacher, I could tell when a student was lying about something he did. His eyes would get really big and wide open while he talked. That’s what Zuckerberg did during this testimony. Its hysterical to watch.)

The bottom line with these Biden supporters is that their guy “won.” And if that means we never have an election that is accurate, fair, and trusted by the citizens, that’s fine with them. And it is going to happen.

I won’t be “unified” with people like that.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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