Things I am SICK of…

This is a full on rant of all the crap bothering me right now. I think they might be bothering you too. I’ll try to steer away from the most repeated topics if I can.

Stupid People – I know some people are stupid but some of the folks I run across are high on the stupidity scale, above trees and rocks. If all you can understand is what they news media tells you and you are TOO lazy to go find out for yourself, I got nothing for you.

Bad Covid based commercials- I promise that I absolutely will not purchase ANYTHING from any company that uses Covid in it’s ads. This includes showing people in masks, telling me this is a different year, bragging about doing business differently, or telling me that we will all get through this together. I could go on. We get it. You want to capitalize on Covid and show us how caring you are, but it’s not working.

And, along with that, if I see another social media ad for a pretty mask, cool mask, mask with extra features, plastic shield, etc. I am going to throw my phone in a puddle. I actually tell the social media that I don’t want to see these ads because they are irrelevant. Besides, I have been wearing the same three gaiters for nine months, I’m not buying your deluxe model, even if it has a point on it for my nose. My nose does just fine in my gaiter, thank you.

County Heath Wonks – THEY ARE IDIOTS and are drunk on their new power. These were the kids in school who no one paid attention to and NOW IS THEIR CHANCE for revenge. So, they issue their ridiculous edicts about wearing masks, distancing, etc., all things that are not needed nor effective. Listen, I know your lunch table was lonely but don’t punish us now.

People who don’t know their Constitutional Rights – No, idiots, there is NO WHERE in the Constitution that gives Governors, Presidents, etc. the right to close my business, tell me what to wear, tell me to stay home, tell me who I can hang out with, tell me I can’t go to church, etc. So, please, get a copy and try to read it. Of course, if you are one of the stupid people, that might not work so well.

Biden supporters who want UNITY- I’ve written about this before, but you hated me for four years and told me so, so don’t act all sweet and inclusive now. I assure you, I won’t be cooperative. And, by the way, your guy hasn’t exactly won yet. Oh, and don’t tell me that I called you a “snowflake” and that was hurtful. I think the vile names you called me give me the edge on judging the severity of your hate meter.

Saying you are ” woke.” – No, that’s not how you use that word. So stop it. Now. The word as you use it doesn’t exist.

Governors who give out edicts based on false or manipulated data and then yell because people question them. Face it, assholes, you work for us. So stop lying and understand that we will not comply.

Mask wearing dorks who look at you like you have three heads when you are not wearing a mask.

Rules that are so stupid they defy any logic or common sense. Do you really think that a virus is more contagious after 10 p.m.? That taking your mask on and off while eating makes things better? That department stores are safer than restaurants and gyms?

People who ignore the facts that show the rampant election fraud because THEIR SIDE WON. Or so they think. Worse is that they expect those of us who want this investigated to “let it go.” Nope.

People who call those of us who are skeptics ” conspiracy theorists.” I’m not one who believes in conspiracy theories, I believe in conspiracy facts.

Dr. Fauci…enough said.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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