The Tyrannical Reign of the New Religion: Progessivism

I have read many books about the 15th and 16th century in Great Britain. As a result, I have learned so many reasons why our Founders wrote the Constitution and set up our country the way they did.

For those who have not studied this time period and others before and after that involved the reigns of kings, the quick and dirty is that, during these times if a citizen said something the King didn’t like or the Church didn’t like, they could be arrested, tortured and killed. It didn’t matter what was said, it just mattered that the King and/or the church didn’t like it.

It seems we are returning to those restrictions. Even though we don’t have a “king” per se, we have a de facto royal class and that royal class, while claiming to be in favor of the separation of church and state, have their own religion, progressivism.

It seems weird, because these are the people with the “co-exist” bumper stickers, the “unity” signs, the pink vagina hats, the black lives matter signs, the anti-police shirts, and the anti-religion tirades and on and on. They exist on Facebook and Twitter examining every post, every picture that contains anything they disapprove of and immediately demanding it be removed and the poster banned.

But that is how religious zealots act, and these people are that. They believe in a religion where their viewpoints are the dogma and anyone who doesn’t agree with their dogma is an infidel that needs to be silenced and punished.

You say, ” All Lives Matter?” You are an infidel. Say that there are two biological sexes? Infidel. Dispute Covid data and measures? Denier and infidel. You have violated the doctrine of the religion of Progressivism.

They claim they want to ” listen to the science” but they don’t accept the scientific conclusions of any scientist who doesn’t conform to their beliefs. Just act the doctors who have published comments against Covid lockdowns and mask mandates.

It reminds me of the battle that Galileo had against the church in 1633. Galileo wrote that the sun, not the earth, was the center of the universe based on his work and the work of Copernicus. The church tried Galileo for the crime of heresy. He was found guilty, even though he tried to recant some of his writing. Luckily, he wasn’t killed, but his life was ruined. Of course, we know now that he was correct.

Nowadays, the courts are in social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. Posts that don’t go along with the religion of Progressivism are ” fact checked,” blocked, and banned. Recently, I had two posts which were “hidden” or had a clarification “pop up “because Facebook didn’t like them. One was hidden because fact checkers found it was false. They posted the information that they said was correct. Funny thing is, the “true” post wasn’t even on the topic I had originally posted about. The second one was a picture of the President and the First Lady holding a remembrance for Pearl Harbor Day. For some reason, Facebook found it crucial to enable a “pop up” about the “probable results of the national election.” What? Do they know that Trump is President, regardless of the election results, until the end of his term? Again, the religion of Progressivism had to insert it’s dogma and “gospel according the Zuckerberg.”

And if being a victim of the “inquisition” from social media isn’t enough, Hollywood celebrities, pro athletes, the news media, politicians, and every entertainment franchise available will pile on with their “religious” diatribes. Say something not in line and Alyssa Milano, inconsequential B level actress, will Tweet something about it. Better yet, Kathy Griffin will pretend to cut your head off.

Meanwhile, traditional religions are oppressed with public derision and actual government restrictions. Even the greeting ” Merry Christmas” is said to be hateful. When President Trump referenced people being able to say ” Merry Christmas” again, the Michigan AG, Dana Nessel, whose child must be made out of isinglass, immediately tweeted that her child was devastated a few years ago when a store employee had said ” Merry Christmas” to them. He asked if they were ” the only Americans who didn’t celebrate Christmas.” She answered, “no and we are just as American as everyone else. ” She then threw in the side note that Joe Biden understands that. ( Although honestly, Dana, Joe has trouble remembering who his wife is, so….) This is an officer of the court, a person who should be reasonable. But, to use a phrase, “zealots gonna zealot.”

The Governors of California and other states prohibit citizens from going to church while allowing them to protest about “social justice.” Clear message? “Church” not an acceptable form of religion, “social justice” IS religion.

While I will admit that my church, the Catholic Church, certainly was oppressive throughout history, I think even the most power hungry Pope of those times would be impressed by the sheer coverage of this new Progressive Religion. After all, they have even been able to lure the current Pope into their holy platitudes and their constant criticism of the freedoms of our country.

The final conclusion? We have to admit that any religion can be twisted and distorted into a tyrannical cult. Think about Jim Jones and David Koresh. Look at Muslim extremists. But this religion of Progressivism seems to have outdone all the rest. And they will punish severely anyone who doesn’t drink their Kool Aid.

And that is terrifying. Because once they control medical care, schools, food supply, transportation and the economy in their Socialist utopia, heretics and non-believers will be either re-educated or eliminated. And if Biden is somehow declared the winner, the zealots will be in charge. again.

Full circle. Sixteenth Century oppression in the 21st century.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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