Where are All the “Normal” People? Do They Know What is Going On?

Have you met that person at the store or the gym who, when you talk to them, says they have ” no idea” about what is going on because they aren’t interested in politics?

I have. And every time I do I give them this look that is a cross between shock, horror and disbelief.

How can you live in this time and not know what is happening? Imagine living in 1941 and not knowing about Pearl Harbor. Or in 2001 and not knowing about 9-11.

It’s not possible.

When I question them further, they tell me they don’t watch the news. Or that they are so busy at work that they don’t have time to pay attention.

Really? They never watch television? They never get on social media? They never read a newspaper for God’s sake?

It’s not possible and it’s not true. They know what is going on. They have to.

And that is what makes it worse. They know what is going on yet they want to hide away from it and act as if it isn’t happening. Maybe they hope that if they ignore it, it will all go away. After all, it’s just an election. It’s just a shutdown of the economy.

I’ve got news for them. It won’t go away. Ask the citizens of Venezuela or the business owners in their community who are closing their doors. But, it’s not affecting the people with their heads in the sand.

But it will. And when it does, they will come to us and shout the unfairness of it all and how something has to be done.

But then it will be too late.

When they do come to me complaining, I’m going to look at them and say, “I’m sorry but I don’t watch the news and I’m too busy to care about what is going on with you.” And then I am going to say, as I walk away, “We asked you to notice, but you were too big of a coward to do what was right, and too big a coward to avoid doing what you knew was wrong .” ( adapted from GREAT EXPECTATIONS from Charles Dickens.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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