No One Said it Would Be Easy…and it Shouldn’t Be

After a roller coaster week of good news and bad news, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the 21 state suit against PA, Mich, etc. wasn’t going forward. The strange reason was, in a paraphrase, ” We are prejudging that we aren’t going to rule in your favor without seeing one shred of evidence because we don’t think this is something you can sue about so we aren’t even going to give you a shot.” So, in other words, “We have already decided the case without evidence.” Hmmmm. Interesting. And disturbing.

Who knew that the Supreme Court, even with two Trump nominees who we fought so hard for, were cowards. Well, except for Thomas and Alito who stated that the SCOTUS is obligated to take up any case that involves the court’s “original jurisdiction.” They also said that this was a rule on technicality, not merit. Well, there you go. Damn you Rudy, you didn’t dot all the “i’s” and cross all the “t’s.” Or maybe you misspelled someone’s name.

First, let me say that we knew it wouldn’t be easy. And, it shouldn’t be. Overturning the results of an election should be hard work with tons of evidence and testimony. Otherwise, any time someone wasn’t happy with the results, they would just overturn them.

Problem is there is a TON of evidence, from the obvious conflicts of interest of software company ownership, flagrant violation of election laws, interference and changing of vote tallies, unverifiable votes and on and on and on.

But, what about now? Where do we go from here? The President is not done and various sources such as his lawyers and others keep saying that they have other avenues to fight with. The technical issue with the suit sponsored by Texas may be fixed or there may be subsequent suits from within states. There are issues with foreign interference and criminal charges could be filed which might invalidate results. References are even made that involve martial law.

We have to exhaust every avenue. If we don’t we will end up with an administration so far left, so tied to China, and so totalitarian that we will never again have a fair election. The damage done may be beyond repair.

I’m in for the long run. As the Trump attorneys say, the deadline is really in January. And we need to keep fighting this at least that long.

It won’t be easy. But neither was the Revolution, or the Civil War, or World War I and II. And yet, we won at the end.

And I believe we will win this fight too.

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