Why They Want to Kill the Middle Class and Our Rights as Citizens

Does anyone else feel like they have entered an entirely new universe and reality? One where right is wrong, good is bad, cheating is acceptable, and turning on your neighbors is heroic. One where speaking out for freedom is considered selfish, but speaking out to restrict freedom is lauded.

It’s a world where our Government officials officially turn a blind eye to election fraud, human trafficking, lying, stealing, and even murder. At the same time, police are demonized. Our courts, those who are supposed to protect our rights, seem intent on establishing their own rules.

With each passing day, the regular American citizen feels like he/she is more powerless and isn’t even being considered at all in decision making.

But it’s not all Americans. The rich elite, the ruling class, are fine. They have the protections of wealth and connections. They can hide in their rich homes, secluded from the real world.

And the poor are protected also. They live under the blanket protection of victimhood. Every benefit is given to them that they need as legislatures vote to give them more and more “free stuff” every day. Yes, I know there are those in dire need. Most of them are homeless vets and the mentally ill who are out on the streets. But, they are an afterthought as politicians court the entitled class.

And then there is the middle class. This is where the “rubber meets the road.” The middle class, those who work for everything they have, who don’t get free health care, food, phones, etc. are the ones who are never considered in this whole mess. We are told to keep working, paying our bills, and paying our taxes, but then they shut down our businesses and take away our jobs without a blink of an eye.

They promise us financial help from special programs, but then that is given to rich corporations and the businesses of the relatives of politicians, leaving us to figure out how we will survive. And when we protest, the Governors stand up in front of crowds and tell us to sit down, shut up, and wear the damn mask.

One would think that since the middle class is the biggest group of citizens in the U. S. that they would want us to be able to live and support ourselves with our jobs and small businesses. You would think they would want us to keep this economy going. But they don’t…


Because it’s not about the economy, stupid. It’s about control. Government officials know they walk hand in hand with the rich. They are their buddies, their benefactors, their campaign donations. It’s the old ” you scratch our back and we will scratch yours” syndrome. So, control is not the issue.

And the poor are in their control already. Since those on welfare and public assistance depend on the government for everything, politicians can control them with promises of more free stuff or threats of cutting off the freebie train.

But the middle class still maintains a shred of independence. They work and earn their own way. They know their rights. They are more liable to want to control their own lives rather than allowing government to do it. And that is a problem.

Every tyrannical government has one first step that must be completed before they gain complete power. And that is the elimination of the middle class by making them dependent on government.

You might think I am crazy, but consider this. During the whole Covid debacle, big corporations, big stores are left open while small businesses are shut down. Government workers and officials keep their pay while middle class workers are kept home without a paycheck.

The middle class gets squeezed onto unemployment and government health care and with the thought that they will eventually owe their living to their benevolent dictators. Remember, Obama told millions of hard working people, “ you didn’t build that.” His message was clear,‘it’s not yours, you achieved nothing, and we own you.”

I think they have forgotten one thing. The middle class citizens are not their serfs. And, without us being willing to work and produce, they have nothing. I also hope they remember that there are millions of us who fought hard for what we have, and we won’t relinquish it easily.

And I hope that we remember it also. Because now is the time when a clear message needs to be sent. And that message is, “ We will fight for what we and our forefathers have built. You can’t stop us. But we can stop you.”

As I heard the other day, “ Giants will fall.”

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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