12 Days of Socialismaskahzaa: Themes from the Democrats

A new theme every day, based on the blue signs of Biden supporters and what those themes mean in reality.


You may remember that shortly after the rush to incorrectly and prematurely proclaim Biden as the winner of the Presidential election, a slew of calls for Unity were made by Biden supporters.

In our county, these signs were created by an “artist” who lives a short distance from me. They are all the same design, blue background and spray painted words. I have included pictures.

As the weeks went by, more signs with more themes have appeared, almost as if the Biden supporters are really trying to convince us that they are inclusive and want to give us hugs and kisses, especially since this season.

So, I have devised the 12 days of the season, as evidenced by the signs and the words and actions of Biden supporters and Democrats in general over the past five years.

Today is UNITY. And here is what it means to Democrats in some quotes:

  • Michelle Obama tweeted: “Let’s remember that tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos and division.” Wow. I wonder who she means?
  • Democrat donor Ben Meisalas said, “If you hire anyone who remained with the Trump admin, be on notice you will be held accountable by MeidasTouch and we will assure you are exposed.” ( Naked Public floggings in the square perhaps?)
  • Nancy Pelosi, who doesn’t ” hate anyone,” referred to Trump supporters and Republicans as ” enemies of the state.”
  • Joe Biden, when he found his way out of the basement, referred to Trump as ” Goebbels,” told blacks they weren’t black if they didn’t vote for him, and called Trump Supporters “clowns and chumps.” He has often threatened violence on those who question him. ( Sort of like what he did to the famous gang icon, Sugar Pop.)
  • And the pinnacle of unifying statements from Jen O’Malley shows the desire for unity from our inclusive, kind, Democrat comrades. I believe the quote was that GOP lawmakers were a bunch of “fuckers.” Yes, she said it just like that. It just screams “unity.”

So, on the first days of Socialismmaskahazza, we celebrate the “unity” that Biden supporters want. In other words, “Sit down, comply, shut up and prepare to be punished you fuckers.”

It will make a nice verse for a carol.

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