Socialismaskahazaa; Days 2 through 4

Sorry this has been delayed, but between Christmas and being banned from Facebook for three days for posting a video of a woman protesting wearing a mask, I’ve had a lot going on. The banning doesn’t end until tomorrow afternoon at which point I am going to tell Facebook to do something really unpleasant to themselves and leave it.

But, lets continue on the wonderful examples of the Democrats modeling the “virtues” they proclaim on their ugly blue signs.

Day Two: Compassion

Ah, compassion. It’s something Democrats ( and when I say Democrats I also mean Socialists since they are now the same) claim they have while they say we have none. So, let’s find some compassion from Democrats.

Let’s start with one of Hillary Clinton’s sweet little staffers, Zara Rahim. Her wonderful, compassionate Tweet went something like this after Trump tested positive for Covid, “It’s been against my moral identity to tweet this for the past four years, but I hope he dies.” Wow. Can you feel her compassion?

And who can forget that touching Tweet from the President of “Tech Freedom,” ( there’s a conundrum), Berin Szoka, ” Serious question; could there possibly be any greater poetic justice in the universe that for Trump to die of the CPACvirus?’

Remember so-called comedian Patton Oswald and his heartfelt tweet that not only Trump would die of Covid, but all this supporters would too? I don’t know about you, but I felt the love on that one.

And who can forget another comedian, who recently defied the Democrat’s own call for unity by tweeting, “Fuck that. I want blood.” His name is David Cross and I guess he didn’t get the compassion memo.

Compassion. Don’t leave home without it.

Day Three: Gratitude

Democrats are so full of gratitude for so many things. Some shining stars of gratitude are the major millionaires of the NBA and NFL. Let’s see, there’s Lebron James for one. With all his accolades, his millions, his fame, one would think he would be grateful for this country and what it has allowed him to become. But, nope, he’s not. He called NFL owners ” a bunch of old white men with a slave master” mentality. I didn’t realize slave owners paid slaves millions.

Then there’s immigrant Ilhan Omar, who one would think would be grateful that she has left her oppressive country to live in one where she could become a Congress person. She is so grateful for this country that she wants to repeal our Constitution and replace it with Shariah. And how about the Socialist millionaire Bernie Sanders? He hates our country so much, but boy, he loves those million dollar homes he bought while being in the Senate. So grateful.

Of course, there is also the “piece de resistance” by Michelle, Call me Michael, Obama, who was never proud and grateful of/for our country until her husband was elected President.

Gratitude, it’s a Dem thing.

Day Four: Dignity

Ahhh…dignity, that quality that we profess all the time, “the dignity of the individual,” “the dignity of life,” etc. Democrats and Socialists are famous for demanding that we, the mean old Conservatives, treat everyone with dignity.

There’s a couple of glaring problems with this. First, let’s talk about the dignity of the individual, the person, etc. In order for a person to have individual dignity, he/she must have the power and the right to exercise control over his/her life and how it is lived. We should be able to make our own choices, have responsibility for our choices, and make our own way in the world.

Democrats HATE that. Think about it. All this Covid nonsense is predicated on the premise that individuals have NO right to determine how they will deal with the so-called pandemic. Democrat, and some Republican, Governors take away that right by instituting mandates to lockdown, stay home, wear a mask, etc. By doing so, they admit that you, the individual, have zero say in how you will keep yourself and others safe. Instead, they act as though we are children who must be told what to do and punished when we don’t do it. Thus, they strip the dignity of the individual. And, to add to this, they enlist other individuals to aid in that stripping of rights by turning them into snitches and mask Nazis.

And, speaking of children, Democrats seem to think the dignity of life is also expendable if it is inconvenient. They advocate for abortion on demand, not only in the first months of life but right up to birth. Some even condone killing a full term baby after delivery. The dignity of life is forfeit to the whims of a careless generation who values ease and pleasure over life.

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