Worst Reality Show Ever

Remember the first reality show you ever saw? I do. It was Survivor and it was in 2000. I thought the premise was crazy. Who would watch people on an island fighting to stay there to win money?

Well, we know how well the franchise did. It did so well that now, twenty years later, it is still around.

I remember watching and thinking that either these people were blatantly stupid or gullible. I mean, how could they miss the obvious signs when people were going to betray them? How could they have someone lie right to their face and believe them?

At some point as I watched Survivor and other “reality” shows I began to realize that reality wasn’t necessary real and that it was being controlled and managed by show producers and directors in order to get the most controversy, the most drama, and to get a winner that they wanted. And it didn’t matter if that winner was good, evil, deserved it or didn’t. As long as the ratings were great and the show made money off of advertisers, all was well.

I wised up and began to pick the winners based on patterns and certain clues. If a person bragged he was in good shape, he was gone. It a person was evil and hated, he would stay around as long as they could keep him to keep viewers tuning in. Good people rarely won unless they turned against their nice person nature at the end.

So, not a surprise when I got the idea that maybe we, American citizens, are being subjected to the most obnoxious reality show ever., “America, 2020.”

Think about it. When this reality show began in 2016, the premise was who would outlast who in the Presidential election. It was between two flawed characters, a treacherous female tyrant and a mouthy New York millionaire.

The mouthy guy won.

People think he wasn’t supposed to win, but I wonder. What if the “producers ” of this reality show WANTED him to win? What if they knew that four years with him would be a ratings gold mine filled with controversy, false impeachment proceedings, and drama, drama, drama.

Didn’t you think it funny that Hillary never contested the 2016 election? I did. I was sure she would. But, what if she was told to ” stand down”? What if her personal glory was sacrificed to the bigger goal of each party, to raise money hand over fist as they fought with each other.

Far fetched, yeah I know. But, bear with me. Leaving the 2016 election, have you ever seen a cast of characters like this? One day they are good, one day they are bad. Loyal supporters become two faced traitors. Just when you think a person has told the truth, you find out he or she lied. Plot after plot is exposed and the population gets more and more divided and emotional. First Russia is the enemy, then China, and now both as well as Covid 19. Information is called misinformation. Media outlets are willing to lose millions of viewers as they violate their customer base.

And through it all, fundraising is at an all time high for both parties. Everyone waits with baited breath for who will outlast the other in this flawed election. This time the candidate didn’t stand down and the media rushed to name a ” winner” over obvious instances of fraud. Ratings are high as we move toward the conclusion of the season. Each day brings a new theory from an ” insider,” a new avenue, a new traitor, a new supporter and on and on.

Sadly, those stuck in the middle, the people of America, are paying the ultimate price with our jobs, our businesses, and our freedom.

In short, we are being played.

Don’t get me wrong. I know this is all too real. What happens with this will determine our future as a republic. For many of us and our children, the future hangs in the balance. I wouldn’t be marching in D.C. next week if I didn’t believe that.

Does this mean I think Donald Trump is part of the reality show? Is he playing us as well? To be honest, I’m not one hundred percent sure. I want to believe that he truly has our best interest at heart. I do. And I am one hundred percent sure Joe Biden and his merry band of Socialists don’t.

But, he has a reality show background and resume. He knows how to play the ratings.

When it’s all over, I can only hope for one thing. I can only hope that God, the man in charge, will send us to the right ending.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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