Trump, The Canary in the Coal Mine

If anyone is not aware, I was supposed to go to D.C. yesterday for the Maga March. I wasn’t able to go for health reasons ( I am recovering from a NON Covid cold). In some ways I guess I was fortunate to miss out on all the chaos but I also feel I missed out on what will turn out to be a historic event.

So many things became evident yesterday. First, it’s clear that millions of people believe in the President and support him. No other politician can attract that kind of response in such a short amount of time. Some people see that as negative, but the people I saw there were good, patriotic, Americans. Why do they love him? Because he is an outsider like they are. He has taken on the Leviathan of the parties and the deep state and tried to expose them all. He is not a bought man.

It’s also clear that millions of people have had enough of Congress, of Democrats AND Republicans, of big corporations, and the farce of the mainstream media. Too many times, Congress has turned and given Americans the big ” FU” without consequences. You cannot turn a deaf ear to people forever and not expect an impactful response. You cannot keep calling people nasty names or blaming them for everything wrong that has ever happened in this country without them biting back. ( Future candidates and some Governors might want to heed the warning they got yesterday and stop thinking about serving their foreign masters and work for the people instead.)

As I say in the title, Trump is the canary in the coal mine. Coal miners used to send canaries in cages into the coal mines before going in to check for poisonous gas. If the canary lived, no poison. If it died, poison.

In Trump’s case, he traveled into the mine himself. I think he knew when he was elected that there was poison in the system, but I don’t think he knew how bad it was. Now he has traveled deep into the politics of our country and discovered that it is filled with so much poison that it could kill our country and our freedom.

Think about it. Before he was elected, did you ever think these things would ever happen?

  1. Congress would attempt to impeach a newly elected President without any reason or evidence and would use a compromised DOJ and special prosecutor to do it.
  2. The FBI would pervert the law to remove a President.
  3. The Republicans in both houses would be blatant traitors.
  4. Democrats would show themselves to be the dishonest thieves, murderers and criminals they are.
  5. Socialism and Communism would be promoted by our leaders.
  6. Actual violence by some groups would be tolerated and lauded while actual peaceful protest by others would be derided.
  7. Racism would be used against some groups and would be a method used to divide our country and advocating for all races would be banned.
  8. A virus with a 99.8% recovery rate would slow a robust economy and drive millions out of business and jobs as it is used to promote political agendas and that millions would go along with it.
  9. Mainstream news media would become one party propaganda.
  10. Freedom of speech and religion would be threatened.
  11. An election would be blatantly stolen

There is so much more. Without Trump, none of this is exposed. Imagine if Hillary had been elected? Imagine if it had been any other Republican but Trump? All you have to do is look at Republicans in office now. They fold at every opportunity.

Yes, Trump is a rude, obnoxious jerk. Yes, he is impetuous and arrogant. He is flawed. But maybe that is what it took to walk into the poisonous mine and let it be exposed. In a way, it was a self sacrifice for his country. He had to know that they would fight him. But, I don’t think he knew they would go to the extent they have.

I hope he declassifies everything on his way out. I hope he exposes more of the poison. I hope that there are political figures whose real faces are shown to us. And I hope we never forget what he has done for this country.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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