“You Didn’t Build That.” The Quote from Obama That Should Have Been a Warning

When he was President, Obama made a speech in which he referenced businesses and the people who own them. In his speech, he talked about how business owners recounted how hard it was to create and own a business.

I guess he found their claims of hard work and ownership and the risk of owning a business offensive, because his answer to that was, ” You didn’t build that.” His claim was that an individual who created a business had so much “help” from the government that they really shouldn’t claim it as theirs. in his mind, it seems that Obama felt that businesses owed so much to government that they should not claim to be independent.

While some Conservative talk show hosts referenced that quote, many people just shrugged it off as more of a symbolic statement that didn’t really reference any action a Democrat/Socialist government might take against American businessmen.

We should have paid more attention, particularly in light of recent government actions prompted by Covid.

As Governor after Governor effectively shuts down and, in some cases, destroys small businesses, it is clear that they see small businessmen as serfs to the big government overlords. Serfs were able to exist only because of the good graces of the landowner who controlled the land the serfs lived and farmed on. Piss off the aristocratic lord and you and your family were shut down and often banished, if not killed. Your land could be given to someone else, someone who could pay more bribes or keep the lords more comfortable. After all, serf, you didn’t build that.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it. Governors have put themselves in the role of Lords who can decided mandates at the snap of a finger. They can decide which businesses survive and which ones don’t. And common sense doesn’t have to prevail, because the Governor Overlords have been ” blessed” with the ability to be smarter and better than the people, even when they aren’t.

You see, Socialists don’t believe in private ownership, of business, of land, of property, of even your body. Your children? Not yours. Socialists see them as wards of the state, and you don’t have any say about how they are raised. Just ask D. C. Government, who now allows kids to be vaccinated against Covid without parental permission or knowledge.

In a Socialist world, there is no privacy, no rights to personal property. It’s all just a great big pie that belongs to everyone. The good news for the Socialist overlords and their corporate cronies and benefactors is that they get the biggest slice of that pie. Next in line are the preferred classes which can change from generation to generation. If you can find your way into a “vicitm” group, you are golden and will get a slightly larger piece of pie in the name of “social justice.”

The rest of us, the workers, the drones, the ethnically “privileged,” can just sit ourselves down with our tiny sliver of pie. What, you worked and sacrificed for it? Too bad.

Because, according to Socialists, you didn’t “build that.”

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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