And Now We Know…

I remember the first time I saw one of those stupid blue “unity” signs in my area. They were created by someone in my town who fancies himself as an artist. He is also a huge Biden supporter and a man who hates Donald Trump. He also is not crazy about any of his supporters.

I remember that the whole thing didn’t strike me right. Why unity? Why not freedom, or mutual respect or any other slogan? Unity after five years of Democrats ripping this country apart seemed disingenuous.

Then I realized why they wanted ” unity” and how they defined it. Unity, to the Democrats, is do what they want, all the time, without question.

And this week, it became even more clear.

I’m not going to rehash the whole ” storm the Capital” event and the protest, or even the actions of the traitors and turncoats of the Senate and Congress. We all know what happened and how it was portrayed.

But I will discuss what happened after; an event more chilling and frightening than anything that happened on Wednesday.

On Friday, Social media giants such as Twitter, Google and Facebook, and tech giant Apple, started removing post and accounts of President Trump and his staff as well as any public figures who supported them and deplatforming Social Media apps that don’t do the same.

In moves that rival any censorship in the Peoples Republic of China, these organizations shut down the free speech of our country’s top official and his staff. They blatantly cut off speakers and writers from sharing ideas and thoughts that didn’t toe the party line.

Even commerce sights like Shopify and E-bay closed the stores of anyone selling Trump apparel and merchandise. The publisher Simon and Schuster cancelled the book deal of Congressman Josh Hawley because he followed the Constitution to question the fraudulent results of the election. This was after his family was terrorized by terrorists who wanted to shut him down.

If these tactics sound outlandish, remember that throughout history the main way of shutting down dissension and revolution was to jail or kill anyone who published ideas that went against the Kings or dictators. Even the Catholic Church punished new religious ideas in the same way.

The Nazis and Communists have this repression down to an art. Not only do they shut down anyone with ideas contrary to the government, they also shut down anyone who might want to find those ideas. And, in an accompanying move, they produce huge propaganda campaigns to demean, demonize and destroy those people who promoted those ideas.

Sound familiar? It should because this is what the Democrats and their Social and Mainstream media partners are doing. Add the help of deep state operatives and you have a perfectly replicated model that Mao would admire. In China, events were created to make certain segments of the population look bad so the people would turn against them. Hmmmm…could that be the staging of a fake assault on the Capital?

And, so back to unity. Those blue signs say exactly what these useful idiots want. They want total unity of thought, action, beliefs, words, ideas, etc. and they don’t want anyone to be allowed to”violate” that unity in any way, on any platform. They want dissenters punished and, as one ABC producer recently tweeted, ” cleansed” from our country. Yes, he used that word. It wasn’t by mistake.

So now we know. We know what they want. We know what we are up against. We know who they are. And once they enact their “unity” on 74 million citizens, we know there will be others they will turn on. I know it sounds bad, but I kind of hope that next time it’s the sign painter down the road and his fellow Progressives. It would be karmic.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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