Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…

Every morning when I run i listen to Podcasts, think, and even pray.

There is so much going on right now. Some of it is real, some of it isn’t. Some of it seems like it shouldn’t be real but it is! If you want to you can really go down the famous “rabbit hole.” But, there are so many things that make you shake your head.

Can you say overkill?I’m no military genius but it is kind of weird to me that we would have over 30,000 National Guard in D.C. There are 50 Strykers, an armored combat vehicle armed with grenade launchers and machine guns. There are air combat units and drone units. I’m thinking that this is how you would prepare if you were being invaded by a huge force, like say, China, not rioters. Is it normal to want a ratio of 1000 soldiers per protester? Were these deployed when our cities were burning down with the BLM riots? Don’t think so. We have more troops on the ground in D. C. than we currently do in Afghanistan. It’s not like there are going to be thousands of people at the Fauxnaguration. And don’t all of them love good old Joe and Kamala? In fact, isn’t most of the ceremony virtual? WTF. Either we have lost our collective minds or someone is planning something YUGE.

Did you say “ALL VOICES MATTER?” No? I didn’t think so. All of the Black Lives Matter crowd, General Leftists, etc. really get upset when you question censorship of Conservatives because of ‘Incitement to violence” in light of the riots from the past few years. I mean, no one silenced or even questioned the people participating in those. In fact, they will give you that puffed up, holier than thou look and tell you, ” Riots and violence are what happen when people are not HEARD.” That statement, usually stated by a pasty white liberal sipping his soy latte. is supposed to shut you up.

They are so blinded by their white guilt and need to be relevant, that they can’t even see the irony they create when they say that. And don’t even mention the statements made by Pelosi, Waters, Presley, Harris, etc. that promoted rioting and destruction. You hear people saying hateful things about white people and it’s all good.

You see, all voices don’t matter. The only voices that matter are those that they deem appropriate. That’s why Jack ” I look like Charles Manson” Dorsey feels he can just close people’s Twitter accounts, even the President. Same with the space alien Zuckerburg and his pal Jeff Bezos. Apple, forgetting that they branded their products on allowing people freedom, have also decided that only speech they approve of can be shared. Steve Jobs must be turning over in his grave.

And all of a sudden, Covid wasn’t so bad. Remember when Governor ” Don Corleone” Cuomo was so upset about Covid that he virtually closed New York completely down? Or when Lori ” Not So Bright” Lightfoot, did the same in Chicago? Well, now somehow they have both had a conversion as major as Paul on the road to Damascus. It’s amazing. They now have said that closing businesses was the absolute wrong thing to do and they are going to open things up. I have one thing to say. Great timing. It’s a miracle. Right?

Reset Anyone? I like to research news that I hear. I like to find out what is true and not, exaggerated and understated, threatening and benign. For awhile, we have been hearing about the Great Reset. Just so you know, it is a real thing. It’s the brain child of a man named Klaus Schwab and, here’s a name you will remember, good old big eared Prince Charles. You know, the Prince of Wales, son of Queen Elizabeth, and on and on. Klaus heads up the World Economic Forum.

A reset can’t be that bad, can it? You be the judge. The Great Reset is based on the premise that the world is a huge mess and most of the problems of the world are caused by people who want to be able to eat, travel, live, and have property. So, all of us. If you read the World Economic Forum description, it talks about “stakeholders” and how we can help them through this great “opportunity” to ” shape the recovery” ( supposedly from Covid but, honestly, it’s been around a lot longer than Covid. ) The proponents of this initiative are ” advising” ( dictating) member “states” ( notice, not countries) on what their priorities should be, how they should manage businesses in their “states” and how to manage the “global commons.” ( That kind of makes it sound like a college campus, doesn’t it? )

Actually, if you take any of those buzz words, you could probably write a college essay entitled, ” How to Make the World a Nice Place.” That, or a Coca Cola commercial.

So basically, they want to tell everyone what to do while letting large corporations partner with government to run everything. A speaker I heard today called it ” Communist Capitalism.” Some of the more “exciting” ideas are limited travel for humans and all of that travel “tracked,” universal monetary policies and units, removing individual travel options like cars, universal health care provided by “states” and on and on. Like those “tiny homes” you see on T.V.? Everyone needs to live in one of those. Want to have your own small business? Forget it.

And isn’t that weird that during this Covid scam, we can’t travel, we are told we need to be traced, we need to all take a vaccine, and only big businesses can be open. Almost seems like a big old masked up rehearsal, doesn’t it? Nawww, couldn’t be.

And, guess whose “Build Back Better” slogan gets its stamp of approval from this group of world managers? I know you can figure it out.

No thanks.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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