Condescension from So Called Leftist Christians

I have one and a half days before I make my exodus from Facebook forever.

In the meantime I am posting and commenting like a fiend. Making up for my seven day suspension and trying to go out with a splash.

In my last couple of days of browsing posts, I am finding an interesting phenomenon. The Leftist Socialist Christians.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are Christians who vote Democrat. Usually, you don’t know who they are because they keep their faith hidden.

I know why they do this. How can you be openly Christian in a party that boo-ed God at their convention, that supports abortion at almost every stage of a pregnancy, and that mocks Christians at every opportunity?

It must be like the teenager who is a geek but wants to be popular, so he makes fun of geeks at every opportunity. After all, he wants to be at the popular kids’ lunch table.

I found these folks at several different spots on Facebook. One was at the ad for the “People’s Inauguration.” When I saw that ad I knew immediately it was going to be a touchy feely event where Leftists could hang out and show their imagined intellectual superiority to the rest of us by proclaiming that they wanted unity but we stupid Conservatives were just too hateful to play along. And then they would watch Joe sniff the Chief Justice’s hair with glee.

I should have scrolled past, but it was just too good to pass it by. I had to poke the snowflakes.

So, I posted the following,” I’m sorry but I won’t participate in the “fauxnauguration” of a man who stole an election through fraud. A man who I say is not the President elect. I cannot support a man who has betrayed this country for his entire career.”

Usually, if you venture onto a Left Socialist site and say something like that, the arrogant Soy Boys and Ivory Tower Elitists will respond with something like, “F**k you, asshole.” Or they will spew their party lines quickly and with complete automatic recall and conclude it all with “Orange Man Bad.”

But because the Christians on this site are somehow trying to show how much they really love us mouth breathing, knuckle dragging Trumpsters, they did something different.

One of them offered the thought that she hoped I would let go of my hatred and seek personal growth toward the healing of our country through hope, peace, and unity. ( There’s that word again.) And then she quoted some scripture.

Another one lamented the negative vibes I was giving off and hoped that I would evolve and change my aura. ( Yes, really). And then she quoted something from the Bible.

The interpretation of all that was really, ” You dumbass why don’t you just sit down, shut up, and be happy we let stupid unevolved cretins like you live.”

But, they have to project a different tone.

However, I have questions. If these folks are indeed Christians, why do they continue their hatred of Trump? Haven’t they evolved yet? Shouldn’t they put out better vibes towards him? Hope for the best for him?

Shouldn’t they denounce abortion? Shouldn’t they want possible election fraud investigated because “thou shall not steal”? Isn’t Socialism against their religious beliefs? There are so many more. But asking these questions won’t do any good, because they will just reiterate that I haven’t evolved past my hatred and I just need to have personal growth. Then they will send me blessings, sing virtual kumbaya and skip off to Joe’s basement party.

Personally, I’d rather deal with the nasty talking assholes. At least I don’t need to read between the lines with them. I know exactly where they stand.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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