Day 2 of 1,460

First of all, try to get the horrible picture of that old coot and his wife in the White House, OUR house out of your head. I know, disgusting.

Activity One: The first thing you need to do is a local action. Research local elections in your area all the way from town, county, state, etc. Find out which positions are up for election, when, and possible candidates. For example, I know that our Town Commissioners have a position up for election next summer. I also know our Governor’s race is coming up on November 8, 2022. It seems like a long ways off, but I already know of one candidate. I need to start looking into that candidate and researching him. It seems the earlier you read about a candidate the more honesty you might get about their positions on key issues.

Don’t forget local issues as well. For example, a big issue in our area is the removing of a monument for local men who fought and died in the Civil War. They fought for the South. The monument is currently on our court house lawn, but people are trying to get it moved. You know, cancel history. This is something I might want to get involved in.

If you are still a Republican after this mess, contact the Republican Party in your area and get involved. If you are not, look into other parties, Independent, Libertarian, etc.

Action 2- You are not going to like this one. You must read Joe Biden’s Fauxnagural address. ( If you can listen and/or watch it, God bless, I can’t) Note points you want to remember so you can use them later when you need to “discuss” them with Biden supporters. Typically, they are fairly ignorant of facts, so you being prepared will help you in any arguments.

Action 3-Find an inspiring biography or autobiography or any Conservative book to read. Here is a great place to find one:

And remember, turn off social media! Take a break!

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