What’s that Sound?

” Hey children, what’s that sound, everyone look what’s going down.” – Buffalo Springfield

Did you hear that sound yesterday? I did.

If you turn off your television and other electronics this morning and sit quietly, you will hear it too.

It’s a big flushing sound as thousands of jobs go down the toilet.

It’s a loud cheer from the Chinese Communist Party and the mullahs of Iran.

It’s the cries of manufacturing companies and small businesses as the last death blow has been dealt.

It’s the sound of fuel prices soaring higher and higher.

It’s the sound of boots marching as illegals head here to get free stuff, take jobs from Americans, and insure the election of Socialist Leftists for years.

It’s the sound of Muslim extremists committing acts of terror.

It’s the sound of common sense and freedom dying from the sickness of delusion and paranoia.

Did you miss it? Let me fill you in.

  1. Biden killed 43,000 direct and indirect jobs on the Keystone Pipeline by shutting down that project. He also killed thousands of manufacturing jobs with rejoining the Paris Climate Accord.
  2. By doing so, he assured that the Chinese would continue to own us economically. He also solidified their standing as a world power while destroying ours.
  3. He reinstated the billion dollar Iran deal, stealing money from our country and making sure Iran becomes a nuclear power.
  4. He killed American small and mid-size businesses, already under tremendous strain, by adding thousands of useless restrictions and an unsustainable minimum wage.
  5. He made sure fuel prices would go through the roof by making America more reliant on foreign oil.
  6. He encouraged millions to come here illegally and drain resources and kill jobs for Americans. He lifted the travel ban from certain terrorist countries.
  7. He encouraged the continued targeting of Conservatives in Congress, military, and population.

How do you like that sound? Does it sound like “build back better?’ Sounds more like “burn it down” to me. And every one of you useful idiots who voted for this Alzheimer patient are responsible. And I won’t forget that.

He won’t be around long. Already Antifa and BLM are rioting because ” we don’t want Biden, we want revenge.” They will continue to do so until someone comes to Joe, takes him by the hand, leads him out of the White House, and has him resign.

And then you will hear the sound of a totalitarian, Socialist government firmly take control.

That will be the sound of millions of Americans who will be persecuted and purged as they beg for help.

Sorry to be so bleak this morning. But, there are so many people out there who have no idea what is going on. They all assume that everything will continue as it has been. I had a discussion with one of them this morning on Social Media. As I told her, “ignorance is bliss.”

I hope I am wrong. I hope we have had our wake up call and will stand up to this evil. I actually had a dream last night where the following comment kept playing over and over, ” In the end, we will prevail.” I’d like to thank that was God sending me a message.

Let’s hope that was the sound of avoiding disaster and that we all hear it.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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