Day 5 of 1460 – Prepare yourself

I’m not a prepper but I do believe that Preppers might be right about something, you need to get ready in case everything goes south. With all the calls to target Conservatives who speak out, Biden’s recent orders to remove protection from foreign adversaries to our grid, warnings of financial collapse as the Biden administration spends like a severely drunken sailor, and the dire predictions of more Covid gloom and doom, we need to be able to do for ourselves.

Rule One, clean up your online presence. Increase security on any social media, but realize that ANYTHING you post there is there forever, no matter what they say. So, rule one is be smart about what you post. If you post anything that can be interpreted as violent against someone else, incitement to violence, etc. you can be flagged, based on recent events.

Remember that Democrats in Congress want to designate anyone, ANYONE, who doubts the election, doesn’t think Biden is the President, etc. as a DOMESTIC TERRORIST. If that happens, you face the possibility of losing many rights. You might even have businesses ban you. Think I’m being alarmist? Listen to what ex-CIA chief John Brennan said. Not only did he name the usual fringe groups, but he also included CHRISTIANS and LIBERTARIANS. Wow. Nazis did this with Jews and Socialists. Intimidation? You bet. But, Brennan is a definite bad actor and there are plenty around like him.

Rule Two, make sure you back up all your pictures, videos, postings that you want on your social media platforms. On Facebook, the process is fairly easy. Find the menu for your account. Scroll down to ” Settings and Privacy.” Hit the down arrow to go to a menu that includes ” settings.” Click it to go to account settings. You will see a variety of menus about your account. Scroll all the way down to “Your Facebook Information.” Scroll down to ” Download your Information.” Click there and follow directions. Then, go to “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos.” Click there where you will have to enter your password and then get more directions. You will need a lot of storage space for doing either or both, so be prepared.

Another think you want to do find the menu item that says, “Off-Facebook Activity.” For those who don’t know, Facebook tracks any activity you have that is off of Facebook, businesses, sites, etc. To get rid of that option for Facebook, click there and then follow directions. I made sure I set my account so that my off-Facebook activity tracing is off. I also made sure to clear whatever history is there.

Another thing you can do is to get a private VPN for your web browsing. I have ExpressVPN’s service which is approximately $5.00 a month. It keeps my internet browser identity and location encrypted so people and websites cannot track where I am and where I go online.

Rule 3 – Get a portable generator in case you lose power. This could happen during bad weather, but it could also happen if the power grid is compromised. Of course, follow all precautions with using one.

Rule 4- Get food and water supplies just as if you were preparing for a bad winter storm or hurricane. You can actually go to FEMA to see what you need. They also have ideas for battery operated radios, plans to keep tabs on family, transportation needs. etc.

I don’t want to be alarmist, but honestly, better to be prepared and nothing happens than to be unprepared and have your world fall apart.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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