Mass ( or Should I Say “Mask”) Confusion over Covid in Oxford

I knew it would happen sooner or later. We hadn’t had our Nanny Newsletter Reminder on Facebook lately, so I figured the powers that be in town were hunkered down studying data and medical research to decide what to do.

But, considering that with Biden’s installation a miracle occurred and our head Dictator Herr Hogan had said we could now open schools and cases were down 25% in one week, I also thought maybe there was no need.

Silly me. See, I guess there must have been a miscommunication in the CCP Federal to State network and they didn’t get the party instructions on what to say and do. So, while Governors like Hogan and Cuomo were opening up schools/businesses in their state and being somewhat optimistic, Old Joe and his regime were talking doom and gloom and gave us the “It’s going to get much worse before it gets better” statement. The Governor’s must have seen the World Health Organization’s statement that the PCR testing was woefully inaccurate and gave too many false positives and Joe must have misread it. You know, the thing.

Can you imagine the phone calls? I’m sure one of Joe’s handlers called Hogan and Cuomo and told them it was too early to open up. For one thing, how was Joe going to send out more money that we don’t have to people? How was he going to get by with his $1600 per child initiative? How could Democrats sell the $1000 a month stipend for all gambit? How would Biden put out more pork, I mean, stimulus billions? “We can’t open up yet, ” I’m sure they said, ” It’s not going to look like Joe had any hand in solving this. Keep the message negative!”

Oh the humanity. I’m sure Lockdown Larry Hogan took a quick trip to the toilet on that one. He finally could have started his big ” the King is going to grant you back some freedoms you should always have” persona and his campaign to run for President, and Joe pulled the rug right out from underneath him! Poor Humpty. Cuomo probably swore and put out a hit on someone, anyone, Republican.

Well, in Oxford, land of the Biden Groupies and the Fauci Fan Boys, the town got right down to business. I’m sure as soon as they heard Biden’s mask mandate for FEDERAL property, the Commissioners and their official interpreter got together to show old Joe that Oxford could do better than that! Immediately, signs started going up again about wearing your mask!!!!!

To be accurate, I’m fairly sure that at least one of the Commissioners drives by himself in the car with a mask on. Or takes a shower with one on. Or douses himself in sanitizer five times a day. I’ve seen the car incident, not the others, thank goodness!

And of course, those of us old geezers who want the inadequately tested and not yet proven completely safe vaccine, could now sign up for it. Yahoo!! Come one, come all, take a vaccine that might not be safe or effective at all! (Yeah, don’t tell the old folks in Oxford, but the vaccine doesn’t grant you immunity from Covid. Or mask wearing.( Hmmmmmm)

I’m so proud of our town. After all, the UNITY they have shown in perpetuating the Covid scam is amazing! Well done!

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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