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While waiting for inspiration this week, a few topics have interested me, but they aren’t topics that warrant full essays.

THE SUPER BOWL – I’ll admit I have never been a huge fan of the Super Bowl. However, I would watch it from time to time just to see the commercials.

Not any more.

Everything about pro sports and particularly the Super Bowl has become political. That’s not what they are for. They are there to entertain us, help us escape from the worries of the world for a bit.

Now that pro athletes feel so self important that many of them foist their politics and social views on us, it’s not entertaining. Worse, it’s annoying. Did we really need to have the Black National Anthem played before the game? If so, why not the Hispanic National Anthem? The Irish National Anthem? Are they less important?

Oh wait, those groups don’t have their own version of the National Anthem. Give it time.

And, the half time show has turned into some kind of sick, stupid effort of famous artists to show how sick and stupid they can make it. Men with underwear on their heads? Seriously? Not entertaining. At all.

And now the commercials have submitted themselves to the ” woke” culture, telling us what to do, who’s wrong and who’s right and on and on.

In the end, I know who won. But, once I get past all the social justice woke crap, I just don’t care.

A PIECE OF PAPER – Josef Stalin, dictator and murderer of millions of Russian citizens, once said when asked about treaties, ” No piece of paper can keep people together. No piece of paper can keep people apart. ”

He was telling Churchill and the United States that we could create any kind of treaty we wanted, but he might not abide by it. Like any good Commuist Dictator, he would make the rules up as he wanted.

It seems that Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the Leftist Socialists Communists believe that too.

Even though it has been pointed out to them that their second attempt to impeach Trump is unconstitutional and possibly illegal, they press ahead. As with other Constituional rights and rules, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, etc. they don’t really feel the need to abide by them. Whatever meets their needs at the moment is what they will do. And they will smile and tell us that it is “all for the good of the country.”

Stalin said the same thing when he killed and imprisoned millions of “dissenters.” And when he spied on people. And when he took the rights of the people of Russia away. Ask any former citizen of the USSR and they will tell you what that is like.

And they are scared to death right now at what this regime is doing.

Don’t depend on the Constitution to protect you folks. It’s just a piece of paper in their minds.

A TRUE HERO: Twenty years ago today, my father died after a battle with pancreatic cancer. I think of him every day. He was lifetime Air Force, fighting in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War. He sacrificed so much for this country. He was shot down behind enemy lines and had to escape with the help of the French Resistance.

I can remember his time away from us every month as he went on ” Temporary Duty” assignments, TDY, every month for the first seven years of my life. He missed so much time with us.

Even when the TDY assignments were fewer, he had a high stress job that required high security and classified information. We couldn’t even go see his office in the Pentagon because it was top secret.

He loved the Air Force. If he could, I think he would have stayed in until he died. He was proud of his country and wanted to serve.

I hate to say it, but I am almost glad he is here to see what is going on now.

He had little or no respect for Biden since he had to work with his committee from time to time. He called him stupid and corrupt. He was right.

He would be furious at how people have disregarded, disparaged and mis-used the freedom he and so many had sacrificed for.

I often think about what he would tell me. I think he would say to keep fighting for what is right. It’s what he did his entire life.

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