Destroying Statues and Ignoring Laws; All Part of a Bigger Plan

In front of our county courthouse is a statue that commemorates the “Talbot Boys,” eighty four soldiers from our county that fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. It has been there since 1916.

Recently, it has become a cause of division in the county ( as if we needed more). One side wants the statue moved from its prominent place on the Courthouse Lawn because it is offensive to African Americans. The other side wants to keep it there for its historical value. Both sides are passionate. It is a subject of discussion in every County Council meeting.

It’s like other movements across the country where statues of many different historical figures are being destroyed by “social justice” groups. It doesn’t even matter if the subjects of the monument or statue were people who fought against discrimination, they are destroyed also.

I think it is part of a bigger plan that may have little to do with the history of our country but more about the rights of our citizens.

My proof of this plan exists in plain sight every day in the impeachment trial of former President Trump.

The Democrats are clearly ignoring the Constitution as it applies to impeachment and even more important, bills of attainder. If you don’t know what the latter is, it is when a legislature declares a person or persons guilty of a crime and punishing them without a trial. Kings in Europe used them all the time to get rid of political foes or just people they didn’t like. They are strictly prohibited by the Constitution.

One would think that they would look at the Constitution and give up this scam. But, they haven’t and they won’t. The actions they are taking will prove my point as I discuss it later.

Not only are they ignoring the Constitution and therefore the law, they are also creating and ignoring evidence about the President’s supposed “crimes.”

The initial creation is a claim that Trump called Mike Lee by accident by misdialing him instead of Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville. Trump supposedly asked Tuberville ( not knowing it was Senator Lee) to make more objections to the Biden’s election vote count. This was relayed to the Democrats by, surprise surprise, a reporter.

Except it’s not true. Senator Lee said it never happened and that he was furious that the Democrats would put it in their evidence without even verifying it with him. Come on, Mike, have you ever met your Democrat counterparts? The Democrats were shamed into removing the claim. ( That, in itself is shocking since I have never seen any of them do the right thing even when shamed.)

Then, there’s the photoshopped tweet of Jennifer Lynn Lawrence, the Representative not the stupid actress, which was done by serial fart master and China sex toy Rep. Eric Swalwell. The tweet was supposedly shown to have the blue check that verifiees her account. Except she doesn’t have that blue check. It was an attempt to make the tweet carry more “weight.”

Probably the worst thing the Dem’s did was to take President Trump’s speech on January 6th and edit out the words “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” You see, if they left those words in there, their whole case would fall faster than Kevin Spacey’s reputation. I guess I can now be a “fact checker” and say, “False.”

It’s clear they have nothing that supports what is going on. But I don’t think they care. Here’s why.

Although their ultimate goal is to ruin Trump forever and keep him from running again, there is a bigger prey in their sites. It’s the Constitution.

Remember that tyrants such as Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and Chavez enslaved countries that had laws, had constitutions. They did it by getting rid of or ignoring those constitutions and laws. It wasn’t all at once, it was bit by bit and it was done with the knowledge and acceptance of the citizens. Media in their countries spread their lies and convinced those citizens that these constitutions and laws were flawed and needed to be destroyed for the “greater good.” Incoveinient protections that prevented the tyrant’s suggestions had to be obliterated. I guess this is what Lawrence Tribe means when he claims the Constitution is “flexible. “It can be bent to the desires and goals of any two bit politician like Pelosi or Schumer.

Even when you see Pelosi read the Constitution, you can hear the disgust in her voice. She claims she wants to “fulfillll her Constitutional duty” all the while knowing she would like it gone. Obama, an alleged Constitutional “expert” once complained that he hated how it constrained him. Heck, Dementia Joe Biden couldn’t even remember most of it, calling it “the thing.” Obviously that memory lapse has continued through 70 plus executive orders.

So, as Jen Psaki would say, let me circle back to my point. The Dems and all of their lackeys are focusing their energies on destroying the Constitution. It starts with destroying historical monuments and statues they don’t like because they remind them of our countries negative moments. Then, it extends to those monuments and statues of the people who started this country and created the Constitution. History is swiftly and severely edicted. And eventually, the Constitution is sacrificed as well, a victim of ” guilt by association” and the tyrannical aspirations of politicians.

As it dies, so do your rights and freedoms until we are all slaves of the elite lawmakers with no redress for how we are wronged.

What do we do? First, don’t put all your freedom eggs in the basket of the Constitution. As we have seen, it is merely a piece of paper to our government masters, even the judges who are supposed to uphold it. And certainly don’t look to those in government to save you.

It may be time to discover who truly wants to support our freedoms and rights and work with them to defend PEACEFULLY what we have.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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