Describing What I See: Disconnection

As a thirty plus year educator, I have learned how to spot behavior patterns in people. When students walk into your classroom, it’s important to get initial impressions of their personalities. It’s how you can begin to know how best to teach them. Of course after time, teachers get to know the students in more depth and adjust their strategies.

But, this skill becomes second nature. It becomes easier to determine the same judgments for many different people.

It’s this skill that gives me a phrase to describe what is going on in the current regime in D.C.; complete disconnection.

I’ve lived through many administrations. None of them, NONE of them, gave me this impression at any point. Even the ones I didn’t like. My impressions of each were:

Kennedy: Family man. I was young but I felt safe with JFK in office. I knew he was in control and would protect our country.

Johnson: Overbearing and self serving, LBJ was about himself, always, and would screw anybody at anytime to get what he wanted. Still, there was some connection between him and the people.

Nixon: Awkward, Needy. I could never quite figure him out. He seemed desperate. However, I never felt like he was distant from the people.

Ford: Short term, never had much of a read on him

Carter- Overwhelmed, cared about people but just couldn’t get past his feelings to accomplish anything.

Reagan-Caring and committed, he made a connection to people. Whether you thought it was real or not, it was there.

Bush 41: Nice man, seemed to care. I liked his wife much better than him. But, he did have a self depreciation that resonated with people.

Clinton: charismatic. I despised him but he did seem to have the ability to pretend to care.

GW Bush: friendly good old boy. Without 9-11, I think he would have been a mediocre footnote in history. But, many of us could relate to him if only through the patriotism of a national disaster.

Obama: Smooth and Narcissistic. However, he seemed to at least try to appear to care.

Trump: Blustery and energetic. I think he cared about our country and our people, even the ones who didn’t like him.

But, when I watch this regime I see nothing. I see no connection on a personal or political level. Biden is a blank shell, doing what he is told, signing what he is told to sign, and pretending to do “things.”

For example, while he was signing all the Executive Orders, there was NOTHING there. No statement about how they were going to help people, do great things for our country, NADA.

His “statements” and speeches, even his inauguration speech, are canned ramblings that make no sense. Even when he talks about “unity” and “build back better,” it doesn’t seem to mean anything to him emotionally. He actually sounds like a hostage being forced to make a statement.

Some might say that this is because he has to wear a mask. That doesn’t fly with me. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. His eyes are souless, lifeless .

Others say that it’s because we live in such a divided country. Nope. It’s in times like these that true leaders work even harder to connect with everyone. Biden seems perfectly content and nonplussed to continue to enact “his” agenda no matter who it alienates and hurts, even if they are his supporters. Thousands lose jobs, and he is flat lining. Women lose the ability to compete on an even playing field, and that is okay with him. Vital medicine becomes instantly unaffordable to people who need it, and, nothing.

Even when he signs orders that make his base happy, he has no joy or passion for what he is doing.

Say what you will about Trump, at least he had passion and emotion for his agenda.

There really is no valid excuse for this dramatic disconnection between Biden and our citizens other than he either doesn’t care about us OR he is being forced to do what others are telling him. Again, he seems to be a hostage who will bow to his masters no matter what. That fact and the constant monitoring by his “handlers,” ( Jill, Kamala, Kerry, etc.) lead me to believe he is being told what to do. He doesn’t have the mental capacity or will to even think or care about the effects on people.

Occasionally, he will lapse back into one of his “tales” of the past ( and they are tales, tall ones), and there is a small spark of life. But even that seems to be channeling something he might have been in past and that he is no longer.

Just to be clear, there are others displaying this disconnection. Pelosi seems to live in a world constructed only in her drunken mind. She only shows emotion when a real, probing question is asked. Then she blows up and storms off. McConnell is only here for the payoff and he doesn’t care about the repurcussions. And of course, there is Romney who has either decided there’s a new role for him in this world or he has been blackmailed beyond belief. They prove that some Republicans have “checked out ” and “moved on ” from serving the citizens of this country.

Even new members of the administration are not “with us.” Kerry is so out of touch with real people that he thinks oil field workers can become solar panel manufacturers. Jen Psaki thinks that blather and promises to “circle back” will get her out of press conferences quicker. Fauci can’t quite remember what day it is and how many masks people should be wearing.

And not a real emotional connection with the people from a single one of them, including the trans woman.

Why is that? Why are some people in government doing an impression of the cardboard cutouts in the stands at the Super Bowl?

It’s obvious to me. They really don’t care and can’t connect with us. They no longer view us as important or as the people THEY serve, they work for. The biggest evidence of this are the physical barriers they have built around them. Not only are they disconnected from us, but they know what they are doing is wrong and could anger many. It’s even to the extent that they think those of us who disagree are domestic terrorists. But, they serve other masters so we are not part of their mission. They view the Socialist agenda as paramount. Sort of like Stalin and Mao.

And, by the way, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, illegal immigrants, that includes you as well. You are insignificant to them. You are pawns to whom they might dole out a crumb now and then, but only when forced to.

So, get used to it. Get used to the agenda being promoted regardless of the needs of the people. Get used to your calls, letters, emails, etc. being meaningless to them. Get used to elections being carefully managed and stolen so that their side “wins.” Unless….

We can find people who do care about us. There are some Republicans and Democrats who seem to want to serve the people.They are standing up and fighting right now. We need to support these people as much as possible but also to understand that some of them won’t be able to take the heat and will fall by the wayside.

Trump made a connection with us. He took the heat and stayed strong. Yes, some people said he left us high and dry, but did he? With all he was up against, it’s amazing that he still cares, even as they attempt to destroy him.

There are others who can do the same, but they will need US. Strength is in numbers and that is the one thing we have. And they will need our strength for a very long time.

Get out. Make connections. Find the warriors who will give a damn.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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