They are Making This Just Too Easy: That’s Why I’m Suspicious

If you ever watch a crime drama series like “Law and Order,” or “NCIS,” I’ll bet you have experienced this. The crime is committed and about forty minutes into the show, the detectives or agents have solved it. They find the criminal and the mystery is solved.

But, you know it isn’t. You know there is something more to the story. For one thing, they have about 15 minutes of show left. Or maybe the big guest star of the episode was relegated to a support role and we know that isn’t what they brought him on for. But, the biggest reason you know the mystery isn’t solved is because IT WAS JUST TOO EASY. The show then goes on to drop the other shoe where the person arrested isn’t guilty, it’s the other character who is the least likely and is played by the famous actor who did it for some weird reason.

That’s how I feel with this second impeachment. It seems to me that the Democrats are either terribly stupid and incompetent or there is something else going on. It was just too easy.

Before you think I’m going down a rabbit hole on this, I’m not. I’m just providing my observations about what is going on.

It could be that the Democrats are just this stupid and incompetent. I mean, seriously, did Jamie Raskins think that the Trump lawyers wouldn’t show the entire excerpt of the speech he gave that day instead of letting their cleverly edited version stand? Did they also forget that members of their own party were on video saying much more incendiary things than he did? Didn’t they think Trump’s lawyers would share those? Did Raskins think that Trump wouldn’t notice how Raskin’s suggestion that Trump testify himself or be thought guilty was totally unconstitutional ?

Were they so incompetent that they didn’t realize the actual timeline of what happened on January 6th would show that Trump hadn’t even said anything about going to the Capitol before the rioters were there?

And poor Swalwell, Lord of Gas and a John to Chinese spies, I guess he didn’t realize that nowadays, people check the accuracy or screen shots of tweets for time stamps and actual blue checks. Boy, that’s embarrassing.

While I’ll admit the two Dems mentioned are nowhere near close to having at least average intelligence, it seems to me that there HAD to be someone else checking their work. So, I’m not buying stupidity as the reason they screwed it up so badly.

Now, it could be that they knew the whole enterprise would fail and just didn’t give a crap and threw something together to say they tried and make their constituents happy. Maybe it was just a good old Soviet style “ show trial” , but I still think they would have done better. And show trials usually end up with guilty verdicts.

So, we “circle back” to the fact that there has to be something else at work here. So, here are my theories.

One of my theories is that this was just the first attempt to get Trump post Presidency. They are so afraid of and hate this man so much, I know they aren’t done. We have heard McConnell’s comment that Trump could still be prosecuted for a crime. Is Mitch just letting his puppet masters know that something “better” is coming? After all, I’m sure the fact that he couldn’t get a guilty verdict in the Senate HAS to piss off Mitch’s backers. We have also heard that they will attempt the 14th Amendment on Trump to keep him from running again. ( But, forgive me, but if you are going to try to convict him of inciting insurgency, isn’t that what you just tried and lost?)

Several have mentioned cases in New York and Georgia. But, those cases, even if he was found guilty, wouldn’t solve their problem of wanting him gone.

Could it be that they are trying to distract the American people from several gun control bills being presented in the Senate? Maybe, but I’m sure they know that 2nd Amendment advocates are not distracted enough to miss that. Is there something else going on that we are unaware of? After all, they still have themselves hidden behind the National Guard and security fences. Are they expecting something?

Perhaps the Democrats hope that their continuous attacks on Trump and his supporters will goad them into violence that they can then blame on him? Or even better, that will compel the public to demand the confisscation of guns? It does seem like they keep poking their girly little finngers into our chests.

Are they hoping that all this will just keep us divided long enough to assure social and economic disaster? Maybe these incompetent House Impeachment Managers are just the sacrificcial lambs Pelosi chose to present a weak case in order to serve a bigger cause.

What is also interesting is the whole “We are going to have witnesses” and then, almost immediately, “No, we are not.” Did the Dems think that Trump would be afraid of that when they had their own witnesses lined up, including Pelosi herself? It made no sense. Neither did Senator Graham’s threat about what he would do if the Dems asked for witnesses and his withdrawal of the threat later. What was the point of all that useless drama?

And then they allow what was hearsay evidence about a phone call to be read even after Mike Lee denied it happened?

That actually kind of bothers me because we have heard Democrats allege that Trump has said things that could get him in trouble during phone calls before. Those incidents were also hearsay except for the one with the Georgia A. G. where a recording is available. But, again, all the Republicans have to do is provide recordings of Biden’s phone calls with the Ukranian President where he extorts a job for his son by threatening to withhold U.S. aid.

While we are on it, maybe the Republicans are as big a piece of this mess as anything else. It’s obvious that they don’t support Trump for the most part. (I’m sure Romney, Murkowski, Sasse, Burr, Cassidy, Collins, and Toomey don’t). Considering that the Dems and the Republicans seem to be one big crooked party, maybe the goal of this shoddy effort was to help the RINOS. There has been talk of some of them wanting to distance themselves from Trump for the next two elections. Maybe they hope this will damage him.

I think they read that wrong, because I think it exposed them for the frauds and sellouts they are.

Maybe they are trying to force him into a “deal” with them so he will back off? Or maybe he has incriminating info on them that has forced THEM into backing off?

Of course, there are a million rabbit holes we could dive into on this, but I think I’ll stay out of those.

At any rate, my total mistrust that anything they do in D.C. is actually what it seems has my bullshit meter on high. And I think we just have too much time left on this episode for it to be solved so easily.

So forgive me if I keep my eyes open and looking for that other shoe.

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