Dear Congress, You aren’t worth a DAMN!

Yes, that’s what I said. You aren’t worth a damn. If I had performed on my job the way you do on yours , I would have never made it past my first month. I don’t think you have done ONE THING to benefit this country in at least five years. You have spent your entire time trying to get vengeance on a man you hate. Or maybe you are frightened of him because he brought to light just what you are. Worthless cowards and traitors.

At any rate, you are an utter disgrace. Do you think we don’t see you for what you are? Except for a handful of you, mostly the ones who haven’t been in office that long, you are a bunch of money hungry, power hungry puppets of China, organized crime, and other bad actors. You commit all kinds of crimes against the country and individuals. Remember that slush fund to cover sexual assault cases? You violate any law you want any time you want and just expect us to turn our heads. Insider trading? Illegal campaign funds? Incest? Theft? Selling state secrets? Why, you are better criminals than the Mafia or the cartels.

And, Ms. Pelosi, I know you understand all that Mafia stuff, since your family has been in organized crime since they arrived here. Remember when JFK wanted to indict your Dad?

It would be nice if we the people thought you gave a damn about us. But, you clearly don’t. If you did, you would stop this petty nonsense and get your act together to do the work that is needed. And I don’t mean to throw more money at your union and corporate friends, I mean do real work! Ease our taxes, stop making us pay other people’s debt, close our borders and advocate for all of OUR citizens regardless of color. Stop sending our young people to wars that are all about making money for YOU and your defense contractor cronies. Stop making up stupid rules to react to every new population subgroup so you can look “ woke.” Protect Social Security for those who have paid into it and need it. Allow US to choose our medical insurance instead of the shitty Obamacare option.

I know it’s a lot for you. Quite frankly, most of you are either too stupid, too drunk, or too compromised to do the job. Maybe that’s why you just don’t even seem to try anymore.

Oh, and one big thing. FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION. First, you must read it, and I know that means fewer three hour lunches, but give it a try. I’m sure it’s on Audible.

I guess the fact that you are all protected by your fence and walls is a sign to all of us, the regular people, that you no longer consider yourselves public servants but elite rulers who can do and say whatever you want. And we are supposed to take it.

I’ve got news for you. People have just about had enough of you. We are not violent domestic terrorists as you have characterized us, but we are citizens who can be stirred to action to remove you from office via primaries and regular elections. And, if you think your party will continue to make a difference to us, you are wrong. Are you listening Mitch? No more voting for the “ lesser of two evils.”

Oh, and you can tell your little buddies in the mainstream press and social media that we are tired of them too. Their lies, their censorship, well, they just broke the camel’s back. And don’t even get us started with that old fool in the White House. He’s a joke and we all know it. A sick, pathetic joke.

I know my letter is angry. Thankfully, I am not now nor have I ever been a violent person. But, I am the daughter of a life time Air Force officer and man who fought for this country from World War II on. He taught me to stand my ground. And that’s what I will do. That’s what we will all do.

I never like to say it’s too late to redeem yourselves, but for most of you it is too late. You need to retire and go home. We the people, the real sovereigns in this country, we’ve got this. And, if any of you want to come along, change your ways.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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