Where Have You Gone Joe?

Most of the time, when someone is selected to be President, the first few months of his/her term are the most active of all. In those first months, the President is out in front of cameras, giving speeches, making statements in press conferences, etc. I’m sure the reason is to show the American people who the President is, what he is doing, etc. It’s also a way of reassuring people and inspiring them that everything is okay and the transition is complete. It’s also a message to other countries that we are still strong.

Things are different this time. I wrote a few weeks ago that it seemed to me that Joe Biden was “disconnected” from the country. I was wrong. He isn’t just disconnected, he’s almost invisible. Aside from one ” town hall” with friendly, teed up questions with Anderson Cooper, we haven’t seen the alleged newly appointed President very much. In fact, it seems that they only wheel Joe out occasionally to prove to us he does actually exist.

It reminds me of the reign of Henry VI in England. Henry the VI became king in 1422 after the death of Henry V. The reign of Henry VI was an awful time for England. For one thing, Henry was described as “feckless” and “simpleminded. ” He suffered bouts of madness and spent most of his time in his bed. His wife, Margaret of Anjou and a King’s council ran the country.

They didn’t do a very good job and many members of the council were trying to become the king themselves. This strife was what led to the War of the Roses. During this time, Henry would seem to recover and would take over, only to lapse back into a catonic state later. At one point prior to an important battle, his wife had his aides dress Henry in his armour and place him on a horse in order to pretend that he was in charge. They hoped this would inspire their forces to fight. It worked for a bit, but eventually the farce was discovered. Ultimately, Henry was locked in the Tower of London while his wife and son escaped to France. The rest of the story is one of war and terrible bloodshed with both sides alternately gaining the advantage until finally Henry was killed, his son also was killed, and Margaret was ransomed to Louis XI.

Not a good ending for anyone and the penalty the country paid for the charade of a mentally deficient ruler was years of war and bloodshed.

And now, here we are, in what might be a very simlar situation.

Throughout the 2020 campaign, Biden was hidden from view in his home. When he did appear in person, it was to very limited crowds and in one very limited debate. After he was installed, Biden has continued to make very short, controlled appearances, mainly to read written statements, do ceremonial signings of executive orders ( or blank papers imitating EO’s), to walk on the lawn of the White House in front of Valentine hearts, and to do a well planned, well scripted ” town hall.” In fact, a visit to Minnesota was scotched because of “weather” and Kamala Harris seems to be the one calling foreign leaders. Not a huge boost to public confidence.

So, why is that? I think I have some theories. First, based on an interview with a former Biden staff member, this Joe is not Joe. I don’t mean he is a stand in or fake Joe, but this staff member claims that Joe has lost 50% of his mental capacities. For any of us that would be staggering, but for a man who is alleged to be the President of a world power, it is condemning. Think about it, have you ever had a relative who has lost that much mentally? I have and I didn’t want that person making even small decisions, much less decisions that will affect the lives of millions. Yes, there were times of some clarity and the person could speak well rehearsed comments, but actual impromptu ideas were out of the question.

His staff excuses his lack of public apprearances with “he’s a good delegator,” and “he has an expert staff. ” Well, excuse me for bringing this up, but the people who voted for Joe didn’t vote for his staff, did they? And since when do unelected people get to run a representative republic? If Joe isn”t making decisions, then his executive orders are null and void. He didn’t create them, some bureaucrat did. And, honestly, if he is at 50% capacity, are they legal? Was he even legally sworn in? If you tried to swear in a person at that mental level in court, the judge would probably throw you out.

But, the press who constantly screamed about Trump’s physical and mental health and who wanted him removed from office with the 25th Amendment, are silent about simpleton Joe. And, Trump’s mental capacity was never in question. Yes, he said “mean things.” But, if that is the standard for mental incapacity, you had better get rid of almost all of Congress, Hollywood, and CEO’s of big organizations. They gloss over Biden’s screw ups and the policies someone is choosing for him. What will it take for them to stop perpetuating this scam?

It’s clear that Joe is being handled. We are told he goes to bed at 8:30 p.m., likes ice cream, and wakes up each morning wondering “where am I?” The fewer times he talks, the fewer gaffes he makes. He is never without a “handler” near him, and I don’t mean Secret Service. I mean his wife, Kamala, etc. Witness his recent comment about opening schools which totally contradicts what his press secretary said. He threw her under the bus when it is more likely he just forgot what he said about the topic. Responses he gave in the “town hall” were word salads that were long, rambling, and unsubstantive. He repeated a few rote phrases and sections of talking points, but they were sprinkled inbetween filler words that meant nothing.

What does this mean for our country then? Who IS in charge if Joe is just an empty shell figurehead? Is it Jill? Kamala? Or perhaps Obama, making the return to the White House he has longed for since he left? And where will this lead us as we fight off China, Iran, and other foreign powers who seek to destroy us? Jobs, the economy and national security have already been negatively impacted. How long do we wait to end this scam? What will it take?

I hope it won’t be a civil war like the War of the Roses. I certainly don’t advocate for that. But, judging by the willingness to target, harass, and censor over 75 million people via a man who should be on the front porch of a senior living center with a blanket over him, that might be the only answer. There is only so much people can take before they decide things have to change.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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