Time to Stop Tying Our Hands Behind Our Backs – 1,422 Days Remaining

Rush Limbaugh used to say he was “fighting liberals with half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair. ” I loved that quote because it was a slap to all the pointy headed left leaning academics who thought they were smarter than he was.

But, unfortunately, I think Conservatives/Republicans have been doing something very damaging to the cause of thinking patriots. They have been forcing us to fight the battle against leftist Socialism with one hand tied behind our backs. And it has made the battle unfair and unsuccessful for us.

I said in an earlier post in November that the one major difference between the Leftists and Republicans is that the Lefties know they are in a fight, so they fight with hard hitting tactics. Republicans, on the other hand, take the “higher ground” and try to fight within the rules, with somewhat Puritian ideas and practices. This has not served their cause.

I was reminded of this yesterday by a gentleman named Matt on one of the message boards I’m on. He was expressing his frustration at the feeble, if any, fight that the Republicans have particiapted in against the left. His point is that we need to change our tactics and, while not turning into the left, fight with more vigor, more ” down and dirty.” As he said, we didn’t defeat the British by fighting as they did in lines and organized armies, but by using the element of guerilla warfare. It was not “gentlemanly” as defined by the British, but it was effective.

I agree.

I also think that Republicans have always defined this battle between left and right as “merely politics.” The Democrats have realized that the war has many more fronts. They use EVERYTHING to spread their dangerous ideas; education, entertainment, sports, the medical community, and social and news media. To them, it’s a cultural war more than a political one, and they are winning it. They understand the impact of each of these segments of society and are using them to their full, coordinated effect.

I think Trump was the first Republican who saw this and tried to turn it around. That’s why he used Twitter as a daily pathway of speaking to the American people. Some objected to the things he posted, but I think he knew from his “reality show” experience on “The Apprentice,” that his posts would gain him attention and publicity. And his supporters, while claiming to their more middle of the road friends that they didn’t care for his Tweets, secretly gave him an ” atta boy” for saying the things he said for them as they would love to say them.

The Left hated it. He was turning their tactics back on them. I think that is why they ultimately banned him.

Of course the old guards of the Republican Party would clutch their collective pearls and gasp in dismay. They were stuck in the olden days of powdered wigs and political traditions that no longer work. This carried over to their non-existent fight against a stolen election. While the people asked them to respond to our charges, the Republicans ( mainly Romney, McConnell, Pence, Collins, Murkowski, etc) quietly told us to sit down and wait for the next election when they would pay more attention.

Not good enough. And neither are their arcane practices of political incest with the Democrats. We can see what we need to do, and they need to get out of the way.

So, how do we fight with Democrat tactics?

  1. Read Allinsky’s Rules for Radicals. This is the playbook for Leftists.
  2. Stop being polite in discussions with Leftists, especially when they try to talk over you, call you names, etc. Be determined to get your point across regardless of what the Leftist says.
  3. Don’t shrink into who you are. Too often, people will deny their race, their economic standing, their politics. Stop doing that. If you are white, there is nothing wrong with being proud of being white, just like others can be proud of their race. If you are a black or hispanic, be proud of that.
  4. If a teacher attempts to indoctrinate your child into leftist thinking, report them to his/her bosses and keep pressing on until the practice stops. If you get no change, start lobbying with other parents to get people fired. If you can, get your kids out of the public schools.
  5. Don’t apologize for your actions if they are not illegal or immoral. Do not apologize for the actions of others, even if they are your ancestors.
  6. Take the offensive instead of always being on the defensive side of the battle. Suprise attacks are usually successful. In the Bible, the term “watchmen” means those who are on both the offensive and the defensive.
  7. Don’t equivocate on your beliefs. Ever.
  8. Stop waiting for Trump or anyone else to save us. After Trump’s CPac Speech, some people on message boards were complaining because HE wasn’t doing anything. Seriously, did you expect him to get up there and proclaim himself as the current President? Did you want him to declare Civil War? What did you want? I am sure he is doing all he can right now to fight back. But, if you are going to sit on your sofa and wait for Trump to do it all, you deserve to be disappointed.
  9. And in that vein, yes, I pray to God every single day. And, I do believe this is in his hands. But, think about it, when the Israelites escaped from Egypt, Moses had to take action. He couldn’t just sit there and wait for God to fix it all. Sure, God did the warning signs and parted the Red Sea. But, without Moses taking action, no one escapes. And, those actions God took wouldn’t seem “gentlemanly” to the current crop of Republicans. They were the actions of a fighting God using a fighting man!
  10. As Marjorie Taylor Greene said,

“We can’t stay locked in this ‘Paul Ryan: That’s Not Who We Are bubble’. We’re being eaten alive, and our country is being destroyed while we sit here taking some makebelieve moral high road.”

“We can either stop with that nonsense, and get in the gutter and beat these ghouls on their home turf, or we can sit in the corner clutching our pocket Constitutions, screaming about virtue and honor while the entire country burns to the ground.”

She’s right. And she’s someone who has already paid a price for speaking out.

And, there will be a price we will all pay for standing up. We will lose friends, maybe even jobs.

But, even with that, I’m ready to fight with everything I have. I’m tired of having one hand tied behind my back. Aren’t you?

And Matt, thanks for the inspiration!

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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  1. Hi Jan. Your writing is spot on. I truly hope this goes viral and we don’t back down. When will you run for office? Prayers for you and the U.S. It was great teaching in the building with someone who had a brain. Sue L.

    1. Thanks! I appreciated working with you too. Running for office? As I told someone the other day, I don’t think I can control my temper enough to do that!

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