Hope, Desparation, Restraint and the Honey Pot

CPAC was this weekend and it seemed to be a great conference. It culminated with a speech by President Trump. I thought the speech was fine and typical Trump. However, there were people online who were “disappointed.” Trump didn’t say what they wanted him to say.

What did they want?

First, we have to understand how desperate some people are right now. The Biden Administration has pledged to carry out policies that will ultimately destroy this country. This is after they “won” with election fraud that was extensive and provable, but virtually ignored by anyone who could overturn the results, punish those responsible, or prevent it from happening again. Add to this that they seem intent with purging our country of anyone who supported Trump, and people are frightened.

They were clinging to hope that some of the “theories” posed online would play out and Biden would be gone by now. Of course, this has not happened and it has devastated many.

Yesterday, they wanted Trump to tell them that a plan was still in place to evict the usurpers. They wanted him to tell them that drastic actions would be taken. They wanted fire and brimstone and they didn’t get it.

Some said he betrayed them. Some said he lied. Some said he left them hanging. Others said they are never voting again.

I get it. But, their anger is misdirected and it needs to be channeled into fighting to change what is wrong with our system right now. I know it is hard. They are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. More on that later.

Trump was somewhat restrained, although he really said all the things I have heard from him before. He seemed focused on forging ahead and keeping up the good fight. But, he also mentioned that we need to be tougher, and we do. He called out the RINO’s who need to be removed. To, me, it was typical Trump.

Why might he be restrained, if he was?

Ever heard of a ” honey pot” or “honey trap?’ It’s when one side of a battle tries to entice someone on the other side to do something wrong or stupid by providing an attractive lure.Once a fighting force is lured into the trap, the other side surrounds them and defeats them.

I think that perhaps Trump was a bit restrained because he and his advisors may suspect that Trump supporters are being lured into a honey trap this week. They may be right. So many of the theories about how Trump will retake the White House kept mentioning March 4th as the date. This is because this is when Presidential Innaugurations were held prior to 1933. Many followers have hung their hopes on this date.

Knowing this, D.C. swamp dwellers have kept troops there and have told the press that they have heard of threats of violence by Trump supporters on that date. How easy would it be for them to make this happen with their own fake rioters? Pretty easy. They have done it once before.

If Trump had been more animated, had used any more “violent language” as these swamp creatures define it, then they could once again try to pin any violence on him and Trump Supporters. He knows that. After all, they tried to impeach fraudulently because of January 6th. He steered away from any talk of going to D.C. to demand the election be overturned or any talk of forcing officials to do the right thing. He only mentioned election reform. And that was brilliant.

I guess some folks wanted him to create a new party. They had heard he was going to. That’s also a honey trap created by the mainstream media. Again, that is another thing the Dems would love. Convince us to split ourselves up into two small parties. Like Trump said, that dilutes our voting and helps the Dems.

So he delivered a speech that was one of moving forward while pointing out the evil things the Democrats are doing and the good things his administration had done. It’s what was needed. But it disappointed the desperate. They wanted the drama, the movie, etc.

So, let’s get back to what they need to do. First, they need to get off their asses. I know they are overwhelmed. They need to take ONE STEP today to get involved in whatever local political cause they can. They need to focus on the talents they have to offer to helping change occur. It may seem hopeless, but it’s only hopeless if we quit!

But, please, give Trump credit for what he has done and stop yer bitchin’.

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