The Lights Aren’t On and No One is Home

What is going on in the White House?

I follow a ton of message groups and apps. Some are more valuable than others. Sometimes I have to cull through the posts to find nuggets of truth and blogging gold.

In one group, there is a person who updates what they see on the White House video feed each night. Most of the time it is fairly mundane, although occasionally there will be some video that elicits speculation about what is going on. Who is being escorted out of the White House? Why are there police lights flashing? Is that smoke coming out of the roof? The most common observation is that the lights never seem to be on when they should be. People believe that this is an indicator that Biden is not in the White House.

I suppose it is an important question. After all, shouldn’t the alleged President and his wife be living there? Honestly, I don’t care where he lives. But I am worried about certain lights not ” being on.” They are not the White House lights, but something more important.

It’s been over a month since Mr. Biden was installed. In that time, he has signed Executive Orders, made a few scripted statements, travelled to Minnesota and Texas, shuffled around on the lawn with his wife while drinking coffee, and very little else. It’s clear from watching him that he has major issues.

Nothing makes it more obvious than his handlers constantly by his side, the non-existent press conferences, and the total nonsense that spews from his mouth even when he has a teleprompter. Oh, and when will there be a State of the Union? I thought the postal service was slow but Joe has proven to be much slower.

Then, there was the video clip I saw this morning. It was Joe in front of a camera supposedly broadcasting a video press conference. Except, it didn’t go well. It was not intended that Joe go off the prompter and answer questions. But, either no one told him or he just plain forgot. He looked blankly into the camera with a smile and said, ” I’m happy to answer questions now, Nance, if that is what I am supposed to do.” Nancy Pelosi, the person to whom he was referring, gave a tight grin and the feed was cut. She was heard to mutter something along the lines of ” stop this now. “

If you have ever had a parent that suffers from dementia, you will watch this event and it will be familiar to you. Dementia patients are lost mentally most of the time. They have that same blank expression and smile while you are talking to them, because they have no clue about what is going on. Then, once in a while, they will come out with some well ingrained response they might have given in the past. It may actually work in the situation, but it is meaningless because it is similar to a parrott repeating a phrase he has heard.

I’m sure over the 47 years old Joe has been in government, he has thousands of canned responses he can give from time to time. They probably bounce around his brain like ping pong balls in a bingo machine until one gets randomly sucked to the surface for use. The other day it was, “We’ve got it under control. ”

That was in response to a question about the chaos on the border, something he has NO control over and probably isn’t aware of.

It’s clear. In Joe’s brain, the lights aren’t on and nobody is at home.

The Dems know that. They have known it for a long time. But, in their cruel drive for power, they will do what Allinsky says and ” never let a crisis go to waste.” Joe is in crisis mentally, and they are going to use it for their own purposes.

I think they cut a deal with Joe. Well, maybe not with him but with his wife Jill and family. They realized early on the advantages of having a dementia patient in office. Think about it. Presidents with agendas can be a pain for those who want to promote a larger vision. Those Presidents, like Trump, actually may want to do something that benefits the American people.

That is the last thing that the lefists want. They want to get their Communist goals implemented as quickly and easily as they can. What better way than to install a shell of a man who will sign whatever and say whatever you tell him. While he is out there as the face of the radical decisions made, others can be behind the scenes crafting a plan for the next four years and beyond. Then, when things don’t work out and it is time for him to go, they can point to his incompetence and fraility and remove him.

Once he is gone, he can become the scapegoat for those policies that don’t workout. ” Yeah, we told Joe that wasn’t a good idea, but he did it anyway.”

His replacement can scoop in, tweak a few things, throw a few crumbs to the people, and be hailed as a saviour. And, voila, all is right with the world right before the mid-term elections.

I’m not sure how it will happen. Will they claim the 25th amendment and wheel him off to Happy Acres Senior Center? Will he come down with a debilitating illness that causes him to resign? Or something worse that will be blamed on those white supremacist, Nazi loving Trump followers?

He’ll be hailed as a martyr for the cause, someone who “served” even though he was incapable. His wife Jill will squeeze out a few tears in an interview on 60 Minutes and then find a hot young guy to head to Epstein’s Island with.

And we will be left holding the bag.

By that time the lights in the White House will be back on and there will be somebody at home there. And the plan of the leftists will be on it’s way to completion. I wonder if any of us will have lights on, or heat, or water, or food by then.

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