Yes, Facebook is Fascist and a Threat to Free Speech…

But they aren’t the only ones.

This isn’t the first time I have been banned on Facebook. The first time was for three days for sharing a post they didn’t like. The second time I was banned for a week for defending myself against someone who called me a racist c**t. This last time, I called Lindsey Graham a pussy and kiss ass. I got banned for a month.

Mind you, I am not always kind on Facebook. But, compared to some of the people I have reported for their threats and slander against me, I am Mary Poppins. One person just recently posted pictures of tanks and artillery in a comment on a post by Mike Huckabee and said, “trumpet ( trumper, he tried to hide it) if they try again to pull a coup these be coming through their front door. ” He also posted pictures of a swastika and a Maga hat, implying they were the same. I reported him. Facebook sent me the canned response that his comments did not violate any community standards. So, calling someone a pussy is a violation, threatening Trump supporters with violence is not a violation.

(And, in the spirit of full disclosure, I write them a message everytime they post a fact check on my posts. I’m sure they don’t like that, especially when I call out the bias of the companies which fact check. I do my research!)

It’s not fair. And it isn’t just happening to me. If you are a Trump supporter, you had better watch yourself. Anything, ANYTHING you say will put you in danger of being banned. A friend of mine got suspended for using the word “moron” in a comment in reference to Biden.

But, what is more concerning is what is happening on a larger scale. Yesterday, Dan Bongino reported on a new initiative by Microsoft and various other big tech firms. This initiative will create the “Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity.” Wow. Big and somewhat ambiguous words. What it means is that this coalition will be able to trace ALL internet content back to the original author. That means e-mails, messages, notes, essays, videos, audio files, pictures, etc. EVERYTHING. And, what is worse is that they will then judge the nature of those files and if you should be punished for them. It’s sort of like having a camera in every room of your house watching and listening to everything you do and say. If you say the wrong thing, someone will come and take you away.

Are you getting a vision of John Brennan having one big old CIA orgasm right now? ( if you don’t know who he is, look him up.) This is something the Democrats and the deep state tyrants have wanted to do for such a long time. The only thing standing in the way was it didn’t get passed in Congress. But now, Bill Gates and his gang of merry snoopers have suggested it themselves and are willing to do it. ( And, by the way, do some research on Bill. He is a terrible person and one to be afraid of. He is also pushing these vaccines. Hmmmmm…). And I am sure the Dems will gleefully go along.

They say they want to fight ” disinformation.” Is that a claim you have heard before? We heard members of the Biden regime ask for a department to censor any information the government doesn’t like or agree with.

Truth is in the eye of the ruler. Just ask the people of China about that. Those in power will tell you what is true and what is not, regardless of reality. Dissent will be not only forbidden, but could get you punished. Gulags, American style.

There are so many advocating for this; Chris Hayes of MSNBC, Dianne Feinstein, Chinese spy boss and Senator, and, wait for it, Mark Zuckerberg!

There he is. Good old Zuck. He said once that he and 80 other tech entities from across the globe were going to work together to fight disinformation. Was he thinking of working with Mr. Gates? Interesting thing is that both of them mentioned the main stream media as partners in their group. Let me say that again, MAIN STREAM MEDIA. You know, the ones who lied about Russia Gate, the Trump impeachment, the election fraud, and just about everything about Trump, Conservatives, etc.

Now, the ones who carry water for the DNC will be joined by another powerful group who will be able to trace the origin of ANYTHING that pisses them off no matter how it was created or who created it. And once they have that, they can come knocking at that person’s door to arrest them.

Don’t think that you will be spared because you shared something someone else created. In their eyes, that is just as bad.

Someone pointed out to me that this has been going on for a long time via the CIA. Another person reminded me that the Patriot Act, adopted after 9/11, opened the door for so much of this. Not surprising considering W’s dad one was not only President, but head of the CIA. Was it only about national security or was it about something sinister?

It’s scary to think about this as we slide into this dystopian black hole. Who can stop it?

Think about it. Perhaps only someone who had been the victim of unwarranted surveilance and unjust prosecution would have the understanding and passion to protect the American people against this. And that’s why they want to destroy him.

In twenty days I’ll be unbanned from Facebook. I’ll be able to post and comment and share. That is, until I do something that they don’t like. LIke maybe put an American flag picture up or call Biden a moron.

It will piss me off, but it won’t concern me like the bigger picture, because the ramifications of that affect the basic freedoms of an entire country.

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